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#Texas Republicans are repulsive. #TxLege

They couldn't win at the federal level, so Republican lawmakers turned to local legislation.

"It felt important, almost like a sign, that my hospital bill arrived on the same night that Senate was voting on whether or not to unravel the healthcare syste...m as we know it. Because at the bottom of my bill, which you’ll see in the photo, is the balance that I owe: $150. The procedures I underwent while losing my pregnancy rang up to over $40,000, and thanks to my insurance, I will pay $150, which, by the way, isn’t nothing.

For the majority of Americans, with a median salary around $55,000 a year, this type of health care could bankrupt a family without insurance — and it can be tough to afford even with it."

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I'm sharing my shocking miscarriage hospital bill in the hopes that we keep the conversation around healthcare going. Will you share yours?

Congressman Marc Veasey from the DFW area Denounces Trump's Grant Cuts to the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program:…/congressman-marc-veasey-denounce…

A new bill passed Wednesday would force women to pay a separate health insurance premium to get coverage for abortions.|By Kylie McGivern

A little satire:

Sandy and Richard Riccardi
July 9

The Hobby Blobby Craft Hour, with Miss Sandy! Today, ceramic tiles!!!

"Postnatal care is one of the most under-discussed and under-studied issues in medicine. (One reason, among many, that women still die far too often after givin...g birth.)

Lately, though, we’ve begun to learn about the experiences of postpartum women, thanks to the 4th Trimester Project, a groundbreaking study led by a team of doctors and researchers at UNC Chapel Hill. For two years, they have been following postpartum women and health care providers to learn how new moms are served — and how health care for them could be better."

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Postnatal care in America is pitiful. The Senate health bill would make it worse.

“The argument we make internationally is that [a high maternal death rate] is often a reflection of how the society views women,” he says. “In other countries, ...we worry about the culture — women are not particularly valued, so they don’t set up systems to care for them at all. I think we have a similar problem in the US.”

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The maternal mortality rate in the state is a third of the American average. Here's why.|By Julia Belluz

🌸 text 'food' to 877-877 🌸

“When a child comes through the door to eat a meal, they don’t have to provide their name," says Derrick Lambert, program manager of ...No Kid Hungry, a national nonprofit that is helping spread the word about the program. "Their parents don’t have to provide income information."

The USDA picks meal sites based on how many children eligible for free and reduced lunch live in the neighborhood. But only a fraction of those kids are taking advantage of the program, says Katie Nye, regional director for the Texas Hunger Initiative. Organizers think that's because parents don't know the programs exist.

The Texas Hunger Initiative has been working with No Kid Hungry to spread the word. Lambert says one thing that’s been working is a texting tool No Kid Hungry developed three years ago.

“You can text 'food' to 877-877," he says. "Families and caregivers can find out when and where meals are being served nearby." The service also operates in Spanish by texting "comida" to the number.…/schools-out-doesnt-mean-free-lunches-are-t…

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For children who get free meals at school, summer can mean going hungry. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Parks and schools across Austin are serving

***Trigger warning***

The procedure is sometimes the best and safest option for pregnant women at risk.
Teenage pregnancy rates have declined across the country, but some parts of Texas have made much less progress on that. Abstinence-only sex ed policies may be one reason why.

SB 8 Breakdown:

"Bans Intact D and X

SB 8 prohibits physicians from performing the intact dilation and evacuation (D and X) abortion procedure, often referred t...o as “partial-birth abortion” (non-medical term). This type of abortion procedure is already illegal, based on federal law (Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003).

Prohibits the sale or donation of embryonic or fetal tissue

SB 8 prohibits a person from donating human fetal tissue, placenta, or an umbilical cord, and prohibits a person from offering to buy, offering to sell, acquiring, receiving, selling, or otherwise transferring human fetal tissue for money. Fetal tissue has been used in medical research since the 1930s, often for developing vaccines, and studying disease and terminal illnesses. Federal law already bans the sale of fetal tissue for profit (National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act of 1993).

Requires Embryonic or fetal tissue to be buried or cremated

The bill codifies into law regulations adopted by the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) requiring tissue from abortions and miscarriages to be buried or cremated, and ban facilities that provide abortion services from using standard methods of disposal.

In January, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction blocking Texas from implementing these regulations, as they offer no medical benefit to women. At the time of this writing, it is unclear if these requirements can go into effect while there is pending litigation on a similar bill.

Requires monthly electronic reporting by the physician

SB 8 includes additional reporting requirements for abortion providers, who would be required to provide monthly, electronic reports to the DSHS. This amendment to the bill changed the original requirement of annual reporting to now require monthly reporting, which adds administrative burdens onto individual physicians. This part of the bill also requires use of an electronic reporting system which has yet to be created.

Legal definition of “Abortion” excludes removal of ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy happens when a fertilized egg attaches itself somewhere other than the uterus. If not treated, an ectopic pregnancy can cause internal bleeding, infection, and sometimes death. If a woman undergoes surgery to have an ectopic pregnancy removed, it is not considered an abortion (using this bill’s definition).

Criminalizes D and E Abortion Procedure

SB 8 includes a ban on “dismemberment abortion” (non-medical term) unless the procedure is, “necessary in a medical emergency.” The ban targets the dilation and evacuation, known as a D and E, procedure commonly used for second-trimester miscarriages and abortions. The D and E is the safest, most-common second-trimester abortion procedure and would be a crime under SB 8, making second-trimester abortion less accessible for Texas women. Currently, similar bans in Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Kansas are blocked, while a similar measure in West Virginia was vetoed.

While many of these amendments won’t affect daily life at our clinic locations or for our patients, it is worth noting that no part of this bill makes a currently safe procedure any safer. Sponsors of this bill openly admitted that it has nothing to do with women’s health, but instead is part of a strategy to end legal abortion in Texas."…/sb-8-what-it-means-for…/

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The Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill on Friday, May 26, and is now on Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk awaiting his signature in order to become law. While this legislative session began with 30+ anti-a…

Here's a great piece you should read.

On this morning eight years ago, while having breakfast, I got a phone call from a member of Dr. George Tiller’s family that he had been assassinated two hours before the call. I was devastated, and my family was terrified. George was a dear friend...
The Texas Senate revived a stalled abortion measure late Monday night by adding it as an amendment t...

More photos of today's Handmaiden action via Karan Barnett Shirk

Karan Barnett Shirk added 7 photos and a video — with Lori Stone Handelman.
May 23

We pointed at each lege chambers, beaming shame. Then we stood in the rotunda and called shame for 10 ? Minutes, powerful. Echoed through the Capitol. I've got go grab that vid. What a day.

And got to meet in person a wonderful friend Lori Stone Handelman and see my Resister Sister Sharol. Amazing. Thank you NARAL Pro-Choice

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