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Julie Watts
· February 6, 2018
First time ever at Salsa Leedos, Riverton location. Went in for lunch ordered a blended margarita while waiting for my friend to arrive. My server came back about 10 mins later to tell me that they ...had forgot to turn their blending machine on and it would take about 30 minutes. No big deal. I just ordered it on the rocks. Waited another 10 minutes for it. After my friend arrived, we ordered our food. I ordered the Sweet Pork burrito with pinto beans. When my plate was brought out it had black beans. Our server said he would have them correct it. Took my whole plate and brought it back with just the burrito and a ceramic boat of pinto beans. I ate a few bites of my burrito it was really bland and cold, but did not want to send it back or say anything, in fear they would do something to my food, so I decided to eat the beans. Took one scoop with my fork and hair came out with the beans. I was done. Did not touch another thing. Our server did apologize, never brought the manager over(I never asked for the manager either), never offered to comp the meal or anything. I paid my bill and I’ll never be back. I’ve told all my friends about the experience as well. Blended machine not turned on, cold bland burrito and hair in the beans. That’s my one star review! See More
Ron Vierra
· January 5, 2018
This is our "Go To" restaurant when we're in the mood for some good Mexican Food. I've tried lots of different entrees, all of which have exceeded my expectations. Their Chile Verde is awesome, as their shredded beef fried tacos. The Fajitas are wonderful, as well.

The entire crew works hard to keep the customers happy, and they're all very friendly. Management really has its act together. We especially like the new venue.

If you haven't been here before, then you're in for a very nice treat when you come in.
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Sherill Pierce Owens
· February 7, 2018
I have been to the new location twice and the first time was just ok. The second time was a disaster. We were crammed in a very tiny booth to start. When our food came out one of the dishes had a very... long hair strung across it and when we told the waitress she took it back. She returned immediately with the plate and when we asked her how they made a new one so quick, she said they didn't and that they took the hair off the plate and wiped the sides and then poured more sauce on top of that. WOW. When the manager came over he tried to apologize but then in turn said well we all have hair. From then on it was a nightmare. I had 2 sets of silverware that had dried on food. I used to love love the old place. Won't be visiting anytime soon. See More
Cassandra Mardini
· February 18, 2018
I will start with saying we have been here once before and I thought we'd found a great new place! Unfortunately today's experience was beyond horrid! The waitress took our order and came back 5-7 min... later telling me they're out of what I ordered and she just didn't bother to check the board in the back. With what I wanted being out, I ordered the fish tacos, which were so dry and over cooked I couldn't eat them. I let our not so friendly waitress know and all she said was k and brought us our check. I really expected so much more out of this restaurant. See More
Cary Robarge
· March 11, 2018
Judy and I just finished an awesome meal at some amazing people Travis Bonino and Teri Bonino new restaurant. This is our first visit since they moved across the street.

Thank you for your commitme...nt to excellence. The food and service is second to none.

Allen was our server and did a great job.

Keep up the good work.

Cheers 🍻
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Lynnae Ness
· February 22, 2018
I ordered a chicken taco salad. Cold refried beans, lukewarm tiny bits of shredded chicken, no guacamole. Ordered a soft tortilla on the side which I got after I finished what I could stomach of the... salad and it was right out of fridge. Margarita was on special for $3 so they apparently thought no alcohol needed. Use to love this place. What a disappointment! See More
Cindy Rose Garrett
· December 10, 2017
This is our first experience here. I placed a to go online order and it stated 35 minutes. After arriving and waiting 30 minutes, apparently the both hostess forgot us and getting our food. However I ...was assured it was still warm because it’s been sitting under the warmers. That’s reassuring.

When she brought out my food, it was missing the queso and tortillas. She said she’d go grab the queso and not charge for it even though that’s what I ordered. I did pay for the queso however she did give me a card to bring at a future visit for $5 off.

