Indulge in beautiful prints and sumptuous fabrics from Ayesha Ibrahim By ZS Textiles Spring/Summer '18 lawn, now available online at Rs 5950 Only!

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After working so tirelessly for days and weeks in this so happening Lawn Season, these kind of reviews give us that extra motivation to work even harder and make our customers even more happier! 😁

We truly thank each one of you!

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Ayesha Seemab
· March 11, 2018
I m the regular customer of them .. I go to buy luxury lawns there see if sometimes the stock is less or the hit piece I dint catch it I won’t just bashhhhh on them saying bad words standing in the st...ore or comparing them wth others or saying tht u r popular u r taking advantage ... I saw this seen on a launch of a lawn which make me realize to tht the fact tht the males on other social forums makes fun of the ladies craziness for lawns n tht fight is actually true I my self was feeling really bad ...... please it’s a lawn u r buying wth ur money no one is begging so u also stop bashing it to others maintain ur respect in ur self ..... if I dun get any thing I go somewhere else to c not to do like this .... sanaullah hats off for for mailing silence n bear all the behavenesss of the young fresh lady come Aunty ..... See More
Iqra Nasim
· April 17, 2018
I am a usual customer of Sanaullah. Two days ago I had to get few dresses but due to shortage of time I reached at Tariq Road branch at 8:45 pm. Soon after 5minutes (like literally 5 minuets) the sale...sman started telling time to me and my mother, and that the shop is about to be closed. I said okay we won’t take too long just need few dresses. The salesman was not at all cooperating with us, didn’t bother suggesting or even showing the dress, in fact the dresses we asked him to keep aside that we will be buying, he put them back on rack and when I asked him he simply refused on my face that I never asked him to keep them aside. Anyways I told him I need few more dresses, told him my preference and range so he better get me few no matter what brand, they just need to be according to my choice of colours, he again constantly saying ‘shop band hori hai jaldi krain’ meanwhile another salesman from distance said something he went to him while saying ‘main Bol ra hon shop band horahi hai’ and the guy left me and my mother unattended. Leaving all the suits that we had to buy on the rack and in a disgust he put some really weird piece of clothes in front of me and said ‘yehi hain bus’ and ran somewhere, I had to fetch them to the counter myself because your respectable, highness had to leave the customer after his disrespecting attitude and body language with customers.
If your store has certain timings, still the shutters are drawn down so that new customers should not come in while the salesmen deal with those who are already in the store without reminding them the closing time. We have no interest in staying in a shutter down shop. We came to buy stuff, we will pay for whatever we are going to get. The salesmen are not giving us any favour, they are paid for it . If a brand like you and your sales representative doesn’t know how to deal with the customers then I guess you better teach them how to behave under the circumstances of public dealing or else you put a note outside your shop that ‘the customer’s respect is their own responsibility our salesmen might not have time to deal with you.’
I felt really bad and insulted after this incident. If your salesman do not have time or they can’t deal with the customers then please mention it that we better not visit your shop, because at least I will never come back to your shop after how I had been treated by your Honorable salesman.
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Syeda Faryal Mehdi
· March 17, 2018
I went to sanaullah saddar today bought one dress n my royalty card points were around 2400 n i told the salesman to redeem it but he didnt , he said our computers not working though computers were in... working condition n bill slip was issued from same computer .. the one grey hair old hog says next time will redeem it , they intentionally didnt redeem it , they r so hungry of money that they dont want to have a loss of 2400 rupees , my point is this whats the point of making royalty cards when u dont accept it .. liars were there .. they have the suits of Elan but they didnt gave to people cuz they took full payment of those suits even before pre- booking , sub bkack mai ... they should be ashamed of their behaviour n they should remember one thing that they can sold their stuff by telling lies but burkat nahi hoti , even one bearded guy was there who was not making eye contact but still he was the part of sanaullah family, pathetic grey hair guy was the incharge who dont know how to talk to customers See More
Shahana Qazi
· January 18, 2018
( everything is sorted out ) thank u Sanaullah team for getting back to me

