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Favorite Quotes
  • "Silently Awake, Perpetually Dreaming" - Farras

    "To be enlightened is simply to be absolutely unconditionally intimate with this moment. No more. No less." - Buddhist Proverb

    Don't take life too might not get out alive. -Van Wilder

    Famous Quotes by John Marchini:

    - "Why do I break everything I love?"
    - "That's about as much love a man can have for a cup"
    - "Next time some big breasted chick wants to sign my shirt I am going to say... No"
    - "Say there will be punch and pie. They always come then"

    "What are you the coolest guy in your school?"
    "No, they all hate me."
    "Don't'll meet them all again on the long road to the middle." - Almost Famous