J root for T-HK*<1490 released in Donors area (Extras section). Have fun

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Topics are available for all registered users from now. Moved from Extras:

-Rooting E and F Bluray
-Removing Cinavia on E/F Bluray players
-SamyGO NoDRM H (MST only)

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Linux is known for its solid security but Samsung's Linux based Tizen OS is a hacker's paradise.

Wikileaks Vault 7: #CIA Hacking Tools.

SamyGO Admin: I warned Samsung TV managers before about this possibility but they simply ignored.

Server is online. Thanks for your patience!

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Server down due to technical issues. Please know that we have been working to fix this issue.

Samsung E & F Series Tv's rooting techniques and apps are publicized at related forums.

Happy New Years!

Happy new year gift is coming!

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The FTC's "security research exemption" to the DMCA has kicked in.

Now you can donate to the SamyGO project using BitCoins!

Warning: Today is your last change to became to donor of SamyGO. After of June, we cannot accept donations for a while due PayPal conflict between Turkey.

Sorry for lateness.
After a year,
the Tizen sun is about to start shining at SamyGO!
Thank you for all SamyGO donors and developers.

Quick video showing how it's possible to fix Tizen TV :)

Do not use Sony TVs. One of KDL42W805B melt down at a consumers home and Sony Türkiye service said that melting is not relevant with TV! But indeed it is. CPU is oxidized due high temperature.

Your SamyGO Admin work as an expert witness in this consumer right case.

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One of JU7500, the J Series TV purchased by SamyGO for a developer.
Thank you for all donors.

Forum is prepared for J Series.
You can share your thoughts about Tizen OS on new J Seris forum right now.