I need someone to pls contact me from the store ... I live in Canada ... was very nervous to order ... I have had bad exper...ience in the past ... I picked 3 suits .... I am trying to pay the amount through western union ... however western union does not do bank transfers to Pakistan .... I keep messaging and emailing their staff but I keep getting the same message pls make a bank transfer .... it’s like I am talking to a robot .... I am so tired of messaging and emailing .... I have wasted so much time on the phone ..... I have also told their staff that my sister is leaving for Pakistan tonight and once there she can make a bank transfer..... again no reply to that message just saying make payment ... or my order will be canceled .... at this point I am so stressed out..... not sure if I ever want to order from them again .... I was so excited when I found them on FB .... all my excitement is gone down the drain See More
Ifrah Arshad
· April 25, 2018
My mother has been a customer of Sanaulla for many years and she always told me that their services are the best :) Any how I ordered for the first time and I must say their services are absolutely fa...ntastic, My suits were delivered within the given time frame. I would especially like to thank their customer service (Mr. Talib and Mr naqvi). I bombarded them with queries and they were polite, courteous and efficient every time. Thank you so much Team Sanaulla for your excellent services. � See More
Fatema Tinwala
· January 20, 2018
So I ordered on Dec 19th and my shipment arrives Jan 10 thats not 8 or 10 days its almost 3 weeks. My shipment arrived and one dupatta was missing and now they told me if you order next time we will s...end you dupatta. Well why would I order next time when first exerience was mess. well we figured out and had it ship that dupatta in karachi. secondly, International sjipping charges were way too much with the service I got. I order cloths from many other brands they have very good deal with international shipping. change your shipping company DHL is better See More
Ayesha Imran
· April 2, 2018
I like dress what I ordered from them . But i was upset with one thng , they ask u always if u want same as picture.. for me if u asking that, m expecting same as picture too.. but the dress i got the...y didn’t even put single accessories whch showing in picture , they just put buttons and its just simple lawn dress and they charged 3000RS just for simple suit stitching, if they have put those accessories too I would say 3000 worth it but m little disappointed,, See More
Mahnoor Shaikh
· April 2, 2018
Extremely poor customer service. No one is responding to my queries or attending calls on the helpline. I asked them to call me so many times but nothing at all is being done. Sent a faulty Sobia Nazi...r item and now they won’t claim an exchange from Sobia Nazir even though the designer outlet is willing to send the missing pieces only if Sanaulla claims it. See More
Fareeha Malik
· March 26, 2018
Thank you Sanaulla Store, though I received my incomplete order but your service is really great, very responsive and I receive my remaining pieces
Previous review
(I received my order ...
Faraz Manan 14,with no back and no sleeves..... What I'll do with this suite, unable to use,i called, I emailed but no response till now)
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Malik Aisha
· April 2, 2018
Very poor service. I live overseas. I have placed 4 online orders. I rang on Friday and was told the orders would be despatched. Nothing heard. They have not responded to any of my messages which I been sending at different times over the past 24hrs, even though I can see they are online. I just wasted my money making an international call. The man on the other end just kept on saying 'hello' and then was talking to other people in the background. Eventually got hung up on!. Very disappointed and now I am wondering what is going to happen to the orders I have paid for! See More
Anosha Khan
· April 25, 2018
Having been a newly introduced customer for the services of Sanaullah, I purchased a suit online, appealing as it was, I bought it immediately, but when it was delivered I realized that the catalogue ...images were a mismatch to the one I had in my hand. Disheartened, I immediately contacted the online customer support team expecting that they would make some lame excuses or would not respond like every other store. But, to my surprise they were so soft spoken despite of my impolite tone, they paid attention to my details, and clearly helped me out with it. It’s good to know that your customer support services are prompt enough and have the capacity to translate problems into satisfaction for its customers. Thumbs up for the Customer Support team. (y) See More
Anzish Iqbal
· January 14, 2018
Great service! One time, my order didn’t come right, they not only compensated me for it but also resolved my issue within no time. I’m very much pleased with their customer care. They are always avai...lable on phone and also get back to you through emails. See More
Farah Abbas
· March 29, 2018
I bought sobia nazir # 3b from sanaullah online. When I open my packet dupatta side lace is missing. Please sanaullah you had very good reputation. I always admire your online service. Talk to sob...ia nazir and check before you sell. Lots of people have complaint. They are sending missing and wrong stuff in packets.
I think she is fail to handle this time. I send my email about complaint of my missing stuff to you, so please response me back.
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Hina Tanveer
· March 9, 2018
Salam. Today sanaulla(tariq road branch) launched asifa nabeel lawn collection in store and when the store open after long wait staff said oh sorry ma'am!! we don't have chapter 4, 5, 6 not... giving these codes so what we do ..... what a silly excused that means company give all codes except hit codes and u r silently accept uncomplete boxes what a joke!!!!!!!
We all are mad we don't know anything :)))) big clap for Sanaulla guy's! !!!!
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Saira Hassan
· January 23, 2018
Have ordered a couple of times now from overseas. Five stars for the communication which is always timely and accurate. Stitching may sound expensive for the formal suits but there is no hassle, quali...ty of stitching is great and always on time. They carry most good brands which is a plus. See More
Farhana Soomro
· January 23, 2018
Sanaullah has always provided best service but this time i v bought crimson formal that they sold me nearly 8k and I received incomplete stuff without dupatta and no pants at all despite informing the...m several times sending them pics on e mail my problem has still not been solved it’s been more than 10 days now. See More
ŞafoOrä Adams
· January 6, 2018
I am so disappointed about Your official page...I want 3 lawn suits..but its muting the shipping methodoption..Like this my order is not wanting to get placed without that option. I asked Ur team for ...helping me thru fb but im getting the same Reply always ' Place ur shipping method' ..when its not allowing me !! So what to do..?
And till now...No response... why !!!? I need them...
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Yasir Awan
· December 3, 2017
An order 143676 was placed online from sanaullah store. Received the unstitched suit in real mess form, without inlay card and loose packed package with all accessories coming out. Suit price was 3,87...0. But the impression with this sort of packaging was not worth the value. Complain was lodged on their customer care on 29/November. But still no solution is given. These sort of companies are making consumers hesitant towards online buying.

I got a lesson. All out there, beware of Sanaullah. Real pathetic online buying experience with sanaullah.
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Quratulain Aziz
· January 30, 2018
It was a great experience and whoever is in the order taking dept was really helpful. (if you are reading it than Stay blessed) it was nice dealing with you.
Bia Bia
· March 13, 2018
Things are good so far but some times don’t meet the commitment like today
They say they will upload on 6 and we are still waiting