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Patricia Cabrera reviewed Sand and Steel Fitness5 star
August 31

The staff is very friendly and pushes you to do better; the owner definitely knows what he is doing and loves what he does and this reflects on the work and dedication he puts on his clients ...

Gym/Physical Fitness Center
'Co-Owner @[1064332556:2048:Dawn Anderson] with client working banded squat warm up'
Sand and Steel Fitness
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Aaron Bush reviewed Sand and Steel Fitness5 star
April 12

A few months ago I walked into Sand & Steel with an unhealthy lifestyle, old injuries slowing me down, and a ton of ignorance. Thanks to the entire team I am now a better eater plus more mobile, fit, and knowledgeable. Paul is the mastermind behind my fitness, nutrition, and mobility training -- and, honestly, my progress speaks for itself. Sand & Steel has a wide array of programs tackling different goals; both I’ve tried get the job done. Each session I attend is valuable, and every single trainer I work with is great.

I was initially slow to try personal training, but in hindsight I’m thrilled I made the decision to work out here. I’m better off for it and don’t see how other places could top this. Keep up the good work!

Jennifer Simone Schwartz reviewed Sand and Steel Fitness5 star
March 12

This is a nutrition review. Paul and I recently sat down to review my InBody results.

I was very impressed by his approach. I've been vigilant over my food intake for years. I thought I knew a lot. Wrong! His level of analysis of my diet was very detailed, and he found errors that I would never have expected existed.

Paul's ability to take complicated matters and give me tools that I could use immediately is rare and valuable. We reviewed 4 big things sabotaging my fat loss and he created a compliance sheet. Which means I will be able to implement things right away. Don't waste anymore of your time trying to understand the chemical workings of weight loss, start the right way (or re-visit your methods like I did) with Paul, a true professional.

Loren Wagner reviewed Sand and Steel Fitness5 star
February 18

Sand and Steel Fitness has been great! I started working out with them two months ago and have loved every minute, except when the minute involved burpees. Every session starts on time and the staff are so kind, even the trainers with whom I haven't worked. I just had shoulder surgery, so need to take some time off, but all exercises were modified for me and the trainers took their time to make sure that the exercises were working and that I was doing them correctly. I usually worked out with Max and he was great. Paul is also there to make sure I'm getting low enough in my squats! Overall it's been a great experience and I've gained a lot of strength. I can't wait for my shoulder to start healing and to start back up once more!!!

I have been coming to Sand and Steel since July, 2016. I am a fairly active person and no stranger to strength training. However, I needed the motivation and guidance of a trainer(s) to keep me focused, interested and working-out smartly and safely. I have tried a lot of PT groups, gyms and specialized fitness classes over the years trying to find the right fit, but Sand and Steel is the only one I have found that offers such a large diversity of training programs. You will ...never be bored, never be un-challenged unless you choose to be!

The staff is highly qualified and overall, just plain awesome. Paul and Dawn are super knowledgeable and are focused on making sure your training program suits your fitness objectives. I am a runner and my workouts have helped me run more efficiently as well as loose weight and build lean muscle. I love being able to fit in clothes that I haven't worn in years and look forward to continuing my fitness journey.

The cost is reasonable for the services offered. The gym is always clean and the equipment in good repair. You'll be hard pressed to find more a more attentive, knowledgeable, friendly and responsive group.

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William Sean Cutter reviewed Sand and Steel Fitness5 star

Sand and Steel has a very impressive and professional staff. I found them to be knowledgeable, great listeners and awesome motivators.
The instructors here have extensive backgrounds in exercise science and nutrition. They provide workouts to cater to each individual's needs whether it be general fitness, functional training, weight loss, rehabilitative, high intensity , cross fit etc...Some of the equipment used included kettle bells, maces, suspension training and the list goes on and on. If your looking to build muscle and burn fat Sand and Steel is the place to be.

Sand and Steel Fitness is a great gym with an excellent coaching staff. Paul has incredible knowledge to help you with any mobility problems you have. He is also capable of designing a program that fits your needs and goals specifically.

Dawn is an excellent programmer as well, she is able to create strength programs spanning the spectrum of novice to experienced weight lifter. Overall their coaching staff is professional, kind, and highly experienced.

The amount of equipment they have is amazing allowing one to train every muscle in the body, even the ones you never thought you had! If you are looking for a gym to help motivate you to work out Sand and Steel is your gym! If you just reached a plateau and want to ascend to the next level, you should stop in and see Paul or Dawn!

Nissa Sal reviewed Sand and Steel Fitness5 star

Paul is a great trainer. I had multiple trainers in the past and none of them is knowledgable as Paul. He provides multiple excerise to meet your goals. Not one workout is the same. The gym is clean and easy to locate.

I highly recommend Sand & Steel fitness to everyone.

Cool functional gym in Old Town where you will find equipment not found elsewhere and they now carry Nut-Nola and Seed-Nola in bulk so stop in and buy as much as you like and take a tour of the facility!

Marco Aguilera reviewed Sand and Steel Fitness5 star
January 9

They are very friendly to work with any body, very professional and respectful, Flexible and your busy schedule to work out, it make you feel like part of a family...!!!!