Next invention! This little sucker keeps your car seat rocking. (Not while in the car.) Not sure if this will come through on FB. If you can't play the video, check out our Instagram acct: and look for this video there. #abckidsexpo
Frozen- Anna tired gif
Hold up! My very favorite backpacks are 50% off to celebrate 50 years. Get two ;-) [affiliate link:]

You have 1 hr kid - free do you get a massage or take a nap?

TODDLERS- check out our 52 activities for toddlers to help keep your little one entertained!

52 great things to do with toddlers before they turn two. 35: Hardware Store. More weekly challenges and ideas.

DISNEY SMMC- we've had a blast here at Walt Disney World the past few days for #DisneySMMC. This place is like a second home to us and I swear it is the BEST vacation for families. HAVE YOU VISITED WALT DISNEY WORLD?

Grab our TOP Disney World Tips here on our family travel site-

Mom, Ma, Mamma, Mother, Mommy- What do your children call you?

PICKY EATERS- do you have one? What do you feed them?? Check out our suggestions for more ideas!

Have a Picky Eater in the house? We have a complete guide for what to Feed a Picky Toddler. #toddler #pickytoddler #foodsfortoddlers #twoyearolds

SLEEP REGRESSION- yup it's a thing! And... it stinks! Here are some tips on getting through it.

MOMS + SLEEP- there is a reason we never feel rested. And, here's why...

If WE don’t remember to switch the laundry over, who will? And if WE don’t bother with the vegetables, well, baby just won’t get any.

LOL- these are worth a look. So funny!!! Comment with your favorite parenting meme below.

ME: "Here's 100 memes!" YOU: White guy blinking meme|By Mike Spohr

SIDE HUSTLE- do you have a side hustle? Do you want one? Check out our 7 super flexible stay at home mom jobs. We just updated it!

This is a list of flexible stay at home mom jobs, and I'll acknowledge that for some women, none of them will be a fit. However, if you are looking for some opportunities to leverage technology and earn a little money from home while watching a baby, than this article is for you.

DISNEY WORLD + DISNEY CRUISE- have you ever wanted to take the family to Walt Disney World or maybe onboard the Disney Cruise Line? Then you might want to follow along on my Global Munchkins family travel page this coming week because we will be doing both at the #DisneySMMC event!!

This exclusive event will have some special VIP experiences and behind the scenes peeks at what the Disney team is dreaming up and I cannot wait to share them ALL with you!!

You may also want to... follow along on Instagram- our family travel Insta is global_munchkins & we share awesome tips on Family Travel!! *including how we save 50% on Disney Resorts

Take a look at some of our photos from the last Disney SMMC event. ARE YOU A DISNEY FAN??

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MOMSPLAINING- STOP what you are doing right NOW! And, watch this 🤣 🤣 🤣

Kristen sits down with the new mama and "Scandal" star to talk about all the highs and lows of being a new mom – especially the things no one tells you about!

YOU ROCK MAMA!! Here are a few quotes to help remind you!

Love Yourself Quotes. Find 52 of the best love yourself quotes perfect for new moms and anyone else who needs a reminder that they are awesome just the way they are. Share your favorite love yourself quote by sharing one of our beautiful images free.

Fun Gender Reveal Ideas- Did you surprise your family with a gender reveal?

These gender reveal decorations and unique gender reveal ideas will help you plan the perfect gender reveal party for all of your family and friends. Find one of a kind ideas for revealing the gender of your baby.

BABY REFLEXOLOGY- have you heard of this, tried this?? Does it work?

The feet are connected to various parts of the body. Massaging them can work wonders!