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"Computerized vote counting, taking place in the pitch-dark of cyberspace, is an open invitation to manipulation and election theft, by outsiders and even more likely by insiders with easy access."

Trump claimed that the presidential election was “rigged” against him. His advance declaration that he wouldn’t vow to accept the results of the election was met with loud efforts to reassure the public that our elections are safe, and rigging is not possible. That’s where the politicians and the me...

Lawsuit planned vs. new PA congressional map:

State and national Republican officials will file a federal lawsuit as soon as Wednesday seeking to block a new Pennsylvania congressional map released on Monday by the state's high court, the party's congressional campaign arm said on Tuesday.
Local election administrators across the country face new problems and threats. But their budgets for new voting equipment remain inadequate.

How about this as a solution. Make the Black Box into Transparent Box. Make Elections Transparent, Trackable and Public Verified. Ballot Images and Cast Vote ...Records on line by precinct. More info go to:

Excerpt: Federal and state experts face a panoply of election-security threats. Online voter-registration systems are perhaps the most easily compromised by hackers, but almost anything that is connected to a network or to removable media like a thumb drive is potentially vulnerable: Voting machines and their software, electronic pollbooks that verify voters’ identities, even the communications lines that transmit precinct results to central tabulation centers.

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Federal officials are slow to share with them the specifics they need to guard against Russian hacking and other attacks on voting integrity, state election officials say.
Democrats couldn’t have asked for much more from the new map.

PA's congressional map before and after:

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Jana Nestlerode to Election Integrity Pennsylvania

"Pennsylvania is often listed as one of the most gerrymandered states in the country, and its congressional map features a number of bizarrely drawn boundaries ...whose only practical purpose is to keep Republicans in power. (One district, outside of Philadelphia, has been nicknamed “Goofy Kicking Donald Duck.”)"

"The map, which the court had ordered after ruling that the current version is overly partisan, does away with the wackily shaped districts that are the hallmarks of gerrymandering. It features contiguous districts that split far fewer counties, and, as a bonus, is far easier on the eyes."

Pennsylvania Congressional maps - before and after

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The Truth About Our Computerized Election Systems

What we can and must do to protect the 2018 elections...

-- Guest-blogged by Jennifer Cohn


[This article, constructed as a handout for concerned voters and election officials, was originally posted to Medium by Jennifer Cohn on 2/17/2018 and is cross-posted in full here with her permission. - BF]

Our elections are under attack. Intelligence officials concur that Russia plans to target the 2018 midterm elections. One hundred experts in the fields of computer science and statistics have recommended paper ballots and post-election statistical audits to protect our democracy. But some election officials have undermined efforts to implement these security measures with irresponsible and false assurances that it would be difficult for hackers to alter the outcome of a national election under our current system.

This handout strives to break through this disinformation with sourced facts that expose the truth about our computerized voting systems. We hope that concerned citizens will use this handout as a tool to persuade decision-makers of the urgent need for paper ballots, robust post-election audits, and other security measures...


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With election security worries, paper ballots may be a quick and simple solution.|By Zaid Jilani
Here's the first view of the new map for Pennsylvania's 18 districts in the U.S. House of Representatives, as handed down by a majority on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The map is expected to be challenged by the top Republican...|By
Our out-of-date voting systems need an upgrade, now.
Voting legislation continues to be a subject of state legislators’ attention. So far in 2018, lawmakers have introduced bills to restrict voting in eight states. But all of them, as well as 14 other states, are considering laws that would expand access to the polls.

PA Governor Wolf's proposed map:

The governor’s map is fair, is constitutional, and complies with the court’s order.

In NH, where in spite of citizens' best attempts, government chooses to continue breaking the law and seems to delight in "breeding contempt" for government! It... certainly shows contempt for US and our voting rights.

“If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.” - Justice Brandeis, 1928

Three bills to try and get NH back on track, to bring us into compliance with state and federal laws were all voted down in the House Election Law’s Executive session on Feb. 13. HB 1486 (over votes) failed 20-0;HB 1520 (vote protection) failed 20-0; HB 1582 (trust but verify) failed 14-6.

There is no scheduled House vote on any of these bills next week.

Please let YOUR legislator know if you support one or more of these bills (linked below)

HB 1486…

HB 1520…

HB 1582…

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If electronic voting is risky in DR Congo, shouldn't it be too risky in the U.S. too? Thanks, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, for the advice: "These elections must b...e held by paper ballot so there is no question by the Congolese people about the result,” said Haley. “The US has no appetite to support an electronic voting system...It has the potential to seriously undermine the credibility of elections that so many have worked hard to see have happen.”

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The United States urged the Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday to scrap plans to use electronic voting for the first time in elections this year, saying it risked undermining the credibility of the historic polls.
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A 'Paper Ballot' is Not Enough (But It's a Start): 'BradCast' 2/13/2018

Guest: David Daley on the battle to overcome partisan gerrymandering; Also: Many now calling for 'paper ballots' still missing larger concerns...


Urgent action is needed to strengthen the security of America’s election infrastructure.

A better understanding of how each state can improve election security preparedness can help build urgency for appropriate solutions and arm stakeholders with information to demand increased security measures.
This article makes common sense and civics-oriented argumentsfor hand-counted paper ballots.