LOL - this is priceless

During a hilarious appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” former advisor to President Bill Clinton, James Carville was quick on quips and knocks against President Donald Trump.

OMG what an asshole

A husband and wife in Houston who recently received federal aid after Hurricane Harvey appear to disagree about how the American government should treat victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.
Trump can't control himself even in a debate
Hillary Clinton: The emperor has no clothes
Trump hates Obamacare so much he gave it to his workers

Rick Wilson just crushed this Trump lackey -- and it is awesome

Republican political commentator Rick Wilson and right-wing radio host Ben Ferguson got into a heated discussion on CNN Friday, while President Donald Trump’s surrogate attempted to blame the left for not taking the high road.

JUST SAY IT! He was WRONG! Say it for the love of god!

Journalists at the press briefing on Friday gilled White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders over Gen. John Kelly’s assertion that Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) boasted about raising money during an FBI dedication ceremony in 2015, noting the president’s chief of staff “was wrong” when he ma...

Oh. My. God. Are you effing kidding me?

When President Donald Trump’s White House instituted the travel ban and randomly added the African country of Chad to the list, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow says it may have destabilized the region. That lack of allied troops could have then been the cause of the deaths of the four soldiers killed two week...

OMG I missed this man so much

During a campaign speech in Richmond, Virginia Thursday for gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam, former President Barack Obama addressed some of the issues that have divided the country over the past few months.

So furious by this

Last year, a student at Brigham Young University made news when she was accused of violating the school’s honor code by being raped.

Welp - it's official - Alex Jones really has lost it

Alex Jones’ latest installment of his ‘InfoWars’ conspiracy and commentary, the host seemed to have been possessed with rage over a “mostly false” story about a drag queen in a demon outfit reading to children.

This made me so furious. She wasn't just a Congresswoman "listening in" she has known the soldier since he was a little boy in her head start program. She was in the car with the family

White House chief of staff John Kelly on Thursday defended President Donald Trump’s comments to the family of a fallen soldier.

Most hilarious story of the week

In an awkward tweet from the White House Twitter account touting their tax plan Wednesday, it appears they used a photo of the black and white portuguese water dog known as Bo Obama.

This NFL player has been hit in the head way too many times

CNN host Don Lemon got into a spirited discussion with former white NFL player Chris Valletta, who doesn’t agree with the players of color taking a knee during the American National Anthem. Lemon maintained that in a free country, one must uphold the freedom to protest, even when others find it disr...

"This is a president who has a disordered mind. He’s impulsive and vindictive."

Former George W. Bush advisor Peter Wehner is concerned that President Donald Trump “is someone who is psychologically and emotionally not well.”


Republican consultant Ana Navarro looked directly into the camera Wednesday night to speak directly to President Donald Trump and shame him for his comments about the fallen soldier.

I mean... that's the old CIA director saying that...

During a speech at Fordham Law School, former CIA director John Brennan told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that he finds it “implausible” that Russia was able to do everything that they did without help from an American.


Former ethics czar for George W. Bush, Richard Painter, blasted President Donald Trump on Wednesday evening for having “no empathy.”