2018 RRC Kits have begun shipping!

Calling all Southwest Road Crew Members!

ROUSH Performance is looking for you to have fun and provide some feedback during our first, highly exclusive, ROUSH VIP EXPERIENCE!

Introducing a new #TeamROUSH customer experience program in Las Vegas, we are calling upon you, the Roush Road Crew member located near Las Vegas to participate in the very first ROUSH VIP EXPERIENCE day. Exclusively limited to members, we are looking to provide a day of experience and entertainment wit...h ROUSH Vehicle Products including the Mustang, F-150, Raptor and F-250.
Free to you, we are inviting you to participate and provide feedback prior to rolling this out to the entire ROUSH Ownership group – your feedback means a lot to us.

The event will take place on Friday, March 2nd, with free shuttle service from the Vdara Hotel to and from the event location, free lunch and the chance to experience our great products.
At the conclusion of the day’s events, we will look for your feedback on how to improve the event going forward.

Throughout the day you will have the chance to both ride as well as drive ROUSH Performance products on the tarmac, on the trail, and perhaps even on a dry lake bed.
Capping it all off will be the chance to drive a trophy truck over a short course as well as meet professional ROUSH Drifting driver, Justin Pawlak.

Please reply back to Mike Rey - with your interest so that we can fill the 20 spots available as soon as possible as well as create a waiting list.

Please note that you will be on your own for travel arrangements to/from the Vdara host hotel, as well as any lodging, etc. Discount rates at the hotel will be available for those who register.

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Joseph A. Holmes
· April 19, 2018
Just received my 2018 Road Crew Package today.
Thanks to the decision, packing, shipping, accounting and processing departments.
Special thanks to Mike Rey for making this all possible. ...
Don't forget to vote for Jack Roush into the NASCAR HOF !
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James Michael
· February 24, 2018
Love the new focus on communicating via Facebook...very easy to now follow all events.
Ken Smith
· October 13, 2017
Glad to see more interest in RRC members and some events being put together.
Michael Barton
· November 29, 2014
Great group of members since day one ;-). Looking forward to the next many years of great times with everyone and all the new members that we are about to have! Keep up the great work RRC in the future!
Chuck Meyst
· August 11, 2017
Good to see this high-energy site for Roush lovers. I enjoyed the track events during the early years. Lots of fun.
Jacob Neil Carpenter
· September 24, 2014
Awesome group of people. Attended my first event this past weekend at Owensboro, KY. Had a great time. Jenn really bent over backwards to accommodate me at the last minute, thanks!!!
Rick Fuller
· December 13, 2015
New to the Road Crew. Just picked up our 2016 Stage 3 Convertible. Can't wait to go to the homecoming and other shows.
Brian Pinter
· September 9, 2014
Great group of people. Fun events all over the country.
Love the Road Crew comes to my state of Wisconsin.
Kanemoto Foto
· April 18, 2015
Grateful for everything they do! Took a big load off me from having to plan get-togethers and no way could we have photo ops in front of P-51's without the Club.
Robert Swartzell
· January 13, 2016
Hey everybody winter finally hear cover up my new Stage 3 can't wait till the ford national in Carlisle to see everyone have a great winter
John Raybourn
· April 20, 2014
Great organization. And a special thanks to Jenn for taking care of us at the Vegas 50th celebration. You rock!
Jimmy Allen Vinson
· January 15, 2015
Bought two 2014 RS3 Mustangs this year a coupe with six speed and a convertible with auto. Love them, just joined the Road Crew today!
Judge Marshall Jr
· March 16, 2014
RRC is an excellent enthusiasts club to be a part of. I am proud to be a member. Plenty of exciting cruises, car shows, and dinners.
Dorothea Oldaker
· March 19, 2014
The Roush Road Crew needs a person over the club that is more like its Members
Kerri Greene Turner
· April 19, 2015
A great weekend - thanks for the hospitality and the Roush fun!
Alan Bens
· April 27, 2014
Just bought my 2014 Roush RS and truely enjoying it. Will post pics soon.
Richard Dean
· May 25, 2015
Awesome response time and valuable information shared. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
Jessy Lower
· October 26, 2013
Roush haven good times
Bob Leary
· March 13, 2014
Great group of folks!
Yvonne Mazur-Thornton
· November 9, 2014
I well be there next year
Louis Pratt
· July 7, 2014
Great people and cars.
17 ROUSH Mustangs rolling into RMMR 2014 Show n Shine - Steamboat Springs, CO.
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Josh tearing up the auto cross course yesterday. RMMR 2014 Steamboat Springs, CO