Gazebocorefest was INSANE.

Fun find from 2004. I added some links, pics and videos.

Recently came across this thing from our olde website. I was asked to write track by track commentary for a article back in 2004. I didn’t want to say TOO much about what&#…

Happy day after 2/28 from yer favorite leap year anthem writin’ band!

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February 17

No one tell six year old me I didn’t want to pay a couple of hundred bucks for an actual 1969 Tom Seaver. #reprint #shhhhh

Instagram Post by Adam The Gimbel • February 17, 2018 at 05:32PM PST

Probably the coolest thing ever done with our music: "Got No Time" set to vintage Australian surf footage. Originally in the 1974 film Fluid Drive, it was part of a compilation of some of the best scenes from the most famous surf films of all-time called Ultimate Sessions. We were included alongside big names like Ben Harper, INXS & Jack Johnson. The film had a premiere at the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art in 2006 and I'll never forget how good it sounded and looked t...hrough their system, smartly without the verse naming all 26 major league baseball teams. The footage at Burleigh Heads in Queensland shows Peter Townend, Paul Nielson and Keith Paull SCREAMING through tubes. After two mellower scenes, this one got a huge cheer from a crowd full of pro surfers which gave me chills. Huge thanks to Ira Opper Sports & Kim Feilen for including us!

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Probably the coolest thing ever done with our music: "Got No Time" set to vintage Australian surf footage. Originally in the 1974 film Fluid Drive, it was pa...

I can't count how many times people asked what we sounded like & replying "kinda Tom Petty", not because we really sounded like the Heartbreakers but because I aspired to it. He wrote some of the simplest, greatest songs ever. We only ever recorded one cover. No greater tribute than the joy of playing someone's music. Much love, TP.

Someone else pointed out they were similar and then I couldn't NOT hear it. It was different enough that we thought it was worth recording and put it on our original demo cd. The only cover we ever

Gazebocorefest was INSANE.

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Come celebrate watermelons and the end of summer w drinks, hot dogs, watermelon salsa and other things Watermelon! Rookie Card doing an acoustic set at 1pm with RC vet Nas Helewa playing drums and singing beautiful harmonies. Spelling bee, hula hoop contest and sack races as well!!!


“We have no plans to release any covfefe flavored cola. If you want the taste of incompetence there are other sodas more readily available”

Heard about Chuck's passing and had to upload this. Watching young teenage friends end a set with this rave up that usually involved smashing something sticks with you. When I someday became a man and was a leader of a band, I asked them to learn the Event's version for my birthday. We did it many times and, like them, let the end get crazy. I fondly recall playing three clubs on Adams Avenue in one night and at the end of the last set at the Ken Club, I was out in the audien...ce making noise, watching them exhaustedly get a little wilder than usual and, to join in, threw my guitar in their direction then ran after it to end it all. Still smile every time I see the chunk of the headstock missing. This San Diego home recording was from the Event's early days around 1988 when they were all 16 or 17. I borrowed, wore out and never returned this early demo. Sorry, Jim. Thanks to my teenage heroes Ken Naylor, Tim Soete, Mike Therieau and Ben Wayne plus whoever took these pictures. Check out the Event's Facebook where I "borrowed" all these photographs at

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Watching young teenage friends end a set with this rave up that usually involved smashing something sticks with you. When I someday became a man and was a le...

Happy last day of February, y'all.

You can get “2/29” on Rookie Card’s album Near Mint (2004 San Diego Music Award winner) from KEEP UP AT (this page was originally written way back in 2004 and updated just befo…

Surprised it took so long for someone else to use our name. Looks like they're already done. Not bad!

Rookie Card Rookie Card is a pop-punk band based in San Francisco, composed of San Jose transplants Kevin Francisco, Richard Romero, and Matt Wicker. The Rookies came together during the winter of 2012, and have been slaving away in a hotel basement since. Combining pulse pounding, mosh pit stirring...

Another find in the archives, epic five song setlist from Adam & John's acoustic set before we'd played a real show in 2001. Screen capture from the old Digital Club Network website too.

Last month, John and Adam played as an acoustic duo, opening up for local Encinitas resident/alternalegend David J and Moses Leroy. The show was webcast on Digital Club Network. That there's a screen capture of the boys in action on the right. If/when it's archived for your viewing p...leasure, we'll let you know. The set contained a nice country take on the Jazz Butcher's "Partytime", a brief bit of the Spice Girls' "Wannabe" as an intro for "2/29", and toned down versions of songs from the Rookie Card rock experience. Adam also joined Moses onstage later to sing Moses' purdy tune "1983". Those who stayed late enough were treated to Mr. J sporting a feather boa and crooning a splendid lounge version of the Pet Shop Boys' "Being Boring."

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Rookie Card is with Erik Berg and 2 others.

Favorite RC3.0 show. A bunch of friends all drawing decently and filling a huge place on a weeknight. I remember that feeling pretty damn good. Photo and at…/artic…/RochelleRochelle022703.shtml . More pics at…/photo/Rookie%20at%2…/index.html

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Rookie Card

FAVE RC2.0 FLYER & SHOW. Tim made the flyer from my tee-ball team photo at Presidio Little League. I don't remember much about the three 2.0 shows except that t...his one had the most people, so it must've been my favorite. Recently found this report on our old website. " It's the day after our show with the Pernice Brothers and Slink and we're still reeling. The show was a featured concert in SLAMM, the San Diego Reader and the San Diego Union Tribune. The Casbah was packed by fans of all three bands and was (again) our best show to date. Bass duties were handled by Nas' friend "Tony", who looked suspiciously like our old bass player Tim, but this guy had a mullet, a studded braclet, a Houston Oilers baseball cap and a jeans jacket. Besides hearing revved up takes of all of our old self-penned standards, Adam juggled instant requests for the Replacements' "Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out", "New York City Cops" by The Strokes AND the Kiss classic "Detroit Rock City" over the end of "2/29", all while sporting a rare Rookie Card shirt from the 70's. HUGE thumbs up to superfan Dan Buczaczer (the guy who got up and gave Adam hot onstage boy-on-boy hug action right after they played) who made a surprise appearance from San Francisco, drove up to Orange County right afterwards and took a 6 am flight this morning to make it to work on time!"

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Guitar Guy Gabe

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Rookie Card is with Gabriel Alan Acock.

2002 bio. Gabe came down from Oregon to school us on the six string. He always effortlessly came up with amazing parts for songs and his noodling could've prod...uced a million more if we weren't always so busy learning some stupid cover we'd probably never play again. His keyboard and trumpet playing gave us extra colors and I'm pretty sure he was the best dressed Rookie ever. He was making too much good music in other bands (the Pinwheels and the Liquorice Quartet), so we parted ways and he eventually moved back to Corvalis, where he is no doubt freezing at this moment.

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Rookie Card added a new photo to the album: RC3.0 w/Nas, Jason & Gabe — with Jason Hee and 4 others.

Favorite RC3.0 photo and probably the most epic photo ever taken of us, thanks to Ellen Wright. That was the first time we played the Spreckles Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park, so probably the first time we talked to the powers that be about actually playing with the organ, which happened a few years later. Ellen took a ton of great pictures that day. You can see them all at…/www.rookiecardthemo…/earthday.html .

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