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Off to holidays! Time to stretch belly with xmas tarts and stuff. Thanks for 2017. See you next year!

Ridiculous weather today on the lake.

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DSH action.

20th Feb 2018 DSH business with Samuli in the studio.

Playlist for 20th February 2018 episode of Deep Space Helsinki radio show with Samuli Kemppi in the studio. 1. Ryuichi Sakamoto: ff (Milan) 2. Rasmus Hedlund: Gobi Desert (Hillstream) 3. Hans Zimmer:

DSH is on!

DSH is on air. FM in FI or world wide.

Kuuntele kaikki Basson ohjelmat jälkikäteen!

#501, #568 & #700 having a meeting.

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First impressions after 1 h testing Lyra-8: mind blown! Smooth as silk and yet you can go to full Merzbow mode. Totally unlike any instrument I’ve played before. 🌲/5

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Weekend plans sorted.

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CBDSH#074 by Nastia Reigel tonight at 2200 gmt+2 on Bassoradio FM and stream.

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Ok seats for next 2 hours.

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Incoming! First time ever playing in Prague. Looking forward.

Sat 11:00 PM UTC+02AnkaliPrague, Czech Republic
412 people interested

Suddenly 3 sound tracks appear.

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Who'll be the first to book an AI to play a gig? Toiminto from Tampere SWÄG crew teaching neural network to write music.

Techno, electro, house feedback. 12 hours of training 0 Whether in number Varuna come with the Varunaph lighteth later together s two brightness 1063 Yajur Veda E 5042222JOHOPh Manatran cometh cleans

Remix business for Citty.

Citty - Glaciers (+ remix Samuli Kemppi) [CIR001] Mastered by Milos Fedor / SK We are proud to announce the release of the first reciord. Through the last 8 years come in has gone through a lot, vis

CBDSH#073 by Kyle Geiger tonight at 2200 GMT+2 on Bassoradio FM in FInland and stream world wide.

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Getting into this digital game. Just claimed my artist profile on Spotify. Lets see how this works for a man who likes to shoot pictures on film, shave with classic razor and play music from vinyl.

Samuli Kemppi is a Helsinki-based producer, dj, radio host, promoter, label owner and a record pusher.

Giorgio Gigli - Moving Through Time (Samuli Kemppi remix)

DSH has reached the limit of 1 000 000 plays in total at our soundcloud. That is pretty amazing. Humble thank you to our listeners around the world. It’s you who we do this for!

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