Be Aware To Be Prepared - Minimize Sickness: January 2018

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December PEG Show

Be Aware to Be Prepared - Cold Weather Tips: December 2017
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December 2017 PEG Show

Be Aware to Be Prepared - Cold Weather Tips: December 2017

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Be Aware to be Prepared - Germs: September 22, 2017

Winter Tips

Be Aware To Be Prepared: January 2017

'Cold Weather Tips'
Be aware to Be Prepared
November Video

Happy Thanksgiving from MRC of Rutland and Addison County. Be safe as you drive to family and friends on the roadways. Buckle up yourself and your family.

Stay GERM free--- Practice good hygiene

Be Aware To Be Prepared - Flu vs. Cold: October 20, 2016

October PEG TV segment
Flu vs. Cold
hmmmmmm..... Vaccinate?


On behalf of the Medical/Non-Medical Reserve Corps of Rutland - Addison County THANK YOU John and Heather Dyer , The Camp Sunrise Alumni for the use of their Large Barrel Fans during the week of the Rutland State Fair enabling the COOLING TENT to be a success. The two fans took the place of 10 turbo fans.
The MRC/ NMRC mission is to be proactive not just reactive to emergencies. We were able COOL over a 1000 people the last day.

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Debbie Boyce

Thank You Brian A. Quigley for the use of your truck to Pick up and return the HUGE fans utilized by the COOLING TENT at the Rutland State Fair set up by the Medical & Non Medical Reserve Corps.

Be Aware To Be Prepared AUGUST SHOW
summary--- of the past 4 months PEG series

Be Aware To Be Prepared - Warm Weather Safety: August 2016

2016 Cooling Tent at the VT State Fair by the Rutland/ Addison County MRC/NMRC. The Cooling system is self sufficient unlike our predecessors
which required manual spraying along with the COBRA misters. Way to go!

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Debbie Boyce is feeling excited.

Debbie Boyce enjoyed a conversation with Prevo Dinosaur X in front of the Medical Reserve Corps COOLING Tent at the Rutland State Fair.

Rutland /Addison County MRC/ NMRC will be providing a cooling/ MISTING tent at the Rutland State Fair. We need to rotate people through shifts Aug. 16-20. The tent is self sufficient. Need to monitor connections and turn water on/off. Also monitor Fans.

Debbie Boyce needs a head count of who is helping at The Rutland State Fair on Aug 16 -20. By tomorrow, MONDAY August 15th in order to obtain passes for Everyone to attend. If you plan on attending multiple days, You will Ne...ed a new pass each day. Your wrist band will be color coded. You will be able to come and go throughout the day. Please call Debbie at 345-0056 by 3pm Monday August 15th.
Debbie will be setting up at the Fair Monday at 4 pm..Enter through the Park Street gate on Monday. Our location is next to the First Aide Building. PARKING Aug, 16-20 is free in the middle of the track. Pls. call Debbie 802-345-0056.

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SUMMER Safety ----- June Segment

Be Aware To Be Prepared - Summer Safety: June 2016