Not to mention we saw people being seated not in order of their arrival. This is the first review I have ever done on a restaurant so obviously I didn’t have a pleasant waiting experience.
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Ryan Alexander
· December 2, 2017
Tonight was my first time to the restaurant and likely my last. I had high expectations based upon the crowd and the wait when we arrived, but now I’m lost why so many people were there. The food was ...fine, but the service was terrible. One third of my wife’s combo platter was never delivered, and my burrito was “stolen by another order” and by the time I actually got my dinner, the rest of my group was ready for to-go boxes. Both couples in our group (separate checks) presented a discount certificate and despite all the issues with the meal, the server refused to offer the discount to both couples, nor did he offer to comp my very late dinner. Frankly, I was shocked that offered nothing more than a marginal apology for the screw-ups to both of our meals, after we waited so long to be seated in the first place. I’ll help keep the crowd down for those who like this place by passing next time. See More
Parker Pratt
· January 9, 2018
Love coming here, always a great experience. You get beans with the chips and salsa which is awesome. Especially love Taco Tuesday (unlimited street tacos for $9-11, get the carne asada) and you have watch for “What’s your name Wednesday” and get a free meal! Awesome and great people and food. See More
Tami Swenson Evans
· December 6, 2017
Since moving from Jackson, Wyoming to Riverton a few years ago, Salsa Leedos has been our go-to restaurant with family, friends and clients. Last weekend I lost a cash envelope there. I called Travis ...and he, Jake and staff searched diligently through their establishment, parking lot and garbage cans. Days later, I was contacted by Travis who informed me that a member of his staff, Alie had found it. This act of kindness embodies the Christmas spirit. Many, many thanks and Merry Christmas to Travis and his remarkable staff. Much love to all of you and especially Alie for her honesty and integrity ��� See More
Marcia Pinesso Horrall
· April 10, 2018
My husband and I order a spicy chipotle beef fajitas to share. When the plate came to our table what I saw was a bunch of zucchini and very little skinny strips of beef. I NEVER had zucchini in my fa...jitas EVER, which I consider a filler. I complained and the sweet waitress brought me extra meet. Tabatha is an wonderful waitress, if wasn’t for her I would give one star. Tabatha deserves more stars but due to a lack of BEEF in a beef fajitas, I couldn’t give better rate. See More
Danny Simmons
· November 8, 2017
Went in tonight about 7. It was not super busy. It has been one of our favorite restaurants. We sat ant ordered. We waited and waited. After waiting about 25 mins Matt asked if we wanted more chips w...hile we waited. Didn’t see him again for another 20 mins. When he came back he said he forgot to get our order in. We kind of figured because all the people that came in after us had eaten and some had left. Told us the two lemonades were on him. After an hour we left. Will not come back. Oh ya it was my wife’s birthday. So me and the wife left with all the kids Hungry!!! Never saw Matt again!!! See More
Jason Pearce
· October 10, 2017
Just ok. Should have saved my 50 bucks and spent it somewhere else. Food was ok. Service was super slow. I felt sorry for the waitress she was really having a hard time. I don't hold service to restau...rants as they can't control people. And turnover I'm sure is high. I just was't like wow sure glad I ate here. A tip for all waitresses stay a few seconds for me to get my card out so I can pay the bill because I usually am waiting for it and then have to wait again for you to return to snag the card and then wait again for you to run it. I know some people like to hang but I like to bail quick and really hate the 3 trips of waiting to pay See More
Jack Durrant
· December 30, 2017
Returned to the Salt Lake area a year ago after being away for a long time.
I’ve never eaten at any restaurant I like better than Salsa Leedo’s. The food is great,
The staff is the best anywhere, for a great overall experience. See More
Brittany Farrimond
· November 27, 2017
Thank you to the team last night for an amazing evening! Vanessa and Ally handled our crowd of 25 like it was nothing! So absolutely appreciated! Food was great, drinks were amazing and the service top notch! See More
Ralph Perea
· October 21, 2017
It was our second time to the new location for thirsty Thursday. My Son was in town and we always make it a point too go when he is here, there was going too be 10 of us with knowing how busy it would... be we called ahead to give a heads up. Well when we got there the gal working up front was totally clue less and they didn't have us written down. The guy that was also working upon front took over, and said he would get us a table as soon as he could we were a little frustrated but also understood they were busy. Once we got seated hour later the server was right there got our drink order and things went great from there till the food was brought out lol I was the last one to get my food and it was stone cold! I told the server and she right away took it back to reheat it then forgot about it! Jake came by about the time everyone else was done and ran right back and got my food, it was nice and hot then! He took care of me and the meal is more than I could of asked for. Some times THINGS HAPPEN! That will not stop us from coming back the food has always been great, and the margaritas are too.. Thank you Jake and the rest of the staff. See More
Sandi Brooks
· March 11, 2018
The food was so good, easily the best enchiladas we’ve ever had. Katie was our waitress, she was great!
We will definitely be eating at Salsa Leedos again!!!
Gary Connor
· January 31, 2018
Awesome service. I was immediately greeted and sat at the bar. The owner or manager even came up and asked how I was doing and the food and drinks were great.
Julie Weber
· January 13, 2018
We love Salsaleedos!! Great food for brunch or dinner! We always have amazing staff as well. Last night we had a party of 18 and they rocked!
Brian Clement
· April 13, 2018
Ordered to go on a Friday night. I got the wrong order, no silverware and no chips and salsa. If I wanted everything wrong with my dinner. I would've went to taco bell.

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