One of the requirements to get on the ballot for Collier County Judge is to pay the qualifying fee of $5,520.80, OR to turn in 2008 petitions signed by registered voters from Collier County. Below is the letter Dominick received last month after successfully turning in 2008 petitions. Dominick is thankful for the broad support that made this possible.

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Twenty years ago, on April 24, 1998, Dominick Russo was admitted to the Florida Bar. He was sworn in at the Collier County Courthouse by Judge Eugene Turner who was Dominick's neighbor when Dominick was a student at Pine Ridge Middle School. During Dominick's entire career as a lawyer, he has represented people at the Collier County Courthouse, either as an Assistant Public Defender for more than three years, or as a private attorney with an office within walking distance of the courthouse for more than 16 years.

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Naples Cat Alliance is with Pam Sansbury and 8 others.

Queso loves chips but not salsa. He can open a piñata with a wink and a smile. His Cinco de Mayo parties start March 23rd. If he head butts you, you would pu...t it on your resume. His litter box cleans itself. Mice have him listed as their emergency contact. Catnip grows because he says so. His meows have inspired symphonies. He doesn't always look for a forever family, but when he does, he goes to Petsmart. Come to Petsmart on Tarpon Bay Blvd in North Naples today and meet the most interesting cat in the world. #inthe239 #ncaqueso #inthe239 #nokillnaplesfl #naplescatalliance #adoptqueso

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Judicial Candidate Dominick Russo issued a press release, supporting a change in the law that would improve the administration of justice in Collier County, and across the State of Florida.



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Dominick and Bitsy hopped off the campaign trail, to meet the Easter Bunny! Happy Holidays. #russo4countyjudge #collierpride #colliercitizen #naplesdailynews #inthe239

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It's official, Dominick Russo is on the ballot for County Judge! Yesterday, the last of the petitions were verified, by the office of the Supervisor of Elections, all 2008 of them. Dominick is very thankful for all the help and support, from everyone that made this happen. In just 110 days, well over 2008 signed petitions were collected, that is amazing! #russo4countyjudge #inthe239 #naplesdailynews #colliercitizen

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Dominick took a break from campaigning to attend a presentation, at the Wholesome Hound, about the dangers of the cane toad to dogs. The veterinarian from Animal Specialty Hospital stressed the importance of rinsing out the dog's mouth right away, and getting the dog to the nearest vet. Exposure to the toxic cane toad can cause excessive salivation and then seizures. The cane toad is a non-native species that was brought to the sugar cane fields of Florida in an attempt to control pests in the sugar cane fields. The native Southern toad has ridges or crests between the eyes. The cane toad has a smooth head with no crests between the eyes. #russo4countyjudge #inthe239 #wholesomehoundnaplesfl #animalspecialtyhospitalnaplesfl

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Dominick Russo and supporters campaigning at a Collier Government Services Center. If you would like to help campaign and get signed candidate petitions, please message us. #russo4countyjudge #inthe239 #collierpride

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"Dominick attended a Lunch-N-Learn at the Naples Hilton today. The speaker was Collier County Sheriff Chief Stephanie Spell who spoke about her experience communicating on social media with the public on behalf of the Sheriff's Office during and after Hurricane Irma."

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Thank you Phillip Hobbs, appreciate the support!

Phillip Hobbs to Dominick Russo for Collier County Judge

To all my family in Collier County vote for Dominick Russo for Collier County Judge! I graduated with him in 1984 from Naples High, he is a hometown boy and will serve as Great judge for the community. Vote Russo!!

Dominick and his rescue dog Bitsy dressed in matching sweatshirts to keep warm. What have you done to keep warm during this cold weather? #bitsy #russo4countyjudge #voterusso #inthe239 #collierpride

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Judicial candidate Dominick Russo's roots are planted firmly in Collier County. Having grown up in Naples, seen here graduating from Naples High School in 1984, he has been a part of this sleepy coastal community's growth and development. He knows the history, he's lived it. He knows the people, he's one of them. He knows the culture, he's immersed in it. His roots run deep and so does his desire to uphold the constitutional rights for the people of Collier County. Vote Dominick Russo for county Judge on August 28, 2018. **Fun Fact - The intersection in the background is Goodlette Road and Golden Gate Parkway.

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Dominick Russo (yellow sleeves) on his father's stone crab boat in 1982. His father is standing to his right. During the stone crab season, the boat was docked at US 41 and the Gordon River bridge, next to what is now the Naples Bay Resort, 1500 5th Ave. South. #vintagenaplesfl #inthe239 #naplesfl #russo4countyjudge

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Rescuing abandoned and homeless animals is one of the many ways Dominick helps his community. It has been so cold lately that we found ourselves bundling up with whatever was in the truck, hence the Santa hat and beach towels, lol! Dominick provided hot roasted chicken meals for the cats he feeds every night, in the industrial park, in hopes it would help them through the cold nights. Trapping the kittens became top priority and in the past two weeks, 27 cats and kittens were trapped and rescued from a life on the street. If the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated, so can the greatness of a man, and that man is judicial candidate Dominick Russo. #voterusso #russo4countyjudge #colliercounty #inthe239 #naplesfl

Thank you to everyone that has sent in signed candidate petitions. Please help us get more signed petitions by Collier County registered voters, by asking your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. We need 2,000 signed petitions by the end of March. You can download a form from our website THANK YOU! #russo4countyjudge #collierpride #inthe239 #naplesfl #marcoislandfl #immokaleefl

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Dominick Russo for Collier County Judge is with Frances Colleen St Louis.
January 5

Colleen and Barbara are cruising the neighborhood and getting petitions signed for Dominick. Have you mailed in your signed petition to help Dominick get on the ballot? To download a petition please visit

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Dominick Russo along with other volunteers, spent Christmas morning at a free-roaming, no-kill cat shelter, cleaning, feeding and caring for the abandoned cats of Collier County. Merry Christmas! #naplescatalliance #inthe239 #merrychristmas2017 #russo4countyjudge #collierpride #giveback #community #savinganimals #rescuerocks

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