Mark your calendars! We will be hosting the 45th TX Roe V Wade celebration rally on January 20th, 2018 from 1p to 4p on the South Steps of the Texas State Capitol. Join us for a great lineup of speakers including State Representative Donna Howard! There will also be music and spoken word performances. We will have our lineup of local activism organization information tables again, including a table just for the kids with coloring (and bubbles weather permitting). Please... exercise your best parental judgement about your child's age, sensitivity, and ability to handle the topic of the event, but know that they are absolutely welcome! Feel free to bring a chair to make yourself comfortable for the celebration itself, since it's a stationary event. More information will be posted to the event page as it becomes available and the TRRR website will be updated as well. Save the date! Hope to see you all there.

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Sat 1:00 PM CSTTexas State CapitolAustin, TX
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I know David. He asked me to help keep women and providers safe. I wrote my letter. What will you do?

“Action item for #prochoice advocates; lets keep the real murderers behind bars. H/T to @DrWillieParker and @LPJLeague”

"If enacted, the funding cuts would undo years of progress in reproductive health outcomes — including record-low rates of teen pregnancy and abortion — and threaten to reverse progress in the fight for gender equity in the United States and abroad."

The memo reads like a wish-list straight out of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Today one of the abortion clinics TEA Fund works with had to evacuate because of a bomb threat. Not only do we fund their patients, but we have deep personal co...nnections with them and some of our board and volunteers work there. Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center is run by doctors who were on the forefront of providing abortions before Roe. They’ve dedicated their lives to making abortion accessible, and they, their staff, and their patients deserve to live with safety and dignity.…/suspicious-package-found-at…/484805762

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The call came from the 8600 block of Greenville Avenue. A source with Dallas PD tells our reporter Rebecca Lopez that the package was found at the Southwestern Womens Surgery Center.

Please sign to call for the Trump administration and Ken Paxton to respect Jane Doe's human rights:

Demand the Trump admin & Ken Paxton respect Jane Doe’s human rights, including the right to abortion.

We helped this Jane get a judicial bypass. Now, the federal government is refusing to allow her to go to the clinic to get her abortion. She has been stuck at shelter for three weeks, and forced to undergo prolife religious counseling. Working with our legal director and with Jane's local counsel, the ACLU filed a federal suit last week to request an order allowing the minor to go to the clinic to get the abortion care she needs.

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Texas and the United States Must Respect the Dignity of Immigrant Teenagers — Not Force Them to Continue Unwanted Pregnancies The U.S. Government through the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is refusing to allow pregnant minors in its custody to obtain abortion care and is forcing unaccompanied…

You'd think that providing healthcare for children would be a top priority for the "pro-life" party.…/9-million-kids-get-healt…/…

The Affordable Care Act didn't get repealed, but this federal program unceremoniously expired and the effects will be obvious in homes and schools across the country.

Even anti-choicers don’t believe the bullshit they spew.

Rep. Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania doesn't want any women (except his girlfriend!) to get abortions.

Never surrender. Never stop fighting to preserve access. They won't stop and we can't either.

The bill is based on claims about fetal pain that aren’t supported by research.

Happening in Austin on Sept 27, 2017 at the Austin Film Society Cinema:

Are you registered to vote? If not, would you like to be? Your vote is your voice! Register to vote Sept 26, 2017 at 4pm at Planned Parenthood Austin! (Address and more details in event below)

Tue 4:00 PM CDTPlanned ParenthoodAustin, TX
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I stand
on the sacrifices
of a million women before me
what can I do...
to make this mountian taller
so the women after me
can see farther?

"Legacy" - Rupi Kaur

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Rupi Kaur
September 21

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Survivor Justice Project
September 22

We want to thank Austin City Council Members Gregorio Casar and Alison Alter for their recent work to ensure our city budget better meets the needs of sexual as...sault survivors. They helped pass a one-time $50,000 allocation to train and certify local therapists in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR).

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Dr. Willie Parker on providing abortions in the Deep South as a Christian:

Willie Parker discusses his faith, teen moms, and what’s next for abortion access.

Guess what? We now have our very own shiny new website (built by Andrea Hughes)! Feel free to share it, and be sure to check out the event page for info on our upcoming public meeting!

The purpose of the Texas Handmaids protests is to raise awareness of reproductive justice issues and violence against women in the State of Texas.

The TRRR Website is all up to date! Check it out.

(Note: The preview is still showing the old description, but the date of this years rally is January 20, 2018 and the website itself is up to date)

Thank you for Joining us! January 22, 2017 from 1p to 4p on the South steps of the Texas State Capitol for a celebration of the 44th anniversary of the historic ​Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision...