It has been years.... soooooo what's up?


You are still scared of this site that is why you are hating me

Did I say your name.... I think not xD

hey bitches

find the 3 differences try it i cant its effing hard

guys I dont understand why you say fuck killerjo my inference for that is
you guys are scared until know )

Heaven Or Hell Duel 1 lets fight

cyber bulling how about in personal can u still bully me?

if u trash talk me just make your own group killerjo haters or fucking killerjo people without manners are not called to be part of this page

now whos scared of

if u want hurr-durr just watch at youtube xD

i dont understand why you hate this its just a site trash talk always?
trash talk there trash talk here whats wrong with you ppl?

Sadly, They took out
it was a very good site for all of us..

i havent gotten in touch of site cuz i was buzy of school work..
anyways :D:D

for your support of killerjo tnx to u all!!!