We're not really around anymore, but here's the latest recordings we did. Done by Ken Brown at Snake Mountain Studio. Enjoy

3 track album

We're not dead, just lazy. EP still on the way. Put us on some shows that don't suck because we won't do it ourselves.


Played a rad show last night. We've got an EP coming out soon once we stop being lazy. Bounce.

Tomorrow night come out to the Jumpzone! There's a bunch of great bands playing and were busting out a new song! Show starts at 9 and we go on at 10! $10, be there!

Jumpzone show on saturday! Come sing with us, "mending is better than pooping my bed, I want to go hoooooome"

Take a listen.

First mixes of our EP came in. Everyone's ears will bleed

Our EP is officially tracked! Huge thanks to Snake Mountain Studio for recording us, definitely go there if you're looking to record! Great place! We're very happy with how these songs turned out and can't wait to share them with you guys!

We'll be going to our first session in the studio tomorrow to lay down a few new songs. Big shout out to Snake Mountain Studio for getting us in so last minute!

Acoustic house showwwwwwww Saturday night. Cum out for a good time and watch Tweet throw up after drinking three beers. We play at 7.

Sat 8:00 PM EST7 W. Summerfield Ave, Collingswood, NJ
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Next weekend Pat's going into the studio to record drums for The Lavender EP! Get ready, you won't know what hit you

It is our regrets to inform you that a dear friend has died today. His cries for help were loud, yet never received. Rest easy lil 8 balls. I know you're swimming with the fishes

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Finally got a show! We're playin Studio Luloo Feb 23rd. ALSO we're going into a REAL studio in March to start recording our first E.P.

check out Brian and Justin's BAD BOI SK8 KREW music video!…

Someone hook us up with a show! We gettin tired of serenading ya mamas every night.

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