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  • Chief technology officer2001 to presentSydney, Australia
    In charge of software design and development
    • Develop ssh and sftp automation software
      To make ssh and sftp more secure: prevent the password or passphrase used in the authentication being stolen by malicious person using system tools, such as system call tracer, dtrace, or using Trojan Horse.
    • Develop privilege delegation software

      This software is designed to be useful for not just interactive jobs, but also batch jobs. Also, it allows each privileged user to manage their own privilege delegation work so to truly follow least privilege principle.
      It's very secure and very flexible.
    • Develop intrusion detection and file integrity monitoring software

      To make its scan reports most trustworthy.
      Other security software has a common problem: when malicious person gained root access, those can't protect themselves from being modified, so their scan reports are hardly trustworthy.
  • Senior developer and System manager1996 to 1997
  • Lecturer1986 to 1994Shanghai, China
    Computer science research, software development, and teaching.
    • Develop user land chinese console terminal emulator for sco unix 3.2.4
      At the request of Shanghai DongHai computer company, help them to develop the world's first user lang Chinese console terminal emulator for SCO 3.2.4.
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