What are the things FFXII did right that we can look forward to in the Zodiac Age? #FFXII

With the remaster, The Zodiac Age, coming out this week, I want to remember some of the things Final Fantasy XII did right. Future JRPGS and WRPGs borrowed some of the revolutionary game design of FFXII, but it doesn't get as much credit as it deserves (even from me). Judging by more recent Final Fa...
What is your favorite divine beast quest in Zelda Breath of the Wild? What order should you play the quests in to enjoy the game the most? In March, I posted a survey on the Zelda subreddit. I published results related to dungeon order and difficulty here and results of how the master sword affected...
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Over the past month, I've spent a lot of time thinking about Breath of the Wild. Here's a summary of my posts related to it. Game Design BotW does an incredible job of keeping a broad range of players engaged and in flow by having multiple objectives and multiple ways to play the game. However,…
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