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You might be your their chauffeur...but you're not their mule. Don't be an enabler. If your kids really want to play hockey, make them carry some of the weight too.
While my kids aren't yet old enough to be living with billet families or routinely going to games on a team bus, pretty much every hockey parent can relate to the despair all of those families are feeling right now.
Private coaching certainly has a place for youth hockey players, without a doubt, but beware of over-using it to the point that it starts to hurt your child's ability to play the actual game.
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March 17
Having worked for over 20 years in professional hockey, I can't say that I haven't learned a few things via observation or, get this, just asking the players...and their parents too.
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February 15
Practicing with a rival team this time of year? Be open about it, be honest about it, and never, ever, feel ashamed for it.
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February 6
The Connecticut Chiefs are offering free elite skills clinics designed for those players looking for an opportunity to improve their individual skills and prepare for the upcoming tryout season.
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January 26
The website's heart is in the right place but at this point, in my opinion, it's kind of soured into something very, very, well, bad for youth hockey.
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January 12
The kids that can be coached all excel. The kids that can't...well, they peak at around 10 years old and then everyone else passes them by.
Last month, Duncan participated in the Jr Bruins T&E Camp. Evaluations were made comparing him not to every player his age playing hockey but, rather, the top 10% of the players his age.
Duncan tried out for the Junior Bruins Brick Series team in November of 2016 and, boy, do I wish someone had given us a few pointers...
While Bauer claims publically that they don't sponsor individual players below the professional level, perhaps they should rethink their policies in certain cases.
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