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  • somethin' in your eyes
    makes me wanna lose myself
    in your arms
    there's somethin's in your voice,
    make my heart beat fast
    hope this feelling lasts,
    the rest of my life
    if you know how lonly my life has been
    and how long i've been so alone
    and if you know
    how i wanted someone to come along
    and change my life
    the way you've done
    it feels like home to me,
    it feels like i'm all the way
    back where i come from
    it feels like home to me
    it feels like i'm all the way
    back where i belong
    a window breaks,
    down a long dark street
    and the siren wails
    in the night but i'm alright,
    'cause i have you here with me
    and i can almost see,
    through the dark there is light
    well,if you know how
    must this moment means to me
    and how long
    i've waited for you touch
    and if you know how happy
    you are making me
    i never thought that i'd love anyone so much it feel like home tome,it feels like to me it feels like i'm all the way back where i come from it like home to me
Favorite Quotes
  • all my bags packed
    i ready to go
    i´m standing here side your door i hate to wake you up to say goodbye
    but the dawn is breakin its early morn
    the taxi waitin hes blowin his horn
    ... already i´m so lonesome i could die
    so kiss me and smile for me tell me that you´ll wait for me
    hold me like you´ll never let me go
    cause i´m leaving on a jet plane don´t know when i´ll be back again
    oh babe ,i hate to go
    theres so many times i´ve let you down so many time i´ve played around
    i tell you now,they dont mean a think
    every place i go i´ll think of you
    every song i sing,i´ll sing for you
    when i come back,i´ll bring your wedding ring