Curse of the Blood Tube.

I know there is a finite amount of faces available on the planet, but this guy, as pointed out by Jenn-My ultra-lady friend, trips me out.... I seriously thought that was me for a sec when I saw the smaller icon. British tattoo guy...

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Well, I'm doing the artwork for the new OhGr album... Nothing is set in stone and I'm just doing me for now... Currently I have a cover and a random asset without a background yet. The black bunny was done as a pencil sketch first and then scanned for me to color. I'm curious if anyone can see a difference or if I should just do everything sans Cintiq, which is much faster. I like the more raw feeling a pencil scan brings to the image, like my title image above. Worth it?

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I'm sure to a lot of our friends it isn't a secret, but Amber and I broke up after almost 8 years. It's the most tame break up ever. She wants to move to Louisiana and I do not, so we are just at an impasse. I think super highly of her and only wish her the best. We're still living together until she finds work and a place to live and I'm happy to have her here at this time so I can bug her talking about whatever sci-fi thing I just saw. Still friends and all good in the hood, but I will miss her terribly and only want the best for her. I'm sure she will succeed at whatever she wants to accomplish.

The time goat saga is coming....

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I hate posting Kickstarters, especially back to back, but I really want to read this book and she is asking for so little. Help me read this book.…/beyond-the-dream-the-final-le…

In 2011 I started this journey in writing my first full length novel,& now finally, we come to the final steps and the adventures end!
The second issue of an epic fantasy adventure through a nightmare world of mythological gods & monsters inside Edgar Allan Poe's head!

Well, I'm officially old. I went to a Halloween party last night, so naturally I'm too tired to go to tonight's parties. TOO TIRED FOR HALLOWEEN PARTIES????!!!! How did this happen? ARGHHHHHHH!....

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Wow! the guy who saved me that day....

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I maybe "Google" myself about once every five years or so, because I just find that creepy. In this case, I was looking up reviews for a "Best of Lenore" book that just released, but I wish I had seen this sooner. Now I know both of my 2 living favorite authors called it out for me. This was 4 years ago. I need to check my shit more often maybe. Feeling overwhelmed at the moment....

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Been working on something secret for a while..... Pooty and Ragamuffin's origin story.They've met before .....

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45 today. Too close to 50. Not a fan. On the upside, I still act like a child.

Wood print Steven Daily gave me. I love this thing. Such a talented friend. I love his work.

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