Pitch-perfect Tuvok.

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Richard Stevens
October 18

The Star Trek / Star Wars crossover NOBODY asked for!!

On this episode, where we discuss Dreadnaught, we happily focus on B’Elanna as she tries to avert genocide.

13: Dreadnought October 9, 2017 Salamander Babies B’Elanna argues with an intelligent missile she previously programmed (with her own voice and a Cardassian target) to spare the lives of Delta Quadrant innocents. Chakotay forgot to show up for this episode. Show notes Skeeter-ial Chief Philosoraptor...
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In this episode, where we discuss Timeless, Harry’s time to shine! Well, actually, he kills the entire crew. But it’s still a fun adventure, we swear!

12: Timeless September 19, 2017 Salamander Babies 15 years in the future, a grizzled Harry (it’s just Harry now) has survivor’s guilt and decides to right a wrong with a long-distance phone call to the past. Seven gets drunk on synthehol. Show notes The 24th-and-a-Half Century Timecop the healing po...

On our eleventh episode, discussing Elogium, we address a lot of the creepy shit surrounding Neelix, and Kes’s predilection for mashed potatoes and dirt.

11: Elogium September 6, 2017 Salamander Babies Kes eats bugs and dirt and wants to make some babies with Neelix. We don’t understand it either. Show Notes The Shipper’s Manifesto Elogium – IMDb Battlestar Galactica – “The Captain’s Hand” on Elcor speech Elcor Hamlet slug mating LoadingReadyRun – Sc...

On our tenth episode, we discuss the two-parter The Killing Game. Hirojen have captured Voyager and force the crew to participate in a history-infused bloodsport. How will the gang get out of this ordeal?

10: The Killing Game August 27, 2017 Salamander Babies Our first two-parter! Featuring Hirogen Nazis. Because we weren’t getting enough Nazis in modern discourse recently apparently. Show Notes the actual Maquis a really good Nazi look about him Rick and Morty – The Gear Wars Saturday Night Live – M...

On this week's episode, we discuss The Chute! Watch as two completely disconnected plots unfold, with Janeway setting known mass murderers free, and Paris getting stabbed in the gut! It's wonderful time!

Our episode discussing the classic episode Macrocosm is online! Listen as we talk cosplay, the Doctor's first away mission, and Those Guns!

8: Macrocosm August 1, 2017 Salamander Babies Janeway does her best Ripley impression, Neelix gets gooped, and The Doctor botches his first away mission. Featuring Harry on jazz flute probably. And a new shipping game! Shownotes Monster Factory – Knife Dad Virology Blog – The Virus and the Virion 🖕…

Have you ever wondered what kinds of wonderful things have wound up on our cutting room floor? Well, wonder no more! Here's a collection of edited-out content for your listening pleasure!

7: Clip Show – Chipotle and the Holodeck July 25, 2017 Salamander Babies While Mario was on an away mission to Comic-Con, we put together a clip show of deleted scenes from episodes 1-6! We explore what would happen if holodecks were real, the proclivities of certain face-tattoo’d crew members, and…

Hello, fellow salamander aficionados! Our latest episode is now online. In it, we discuss Ex Post Facto, Voyager's take on a noir murder mystery. With bird people. We hope you enjoy!

6: Ex Post Facto July 20, 2017 Salamander Babies Mario found a for-reals murder mystery episode. It’s Tom’s word against the victim’s, and Tuvok’s on the case! A bird-woman vamps. Shownotes Which prince? The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) The Prince Prince The Atlantic – Police Can Force You to Use...

Our fifth episode, Resolutions, is online! Chakotay and Janeway make friends with an incredibly important space monkey, and the Vidiians have a change of heart. We hope you enjoy the episode!

5: Resolutions July 12, 2017 Salamander Babies It’s a Janeway/Chakotay ship and Jenn is the only one onboard with it. Acting Captain Tuvok can’t get no respect. Shownotes The Shipper’s Manifesto – Janeway/Chakotay Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On In medias res (Google Groups ar...

Our fourth episode is online! We discuss the episode Meld, in which Tuvok's obsession with a murderer puts his self-control to the test.

Quantum Anarchist Jim recommended Voyager season 2, episode 16, “Meld”, where Tuvok gets inside the mind of a murderer and struggles to resist killing Neelix.

Episode 3 is available for your listening pleasure! This time, we discuss Mortal Coil, in which Chipo– Chakotay is unhelpful in Neelix's time of need.

CW: This episode involves discussions of death and suicide.

On Chief Philosophy Officer Lou’s recommendation, we all watched Neelix struggle with an existential crisis in Voyager season 4, episode 12, “Mortal Coil”. Chakotay wasn’t much help.

Episode 2 is here! Listen to our (actually organized this time) discussion of Voyager season 5, episode 14: “Bliss”. And watch out for pitcher plants…

Temporal Timekeeper Mario’s suggestion (Voyager season 5, episode 14, “Bliss”) is discussed at length by the crew. Or is it all a pitcher plant fever dream??? (Don’t worry, it’s real)

Our second episode, discussing Bliss, was recorded last night! Once it's edited and polished a bit, we'll get it online for you to enjoy!

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