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"Computerized vote counting, taking place in the pitch-dark of cyberspace, is an open invitation to manipulation and election theft, by outsiders and even more likely by insiders with easy access."

Trump claimed that the presidential election was “rigged” against him. His advance declaration that he wouldn’t vow to accept the results of the election was met with loud efforts to reassure the public that our elections are safe, and rigging is not possible. That’s where the politicians and the me...

In Pennsylvania:

As concern over the risk of hacking voting machines increases, so too does pressure for Pennsylvania to modernize its voting machines. On Thursday, the

The NHCLU claims at least 350 voters lost their voting rights in 2016 because local officials believed signatures on absentee ballots didn't match and there is state requirement to give voters a chance to verify their signatures/vote a new ballot.

In 2012, 321 voters were allegedly disenfranchised in 2012 and 145 in 2014.

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Douglas A. Kellner, Co-Chair, New York State Board of Elections wrote: "The Election Assistance Commission has posted the video of its public forum held last we...ek. Ballot Images are public records and can be used in part to publicly verify elections and now that the law in New York.

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The Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court today affirmed the lower court decision that electronic ballot images are subject to public disclo...

More public money spent for our elections with NO assurance the winning candidates were elected by the people.

"At least three-dozen municipal governments and enforcement agencies say presidential campaigns have ignored hundreds of thousands of dollars in outstanding bills stemming from police security for campaign events — from Vallejo, California, to the University of Pittsburgh. That’s according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of federal campaign disclosures and municipal invoices, as well as interviews with more than 60 local government officials...

"...the Trump campaign — despite receiving demand letters and collection notices — doesn’t acknowledge in federal campaign financial disclosures that it owes cities a cent. Nor does the Clinton campaign, which hasn't paid at least $25,000 in bills. The Sanders campaign, in contrast, says in federal campaign filings that it owes $449,409, spread among nearly two-dozen municipalities and law enforcement agencies."

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Presidential candidates continue to stiff local governments by not paying bills for security costs at campaign events, officials say.

"The theory of the suit...would mean that any media outlet that publishes misappropriated documents or emails (exactly what media outlets quite often do) could sued" > DNC’S Lawsuit Against WikiLeaks Poses a Serious Threat to Press Freedom | Intercept…/the-dncs-lawsuit-against-wikile…/

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The DNC's theory - that it is illegal to publish internal campaign documents - is a far more serious menace to press freedom than any of Donald Trump's insulting tweets about Chuck Todd.
A case filed yesterday in the Ohio Supreme Court asks that Secretary of State Jon Husted be ordered to prevent destruction of key election records in the May 8 primary election. Fifteen counties in Ohio use digital scanners to count votes cast on hand-marked paper ballots. In two of these counties,....
The Democratic National Committee sued Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks claiming widespread interference in the 2016 election as part of a "brazen attack on American democracy."

In New Hampshire:

Last week’s $1.3 trillion federal spending deal brought an easily-overlooked boost for New Hampshire: a $3.1 million supplement to strengthen its election infrastructure. The money was announced at a time of growing unease at the prospect of foreign...

In Pennsylvania, an op-ed by Acting Secretary of State Robert Torres:

New voting machines can help ensure that Pennsylvanians will continue to have confidence in the security and integrity of their elections.
A number of states and counties still lack a paper backup for audting purposes.
In an executive order signed Wednesday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo granted some 35,000 paroled felons the right to vote.
The computers we use in the voting process are vulnerable at every level. We need a system resilient to threats – and in many cases, that means paper

BREAKING: Today, federal judge Julie Robinson held Kris Kobach in contempt in our voting rights case. Judge Robinson's ruling very clearly lays out the case tha...t Sec. Kobach has shown disregard for the court's orders, and in ways that made it more difficult for Kansas citizens to exercise their right to participate in our democracy. That disregard is consistent with his approach to the entire issue - where he has shown disregard for federal law, disregard for the truth about citizen participation in Kansas, and disregard for the values that we share as Americans, values that say we should work to increase citizen participation in elections rather than reduce it.

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Kobach, a Republican candidate for governor in Kansas, is the nation's most prominent voter fraud crusader.

In Georgia:

“We have to move to a different way of doing things so in case anything happens, we can recover. That’s what a voter-marked paper ballot does,” says Verified Voting President Marian Schneider to AJC about Georgia’s voting infrastructure. #VerifyOurVote

Election results recorded on electronic voting machines could be altered by malware, according to a demonstration at Georgia Tech. The demonstration by professor Alex Halderman showed that memory cards could be used to change votes.

In Pennsylvania: Note to reporter -- It is not true that "hackers could only alter votes by hard wiring into them." Please read more widely.

Pennsylvania's Department of State announced it wants all voting machines replaced before 2020. The Morning Call examines the possible cost, how the proposed machines would work and whether or not they actually improve cyber security.

In New Hampshire:

NASHUA – The state is now compelled to hand over the electronic voter database to the plaintiffs in the ongoing SB 3 lawsuit, as well as make available communications about the law as it was being legislated.