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Boys 11+ exam will take place on Saturday 15th September 2018.

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177 boys passed the exam for 160 spaces. Cut-off distance likely to be about 20 miles as the crow flies, but, as always, that's a guess.

67% of boys passed last year when the pass mark was 99. This year the pass mark was 102 and 44% passed (assuming 400 took the exam). That's a lot of boys wishing they had taken the exam last year.

Boys' results are being sent out. The pass mark was 102 - not as high as I feared.

What a day. 182 of the 309 girls passed the exam for 160 places. I would guess the eventual cut-off distance is about 19 miles - but don't quote me. We have lots of delighted children and parents but a handful who've had a shocker and just missed out. It makes you wonder if there is not a better way e.g. sit it twice and give each child their best result. If there is one thing we've learned from running mock exams is that scores fluctuate a huge amount from exam to exam. It is by no means the same people who finish in the top half each time.

Pass mark for the girls is 295.

Girl's results are being posted tomorrow and will arrive on Tuesday. We don't know about the boys, but last year they came out a couple of days after the girls.

SWGS have just announced there were 293 girls at the exam on Saturday with 15 more expected on Friday. A total of 308. This is less than the 327 last year and more than the 285 in 2015. The pass mark was 296 in both of those years, so I would expect something similar this year. They also have an extra 10 spaces to fill, so if that has any effect, it will reduce the pass mark by a small amount.

This is the third year that BWS have used the CEM 11+ exam. In 2015, the pass mark was 106 and 42% of the 318 boys passed. In 2016, the pass mark was 99 and 62% of the 265 boys passed. We've heard that about 400 boys took the exam this year. If 62% of those passed then that is 248 boys. If 42% passed, then it would be 168 boys. I would guess BWS would want about 180 boys to pass the exam, so I'm guessing that this year the pass mark will be closer to 106 than to 99. I could of course be completely wrong!

GL Assessment have slightly changed the style of their 11+ exams. The new style can be found in the familiarisation papers available on the SWGS website. The two most interesting things to note are (i) the punctuation section had two questions that were N (no mistake), so don't assume there always is one and no more and (ii) many of the verbal questions featured A, B, C, D and E on the quesiton paper, but only showed the actual answer on the answer sheet.

GL Assessment forbid tutors from featuring the exact page (I'm not sure why), but if you go to their website and search for "11+ familiarisation" you can find a second set of free practice papers. You can also download the first one from there or from the SWGS website.

SWGS are offering free familiarisation tests for the GL exam. You can download them for your daughter to try from…/Maths%20English%20Verbal%20R…

We are considering running a course and mock exam for the ISEB common entrance exam. If you know of anybody that might be interested please ask them to fill in this very short form:

Many thanks.

We are considering running a course and mock exam for the ISEB Common Entrance. Our first task is to understand how big the demand is and what is needed. If you know anyone that might be interested, please forward them a link to this form. Thanks.

Our summer revision courses are now open for booking. You can read more and book at

Over half-term we are offering three half-term classes:
English (proper nouns, apostrophes, commas and speech)
Maths 1 (Pie charts, fractions, areas, decimals percentages)
Maths 2 (Probability, algebra)
We've left it too late for finding out demand, setting a timetable and then asking you to sign up so, if you are interested, please just fill in this form stating the sessions you want and when you are available and I will put a timetable together.

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All lessons are 90 minutes and cost £20. Childcare vouchers can be used. Lessons will take place at Grentrees School SP1 3PG.

BWS (boys) have brought forward the deadline for registering for the 11+ in 2017. You now have to apply online by July 12th. You can apply on-line from now at

SWGS (girls) are similar to last year. Deadline is 1st September and forms will be available from June.

Please complete and submit this form to allow us to put the appropriate arrangements in place to test your son. This form also requests information required to administer the Admissions Policy. Please note that the results of the test will be posted out mid-October 2017 but this is not an offer of a...