Check out this talk by IEEE on Data Driven Care happening tomorrow at 5pm.

IEEE Ryerson University Student Branch

IEEE would like to present to you a talk about Data Driven care by Dr. Philip Ashare.

Time and Location: Tuesday, November 21, 5-6 PM. Eng LG12.

Overview of t...he topic:
Recent advances in medical technologies provide an opportunity to collect and use a variety of data to assist in the delivery of care to patients in and out of the clinic. In the clinic, tools can be developed that provide insights into patient state that were not previously possible. In some cases various actions can be automated to assist clinicians in delivering care. Outside the clinic, patients can be empowered to manage their own care as they go about their daily lives without being confined to the hospital. This talk will describe past and on-going work in this area by the speaker and others to ensure that the data are trustworthy, the tools that depend on the data are robust and safe, and the technologies are more likely to be adopted by the healthcare ecosystem.

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Topic: An overview of data analytics.
This session will be the last of the Tuesday sessions for this semester. Alice will give you an overview of data analytics and how it plays a role in her research.

*P.S: Don't need to bring your laptops for this session. It's more of a talk/discussion.

Tue 6:00 PM ESTKHS369
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