Today, we honor the birthday of George Washington, a founding father of our great nation and our first president.

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We continue to hear about new flu cases and even situations where people contract the flu more than once. While the weather may be getting warmer in certain regions of the country, we need to remember that nothing will beat basic sanitation rules that we have all heard.
First, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap; rinse; and dry. Be sure your hands are dry. If you have cracks on your hands, consider a lotion or moisturizer. Germs have to "find" a way into your bod...y to get you sick. Keeping our hands in great shape makes germs have to work harder to invade our bodies. Consider Vick's Vapor Rub or another ointment to coat the inside of your nasal passages so your nose does not crack open (giving germs an entry point).
Second, keep your work area clean such as phone handles, refrigerator handles, car door handles, sink faucet handles, iPhones, computer keyboards- anything that you touch often. Clean these items with a bleach, sanitizing product or use GoldShield to prevent bacterial and viral germs from living on surfaces.
Third, brush your teeth often and use a mouthwash. Many types of mouthwash have bacteria-killing properties so if you are exposed, your immune system has a fighting chance.
Fourth, sneeze into your elbow or into a turtle neck shirt. Best to not sneeze directly into your hands, if you can avoid. Let the clothes on your arm or your turtle neck absorb the microscopic germs...
Fifth, be proactive and wear a mask if you are around people who may be sick. You can "decorate" your mask in a way to de-medicalize the mask and have a conversation starter... best of all, you are protecting yourself against transmittable pathogens.

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Share the Smile campaign is on- send us your pictures. Safe'N'Clear wants to see your smile behind The Communicator surgical mask with a clear view. Upload your pictures and tell us where you are located.

We want The Communicator surgical mask with a clear window to be the GOLD STANDARD for all medical and dental masks. Request The Communicator to ensure the best communication from your dental and medical providers. You and your family deserve no less.

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NEW: The Communicator surgical face mask with a clear view has been approved for HCPCS Code. Hospitals can now be reimbursed for The Communicator. We are excited to help make communication more accessible between medical providers and patients. Stay tuned for the HCPCS Code.

Clearer Communication. Uncompromised Protection.

Begin 2018 with the goal of improving communication. Ask your dental and medical providers to use the world's first FDA approved The Communicator face mask with a clear window for improved clearer communication. wishes you a Happy New Year.

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Happy New Year to all of our associates, sales reps, clients, and customers. We are excited to serve you in 2018. Best wishes from Safe'N'Clear, Inc.

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We are changing the face of healthcare one mask at a time!

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Excited to be working with our good friends AMPHL - Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses to promote advocacy for individuals with hearing loss interested in or working in healthcare fields. #amphl #shareyoursmile

On behalf of the Board of the Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses, we are pleased to announce a formal partnership with Safe'N'Clear, Inc.

...Beginning today, 5% of any and all purchases of The Communicator Surgical mask, the world's first and only FDA-approved see-through surgical mask, will be donated to AMPHL to help grow and expand our operations.

The see-through/transparent surgical mask is designed to improve communication for deaf/hard of hearing patients. While designed with deaf patients in mind, The Communicator has seen unintentional applications which transcend the Deaf population. This novel product can improve communication and reduce the potential for medical errors which may stem from miscommunication in operating rooms and other patient settings. It also has applications in pediatrics, as the mask provides a sense of comfort for children to see the facial expressions of their parents/guardians.

This is truly a product that improves communication and fosters connection for everyone, not just deaf/hard of hearing patients.

AMPHL encourages anyone working in or affiliated with healthcare facilities (i.e. hospitals, clinics, dental offices, vet offices, etc.) to purchase a box or case of these novel see-through surgical masks, using the following links:

For a Box of 40 Masks:

For a Case of 10 Boxes (400 masks):

Thank you for your continuous support, and join us as we change the face of healthcare!

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Designed for use in operating rooms to protect both patient and healthcare workers from the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids, and particulate materials.

Merry Christmas to our sales reps, clients, and customers. We wish you a peaceful holiday and that 2018 will be a great year.

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Free shipping on case orders (10 dispenser boxes) in the month of December; order yours today!

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FREE shipping on case orders in the month of December, 2017. Order yours today and save!

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University of Michigan School of Dentistry embraces The Communicator clear mask for their deaf and hard of hearing students and patients. We want everyone to have a positive experience with their dental providers. Enhance communication; use The Communicator!

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University of Rochester Medical Centers are using The Communicator clear masks. Whether the medical provider or patient has a hearing loss or not, CLEAR COMMUNICATION is essential. Request your medical and dental providers use FDA approved Communicator clear masks.

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Please follow Safe'N'Clear on LinkedIn. (Individuals have to link to follow companies). We want to share with you our exciting 2018 coming up.

Looking for Made in America products to give for gifts? Check out The Communicator clear mask; proudly made in North Richland Hills, Texas. All American. Pure and Proud.