For the first time in roughly 15 years, Back To The Wild, Castalia, Ohio released a snowy owl, an arctic species that are only spotted in our area during irruption years. Read about the event here:

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Four local Burger King employees were denied jobs by the new owner because of their criminal pasts.

The previous owner who was a felon-friendly employer went bankrupt.
Between the Lines with Matt Westerhold: Between the Lines is the only public affairs program on Ohio's north coast.
Tom Jackson Live Reporting
Between the Lines with Matt Westerhold: Between the Lines is the only public affairs program on Ohio's north coast.
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Alonda Gant
· November 17, 2017
My rating is more about your online site more then the actual newspaper.... I can't completely knock the Register. Because y'all be on it. Let something happen in Sandusky within a couple hours y'all... got the story in and the mugshot! Y'all like the online version of Cuffed! Update the stories as soon as you get more details. People on here dogging the Register but they still clicking them links and reading and sharing them articles! Whether or not your reporting is bias I can't say neither way. But I don't like how people can comment and be racist and dog individuals who are innocent until proven guilty. Basically the racism is what i have the problem with. It doesn't even have to be on a story that's crime related. I know it's freedom of speech. But there is a fine line between freedom of speech and allowing someone to pubically spew hate. That's Not a good look. I do find you informative on most of the things going on in the communit and making sure our chidren, schools, and sports get recognition. So you're not all bad. See More
Glen Owen Tetzloff
· November 25, 2017
I was a long time subscriber of this paper, 50-years plus, but just cancelled my subscription because of a lack of good news coverage. Example...a mans home in Whites Landing burns to the ground on a ...Saturday and they don’t cover it until Tuesday. Three days later. The same weekend a hunters body is found in the water and it takes three days to report it. All they want to do is print the police blotter, no work involved there See More
Tabatha Blody
· January 12, 2018
Just cancelled receiving the paper we paid all this money and the lady delivering our paper only came when she wanted to so times she wouldn't come for 3 days or more then when she did come we would h...ave 3 or more papers n our box sometimes it's every other day she comes there has been several papers we never received then there has been time were we had to search for the paper it would b in the ditch, yard, road the worse part is we called several times and complained about everything and they did nothing about it customer service is terrible so they lost another customer See More
Doug Paule
· July 14, 2017
Absolute GARBAGE! Story are so bias. Coverage is almost none existance. How come Sandusky County Fair and Huron County Fair get all kinds of coverage yet hardly anything on Erie County. So many wonder...ful things going on and no coverage from the SR. And what stories the SR does cover is usually 2 days or more after other area papers have already covered the story. Certainly not worth the price charged. See More
Aaron Noon
· August 18, 2017
Not one half-hour ago, I got to watch in real time as our own hometown "Pravda" scrubbed the linked article of all of its comments, many of which were critical of the Register's/city commission's stan...ce on the renovation of the Jackson Street Pier, or communicating their concerns about major conflicts-of-interests that would arise from such a project, or critical of the integrity of the Register as an institution within its role as observer/reporter, both within the context of the current JSP fight and in general.

It was a thing of beauty, like watching a sunrise over a mid-winter morning, painting the sky bright pink and deep orange, or watching a fawn being born in a meadow on a spring day.
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Michael Mason
· August 10, 2017
Where do I start? This is one of the worst papers around. Typically a few days late with reporting the news. Responsible journalism should be free of opinions. That is what the Register lacks, and... sadly it hasn't changed since I moved to the area. See More
Trisha Brown
· September 24, 2017
This company has poor morals and values for the cheap garbage they release just to make a buck! I can't wait for the day they get in trouble for slandering, that is all they ever do!
Robert Alexander
· November 27, 2017
This newspaper has regressed to the point im almost ashamed to say it is my hometown publication.
Olivia Shoemaker
· October 6, 2017
Just, the worst, most unprofessional, idiotic, careless, lazy group of fool ass 'journalists' publishing bullshit every day. When are you guys gonna go out of business?
Kate Hardman
· November 16, 2017
The most biased newspaper I've ever read. I only keep up on it because it's from my home town, but I don't agree with it most of the time. Very rarely do I see positivity in it.
Troy L. Johnson
· July 14, 2017
The Register, along with most other local papers have gone to the dogs.
Not much content worthy of news most of the time and inaccurate or over publicized garbage.
James Aron Mcgill
· August 11, 2017
Westerholder is a liberal bias fake news wannabe reporter , the ragaster is always trying to sway there bias veiws and push there agenda to some of there brainless and brainwashed followers ! Your pethetic !
Shelley Hartley Rodriguez
· August 25, 2017
Your one sided political views has stopped me from even reading it let alone buying it. There are a whole lot of customers in this area who are Republicans who are also sick of the bias reporting.
Greg Slosser
· August 25, 2017
Very bias and unfair reporting. A very biased liberal news agenda. Another Drive media paper and Facebook page. Completely one sided. Disrespectful to many deployables. Even teaching young children to... be racist. Certainly not the worst paper, but one of the worst
Did that guy get fired for his Trump rant and lies?
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George G III
· August 14, 2017
Guess the "cedar point" fire was "misreported" try going onsite to get the facts! Wasnt even close
James Lee
· August 11, 2017
Completely bias rag. Profanity. Fake words. Never have I seen such low standards from a "news" organization. Legitimate journalists: you won't find them here. Be ashamed Mr Westerhold.
Shante Pride
· November 17, 2017
most articles tend to omit the whole truth. Giving 1 sided opinions. You guys need to check your staff and journalists. smh
Michael Peterman
· May 18, 2017
I love the Sandusky Register. It is great packaging material that I have used countless times with either moving or shipping. It can conform to the curves of odd shaped items or be bunched up like toi...let paper for shock absorbing padding. It also performs well as a fire starter for bbq's and bonfires. But the Sandusky Register is known best for its use as a rodent cage floor liner, as it just never stops absorbing all sorts of fecal matter.
The best part is.. nobody reads it so there is an unlimited suppy of old never opened Sandusky Registers for free!
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Joshua Fox
· August 19, 2017
The register has no idea what unbiased reporting is. The only reason they still have a readership is local sports.
Jeremy Stock
· December 19, 2017
Horrible reporting and fact checking! And a wast of two weeks writing an article on my daughter that is still not published.