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New Rodeo FM Album Tired of taming Horses out on bandcamp. 13 new tracks, 50 minutes of music, check it out. Thanks to Dominik Fraßmann, Ievgeniy Pugachev, Masataka Koduka, Andrew Pegram, Marcos Coll, McKay Belk, Mi Lombardi, Desmond Garcia and everybody else involved in the making...

13 track album

for everyone who hasnt seen it the first time round, this is the title track of our new album to be released on friday. filmed during our tour of the Ukraine last year. come and see us at our record release concert this friday.

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January 2

never before have there been so many reasons to come to a Rodeo FM show:

- we will play our new album "Tired of taming horses" in full length.
- each guest will get a digital edition for free!
- we've got a pedal steel guitarist on board. ...
- it's the farewell show of our guitarist Ievgeny who will move to New York the next day.
- never again will we meet so young.

everybody come. bring friends and family.

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Fri 9:00 PM UTC+01Culture ContainerBerlin, Germany
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Willie Nelson's new video.... still not dead

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Willie Nelson

You’ve heard about the song, now check out the video for “Still Not Dead”!!427

Heres a little promo clip filmed during our Ukraine tour in August 2017. The song is the title track of our new album "tired of taming horses", to be released soon.

Last night i caught a fever going down the road trying to find a way out through the dust and the snow
Grant Hart joined by Greg Norton, Dave Pirner, Lori Barbero, and more at emotional Hook and Ladder show by Youa Vang · July 2, 2017 Grant Hart Hook and Ladder Theater & Lounge Review 6 Grant Hart. All photos by Emmet Kowler for MPR. Sponsor Sponsor “We all see a reflection of ourselves in at least o...
Fri 7:00 PM UTC+02Stadtteilzentrum in der Villa MittelhofBerlin, Germany
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Weitab und doch ganz nah am urbanen Treiben liegt der Neuköllner Gutshof Schloss Britz. In dem im 18. Jhd. erbauten historischen Gebäuden befindet sich nach langer landwirtschaftlicher Historie heute die Kulturstiftung Schloss Britz. An einem Spätsommertag im September treffen sich hier auf dem Gutshof zum sechsten Mal die verschiedensten Bands im Rahmen des Neuköllner Country und Folk Fest. An die 24 Solokünstler und Bands spielen von Mittag bis in den Abend hinein eine Mischung, die für die Fans dieses breit gefächerten Genres Vielfältiges zu bieten hat. Neben bewährt klassischen Countrystyles gibt es schräg avangartistische Folkbands, gute alte Americana Musik bis hin zu aktuellen Folkloreklängen aus Südeuropa, dem Balkan und dem nahen Osten.

Sat 3:00 PM UTC+02Alt-Britz 81, 12359 Berlin, Deutschland
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Great photos by Alexandr Stepanov from artjazz festival in Luzk, where we played last week during our little tour of Ukraine.
Covering 4.000 km in one week....

It's just knowing that the world
Will not be cursing or forgiving
When I walk along some railroad track and find
That you're movin' on the back roads
By the rivers of my memory...
And for hours you're just gentle on my mind

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Friends of the house Leon Francis Farrow have released a nice little video, sounds like the Strokes meets the black keys on the dancefloor. check it out. the rest is on spotify, thats also pretty good.

Hey folks, we are thrilled to share the Video for "The Liverpool Deceased", the second single from our upcoming album King Future, with you! Welcome to the hous...e of mirrors!

Love you live
Leon Francis Farrow

PS: King Future is out on August 11th.

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Sunday around 5, we play the Dragonale

Sun 1:30 PM UTC+02Obentrautstraße 19, 10963 Berlin, Deutschland

It's Steve Earles birthday today. When he was young, the guy looked like Luke Skywalker.

From the movie "Heartworn Highways".

this saturday night, 20-23 RodeoFM in Potsdam


it was twenty years ago, give a day or two.

Townes Van Zandt playing a medley of his hit. This is "Pancho & Lefty" played at Uncle Seymour's place. Taken from the DVD extras on "Heartworn Highways". If...

last sunday at Tiki Heart, thanks Tory Lichterman for having us, thanks Lars Wegas Pictures for taking pictures and thanks to everybody for coming. .

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