Being part of the SEA Camp means gaining seablings from all over the country! 😊❤🌊 #SEACamp #ourocean #yseali
Exciting night! Our #PawikanWatchers pilot team led for the first time a release of #marineturtle hatchlings with a small group of #LaUnion locals. We proudly watched @tsapsuy step up to the plate & do the orientation for participants, closely guided by Curma. #savePHseas @route63travels @aayaptinchay
And it's a go! :) Live photoblogging brought to you by @birderjamie and @jasonapolonio #projectCURMA @projectcurma #pawikan #seaturtle #conservation #fiesta #parade #townparty #streetparty #turtles #conservationphotography #savephseas #LaUnion

All new website at! 🦀🐋🐡🐙

Our online space has all the campaign materials of Straw Wars Philippines, Take It Topless, Defying Gravity, Seayasat, and more FOR FREE!

Go make waves in your own community! 🌊

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Today is the Rainbow Warrior’s last day in Manila before it sails to Guimaras, Tacloban, and other countries in Southeast Asia. The Rainbow Warrior, designed and built for Greenpeace’s campaigns, is on a journey to amplify the voices of communities affected by the climate crisis.

One of the leading hearts and minds behind the “Climate Change and People Power” tour is Greenpeace Philippines’s Climate Justice Campaigner, Desiree Llanos Dee. For this week's #SeatizenSunday, she talked to us about the 1,500-km walk she did across three countries, climate litigation, and the power of stories.…/SeatizenSunday-Desiree…

Today is the Rainbow Warrior ’s last day in Manila before it sails to Guimaras, Tacloban, and other countries in Southeast Asia. The Rainbow Warrior, designed a...

A zero-waste party by the beach? The Liwa Earth Festival is attempting what's been said to be impossible!

It's going be a weekend of surf, sun, sand, and sustainability!

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Gabs Batallones to Liwa Earth Festival

Here are a few tips to live more sustainably! Share this with your friends!

For those who will bring their own reusable materials, we will be offering discounts from our food partners!

If it could mean helping our seas, which of these items are you willing to live without?

Microbeads from cosmetics are just a drop in the ocean. Other microplastics are more pervasive and just as dangerous.

#HopefulHuwebes What is the best way to reduce flood risks in cities?

"Cities must first protect and manage the natural defenses they already have [such as urban wetlands]. We can’t keep repeating the mistakes of the past as unplanned growth obliterates wetlands and floodplains, erasing their protective functions, and sending higher volumes of floodwater toward homes and businesses.
Within cities, urban wetlands are part of a mix of investments — including rooftop gardens and permeable pavements — that can intercept and absorb rainfall, so that more water sinks slowly into soils and groundwater and less becomes rapid runoff that submerges streets and overwhelms storm drainage systems."

This week, the rising waters of the Seine caused a partial closure of the Louvre in Paris and flooded social media with yet more…

"This eBook is dedicated to the Filipino youth who will carry on the inter-generational struggle to defend and protect Philippine maritime entitlements in the West Philippine Sea."
- Antonio T. Carpio

Interactive High Resolution Ebook SCS-WPS Dispute Interactive (via Amazon S3) SCS-WPS Dispute Interactive (via Google Drive) Non-Interactive Low Resolution Ebook SCS-WPS Dispute Non-Interactive (via Amazon S3) SCS-WPS Dispute Non-Interactive (via Google Drive) Alternative Download Site www.murillove...

We wish you long-term love this Valentine's Day and everyday! 😍💙 #relationshipgoals

#zerowasteph #hugotpangkalikasan

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Can we please stop large-scale development in oversaturated NCR? We need more available land to soak up rainfall and reduce flooding in residential and business areas.

KUALA LUMPUR (REUTERS) - Overcrowded cities in developing nations could tackle unmanaged urban sprawl more effectively by creating 30-year plans based on acquiring cheap land adjacent to their suburbs and developing those new areas in a sustainable way, experts told a major gathering on urban planni...

Look at that effort! If you were in a troubled relationship, can you picture yourself removing the "third party" with brute force like this cormorant? #HappyHeartsDay

On a serious note, we need more studies to determine if this behavior is beneficial to the whale shark, or if places exist where whale sharks even allow birds to remove remoras.

Read more here:…/whale-shark-cormoran…/

WATCH: Divers off Cabo San Lucas, Mexico captured the only known footage showing a bird called a cormorant pulling remoras, or suckerfish, off a whale shark.

Is your love as deep as where this fish live, and can it withstand as much pressure?

Happy Hearts Day!

Scientists have formally identified a new species of snailfish, the deepest ever caught in the Mariana Trench. A related species has been filmed but never collected.

Are you ready to break up with single-use plastic?

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UN Environment Asia Pacific

This #ValentinesDay, let go of things that are not good for you and for the ones you love. Give your heart and commit to #CleanSeas

#WaterYouThinkingWednesday Is getting your purchased item within 48 hours of placing your order worth the negative environmental impact?

"Online shopping does have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional shopping methods... [it] doesn’t require consumers to physically drive to a store. But choosing the express delivery option cancels out some of the ecological benefits of sitting at home to shop. The faster a delivery method is, the more significant its carbon footprint might be."

Is there anything better than placing an online order and being able to receive it in two days’ time, thanks to services like Amazon Prime and other fast a

He may be cute... But does he use disposable straws and sachets? Eep!

Find out what turns off Mother Earth in this short film we produced. Happy Hearts Day! ♻️

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Save Philippine Seas

If there's something you should turn off, it's wasteful habits, not Mother Earth.

Today, the Earth celebrates Earth Hour, but really, every hour is Earth Hour.

...Videography, Direction, and Editing by Bhoriz Bonete and Jerel Travezonda of Grafeine Studios.
#EarthHour #EarthHour2017 #EarthHourPH2017 #ChangeClimateChange #StrawWarsPH #ZeroSachetPH #SavePHSeas

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The challenges that fisheries in India face are similar to those in the Philippines. Hopefully, we can learn from their solutions as well.

"These localised fishermen’s initiatives, when taken together, add up to a potentially substantial movement by the fishing community towards sustainable fishing. There are clear opportunities for the government to engage with these community-based management initiatives and provide a policy framework for effective co-management. Our challenge is now to recognise, support and encourage these fishermen to continue to save their seas."

Hope for India’s fisheries comes from the fishermen themselves, finds this marine researcher

#TravelTuesday How many times have you looked forward to visiting a destination, only to be disappointed by the amount of trash you found there?

"Surrounded by plastic debris, this diver sees the threat posed to the oceans by our throw-away culture. The area is home to more than 100 manta rays that are suffering because of the waste, which they may eat by accident."

These are the shocking scenes shot by Jukka Saari-korpi while filming rays at Manta Point off Indonesia with his scuba-diving fiancee, Aissa Paronen.

#MondayBlues This is one war we're happy to be part of, and we hope more countries will join.

The Queen has declared war on plastic, banning straws and bottles from the Royal estates.

"Trying to live a completely plastic-free life can be challenging.

Many of us are aware of the need to do something about plastic pollution but lack the means or tools to be part of the solution. It needs to be made more widely known that the alternatives to plastic exist so that people can consciously choose to use less plastic."

We asked you to recommend the best ways to reduce your plastic consumption and avoid excess waste. Here’s what some of you said