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I went out last Wednesday night to try to photograph the northern lights in Mukilteo. I missed the big event, but stuck around until everyone else left, and still was able to see the arcs and pillars with my own eyes. Amazing!

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I just created a new Instagram profile for Sarah Cass Photography. Please follow me here for a new (or old) photo every day: @sarahcassphotography! 💖

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Same song from yesterday, but a new image up! So happy for Who Is She? ! 💖

it's true, our album is all-killer no filler!

Who Is She?'s “all-killer no filler” debut album, Seattle Gossip, is due out October 6th.

So excited for people to hear Who Is She? finally, as they release their new album, 'Seattle Gossip!' I took the photos they're using for their album art and promo, after working before with Robin multiple times since she was in high school (I took her senior photos!), and Julia previously with her band, Chastity Belt. Fingers crossed I can photograph Bree in Tacocat someday too! 😉 What a fun release to be a part of! 😍 Now go listen!!! 💘

The infinite stressors and friendship deal-breakers of the MySpace Top 8 were limited to a specific generation, but the feelings that resulted from that forced hierarchal structure are universal: the fear of being the odd one out, the experience of having to watch your friend become better friends w...
Sarah Cass added 13 new photos to the album: Charlie Brown + Penny — with Megan Jasper in Seattle, Washington.

I've never really photographed any pets until this month (and I still wouldn't consider myself a pet photographer!), but there's a new pup around the Sub Pop Records office, weighing in at under four pounds (!), and with his cousin Penny stopping by for the day, it seemed like the perfect time to try to take a couple of photos of these two together. Look at these cuties! Introducing Charlie Brown! 🐶

Sarah Cass added 18 new photos to the album: FROG EYES — with Frog Eyes in Victoria, British Columbia.

#tbt to my first photoshoot in Canada, probably 10+ years ago! A couple of friends and I made our way to Portland from Denver, where we spent the week traveling up I-5 to Vancouver, photographing as many people as we could, and then straight back to Denver at the end of it. I wish I could do a photo vacation now!

These photos of Frog Eyes were taken on that trip, after we caught a ferry to Victoria, B.C., and were picked up and graciously welcomed by these wonderful people.... There's so many things I would do differently if I had the chance to photograph them again, but I could not have ever asked for a more beautiful location and sweeter people. I appreciate them taking us seriously, even though we were so young, and rolling with the punches to get what we could out of the daylight. I've forgotten most of this trip, but I will ALWAYS remember this beautiful beach and these kind people welcoming us into their home. Thanks, Frog Eyes! To see more photos, please visit!

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Sarah Cass added 27 new photos to the album: METZ — with METZ in Seattle, Washington.

I worked with METZ on their last release, II, to take their publicity photos before their album came out. The day of the shoot, our plans changed from driving around to different locations outside of town, and we were downtown right in the middle of rush hour. Originally, we had planned to take photos that very clearly didn't look like Seattle, but plans changed, and we ended up at the Pike Place Market and in front of the gum wall -- pretty much the most Seattle you can get, without the Space Needle in there! We walked around a whole bunch, stopped for drinks (and more photos), and had a pretty good (and exhausting!) time, in general! Thanks, you three!

Sarah Cass added 10 new photos to the album: KYLE CRAFT — with Kyle Craft in Seattle, Washington.

Earlier in the year, Kyle Craft came in to the Sub Pop office for a meeting before his new album 'Dolls of Highland' was released, and stayed later for a photoshoot! It was a (surprise!) rainy Seattle day outside, so we stayed indoors and made our way to a nearby restaurant for a few photos in tall booths. I think Kyle is (or seems to be) always touring, and is so worth checking out! Thanks for being so lovely and accommodating, Kyle!

For more photos, please visit

Sarah Cass added 8 new photos to the album: JOEY CASIO — with Joey Casio in Olympia, Washington.

I can't stop thinking about Joey Casio and Edmond Lapine. Sending love to all of my friends who are feeling the same heartache.

A fire relief fun for the victims of the Oakland Ghostship fire can be found here:….

Sarah Cass added 15 new photos to the album: NAKED GIANTS — with Gianni Aiello and 3 others in Seattle, Washington.

This past summer, I was asked to shoot the incredibly fun, sweet, and energetic band, Naked Giants, based out of Seattle. Inspired by older photos of bands like The Beatles, photographed with their instruments, they wanted to do the same, as well as just get a few photos of them hanging out. These were extra fun to me, as they were all taken near (and in a few cases, in!) my home in South Park, the southern-most neighborhood in Seattle, where others never want to venture to. Thanks, you guys!!! I had such a great time with you!

Sarah Cass added 13 new photos to the album: LISA PRANK — with Lisa Prank and Robin Edwards.

I photographed the wonderful Lisa Prank (somewhat) recently for her new album, Adult Teen! She's the best! I've known Robin since I took her senior pictures in high school, and have had the chance to take her photos many times since. I'm SO THRILLED for how good she's doing, and how inspiring she has been since moving to Seattle (and before that even, of course!). Thanks for letting me work with you again, Robin! I'm so beyond happy for you! XOXO

Sarah Cass added 11 new photos to the album: SHEARWATER — with Jonathan Meiburg and Shearwater.

I've been meaning to edit my favorite photos from this shoot with the wonderful Shearwater for over a year! How has it been so long??! It still hasn't happened, and maybe will another day, but I figured that I should at least start to update my social spaces with what I already have finished. I took these on my 30th birthday, and felt like something new and exciting was going to happen in my life, as these were a huge departure from the way that I normally photograph people. Jonathan was so kind, theatrical, creative, and patient. What a smart and magical person! Thank you for letting me be a part of your glorious time that you've had with Jet Plane and Oxbow! It has been so nice getting to know you this past year!

Sarah Cass added 13 new photos to the album: CHRISTOPHER & ROBIN — with Chris Browder and Robin Dove.

I finally got around to editing these photos of the two sweetest people ever, Christopher & Robin! This was the second shoot that I'd done with them, this time as engagement portraits before their wedding (which has already taken place -- congratulations!!), and the first being for their wonderful band, Mansions, a few years before. You can see more of those photos at the link below. Thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of your lovely life, you two!

Sarah Cass added 7 new photos to the album: BRITE FUTURES.

I was reminded about this old shoot with Brite Futures the other day when I photographed another band that Jessica Johnson is working with, Naked Giants! I'm so happy to have the opportunity to meet these lovely people, and run into and work with a few of them again years later! David Price

Sarah Cass added 85 new photos to the album: THE SUB POP PHOTOBOOTH — with Andrew Sullivan and 3 others at Sub Pop Records.
Sarah Cass added 9 new photos to the album: YOWLER — with Yowler and Maryn Jones.
June 20, 2016