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Ryan Keck
· January 18, 2018
Been a custom now for a few months and I highly recommend Romicks Rubbish. Very professional and polite and the whole team seem to care about their job and the customers. With it being a new year, I w...ill be definitely staying as a customer. See More
Erica Stacy
· January 6, 2018
My favorite trash collector! He is particular about having all trash bagged--no loose trash, but other than that, his service is excellent with very affordable pricing!
Krisann Richardson
· September 11, 2017
Best guy to get the job done! Professional and courteous!!!!
Becky Radabaugh
· April 15, 2017
Only thing I don't like is he doesn't empty trash containers or take loose stuff. But is very affordable, always here, and prompt to answer calls. I won't be changing anytime soon. Very pleased with him.
Becky Wells Freeman
· October 23, 2015
I'm so happy with Romicks Rubbish and he's my favorite trash guy of all the ones I've had, need to get him over here to help clean out this garage some day :) I have given his name to a number of peop...le, it's up to them now. Good Luck See More
Jessica Montague
· April 20, 2017
Always responsive, friendly, and courteous. 5 star for a reason!
Jill Lynn
· April 15, 2016
Absolutely the most responsive and best service! Thank you so much!!
Richard Romick
· September 9, 2013
Our rates are competitive with our 6 bag weekly limit and brush removal. Always accepting new clients. Please call/text for more details!
Sam Spence
· April 12, 2015
Best trash service in Findlay and surrounding area!

I love the fact that I have a small collection of license plates and the fact that's some license plates we're actually designated for trash haulers. I don't know of any Ohio plates that were designated for trash haulers but this is the second one I found from Virginia. This place is going to look real good on the wall next to my 1992 to 1993 Virginia Solid Waste plate.

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Good evening all! Many asked why we didn't go out and gather trash. Sure the roads weren't bad last night but as time went on and temperatures continued to fall, we felt it was best to stay home and stay safe. This picture was posted onto the Liberty Township Vol Fire Departments page. No details on anything regarding this accident but hope and pray everyone is safe and non injured.

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Good Thursday morning! I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that due to the weather that COULD be coming, we will be picking up trash Friday night. So if you live on the south side of Findlay, Arlington or Mt Blanchard, you trash will be gathered Friday night. If that poses a problem, please let me know but as of now, we would rather be safe than sorry.

Thanks for understanding,
Romicks Rubbish Team

Happy Friday everyone so glad that the weekend is almost here. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I will be going around picking up expired Christmas trees on Saturday January 13th. Of course just like Year's past this is a free service and if you know anybody that has a Christmas tree that needs to be holdaway please have them send me a private message either on here or to me personally (Richard Romick). We will be collecting trees from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. . So I would suggest putting them out the night before. Spread the word folks!

Trees will be picked up in Findlay Arlington and Mount Blanchard only.

Good morning everyone! Just as a friendly reminder, please remember that there is a 6 bag limit for each week. If you happen to miss a week, there is still a six bag limit. Some know that I just have a truck and a trailer, not a big garbage truck like some of the other companies. So I am limited on the amount, that I can take all at once. Also please, remember to tie your bags shut. Starting next week, I will be including on everyone's invoices, an announcement noting that any bag that is not tied shut, will not get picked up. Thank you.

Good morning and happy Thursday everyone. It's a cold day so try to bundle up. This Sunrise is absolutely breathtaking today.

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For the 1st time, Romicks Rubbish will be in a parade! Christmas in the Village in Mt Blanchard along with Fire Truck rides after the parade with Romick Fire and Rescue! Come check it out!!

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Today's Small Business Saturday. Most small businesses are stores, restaurant's, or something you could use regularly. Well don't forget about other small businesses such as Romicks Rubbish. With a clientel list that continues to grow, I can promise you that you're not a number or just a check; you are a handshake and a smile. Many of you I see as I'm out doing my personal business and that makes me proud to own my small business. Romicks Rubbish, Home Town Proud.

Good morning everyone! I hope and pray that everybody's Thanksgiving was wonderful and filled with family time and good food. As everybody is out getting Black Friday deals me and my helper, Sylvester are out grabbing everyone's trash. Pick up might be a little bit later than normal but we're also grabbing everyone's trash today. Good luck on all your Black Friday deals or just catching up on sleep.

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Good morning and happy Friday! With Thanksgiving right around the corner I think it's appropriate to give everyone about a week's notice that if your trash is picked up on Wednesday nights it will be picked up on Thursday night. With the holiday the landfill is closed and so are we. So everybody's trash will be picked up the morning of Black Friday. Thankfully the schedule only gets messed up like this once or twice a year and I hope everybody understands. So everybody that gets their trash picked up on Friday morning it will just be delayed a few hours but again everybody's trash will be picked up the morning of Black Friday and then back to normal schedule the following week.

Good morning everyone. Trash pick up will be slightly delayed today, no I'm not afraid of getting rained on! I had a bearing go bad on the trailer and am having to use JUST the bed of my truck and go empty it and come back. So please be patient and we'll be around.

Thank You,

With trick or treat starting in less than an hour over in Mount Blanchard we are all getting ready to be passing out some candy. Should be a good time even though it's a little chilly but that's all part of it. Hope to see you out feel free to stop by at 204 North Main Street, just look for the big old hay wagon in the cemetery in the front yard. Even though it's a little early happy Halloween everybody

Good morning and happy Friday everybody. I hope your weekend is dry and relatively warm the. I could not help it take this picture and show everybody how beautiful the morning is today. Thank you everybody for being a customer a supporter or just someone who follows my page. Have a great day and a great weekend.

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The old hay wagons getting a facelift and is about 80% complete so I can use it in the Findlay Halloween parade and a couple of weeks. Just got up trim up the sides there a little bit of paint on it to seal it but the side rails back on and she's ready to roll. Oh if I haven't said Romicks rubbish it's going to be pulling the Home Depot float in the parade. Should be a pretty good time.

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