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Pittsburgh Zombies Return Fall 2018

Pittsburgh Zombies return to ScareHouse this fall!

It's time to unleash the horde.

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Caite Danylo
· October 23, 2017
I have been going for over 5 years now !! Worked it for 3 years !! This was amazing !! The detail in every room !!! The different levels ! The artists everywhere in the haunt !! I am scared shitless... but I couldn't help but stop and look at all the detail put into this place !!! So much hard work and dedication !!! Blood and sweat and time put into this place !!! Amazing ! I made sure. I told Wayne all about how great I thought it was too !!! Thanks for an awesome experience!! I'll be buying my tickets months in advance again this year for next year !!! Might even go again ! See More
Myka Cherubino
· October 29, 2017
After waiting outside at the zoo in the rain and cold for over an hour with no shuttle we decided to drive there ourselves and request a refund. Wayne, who said he was an owner, wrote our names down o...n a piece of paper and said he would give us a refund( not sketchy at all). From the service we were promised and the way the staff treated the angry crowd of people waiting at the zoo I have little hope of actually getting my money back. Our time slot was 7pm, the website said be at the zoo for the shuttle by 6:30pm. We got to the zoo and stood in line at 6:15. We call the Scarehouse number at 7 and a clueless woman is on the phone telling us the shuttle runs every 15 minutes. No shuttle in sight. Around 7:15 after frustrated, cold, and wet customers started getting upset the staff finally told us there was a problem with the shuttles tonight and they will be there in about 30 minutes. The staff obviously had no idea how to handle the situation when they started talking back to angry customers and stomped off because they no longer wanted to speak with us. By the time we left people were chanting "where's the bus" and half the soaking wet crowd left. Wayne seemed pretty unapologetic and acted like he just wanted us to leave so other people didn't hear. Hire more reliable busses next year or at least have a better refunding system. See More
Monica Marie McKee
· October 21, 2017
I toured this place on Thursday night. The 7:30 pm line only had a group of three, as we entered it at 6:45 pm. The 7 pm line was very long. They rapidly started to filter them into the inside of th...e building. My advice is to not bring a purse and make sure you remove any weapons, such as knives, from your pockets. Police officers wand you and check your purse. They made waiting fun and go fast by having costumed characters scare you in line. They had a radio and were break dancing outside. Once we got inside the wait was not long at all. It's very hot inside so i recommend light, comfortable clothing. Tons of fog from dry ice. It's very dark in some areas which made it hard to see where the next door was to enter. We went through the emergency exits by accident, twice. This year, there is a 3-D room in which you are given 3-D glasses upon entering. I thought that was very creative. The rooms inside seemed to go on forever. The acting, the make-up, the costumes and the props were amazing! The room themes were awesome! The scares don't stop! Just when you think you've recovered from the last one, BOOM!, another! I loved the mirrored room but needed assistance from an actor to find the next door. It was that good! I was thoroughly terrified and ran out, (yes, ran) as sweat was pouring down my brow and body. Stupendous job to the actors for scaring the bejeezus out of me! It was a frighteningly great time! Huge improvement from last year! Thank you for exceeding my expectations this trip!

***On a side note: I highly recommend purchasing your tickets online. If you do so, via your cell phone, you don't even have to print them. It's also much cheaper to purchase them in this way.
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Jennifer Markel
· October 15, 2017
I was so disappointed!!! Having done the basement a couple years back, and absolutely loving it, I was excited to go again this year! They really pulled back on the level of scare from when I went the... first time. They also went with an overall theme this year, which was cool, but it became super repetitive. We also kept running into other participants because of the way they had it set up, which took away from the experience. It also required more conversation from us then I like. I'm going in there to be scared not asked a thousand questions! We left there feeling unfulfilled and disappointed. I was also surprised they didn't have any merchandise promoting the basement (besides a tiny pin). A shirt saying I survived the basement would have been cool. See More
Ashez Shriver
· October 15, 2017
This was not scary at all. Out of the three people in my group,(who did the indoor section, not the basement) we all only got scared once. We ended up in a line of about 15 people, which made us miss ...probably over half of the jump scares. The only thing worth while was a few of the anamatronics. I wouldn't recommend this to any seasoned haunted house fan. I paid the student rate and would have been extremely p/o if I paid the full $25. Overall my group gives this haunt a thumbs down. See More
Brandon Gerst
· October 30, 2017
Wish I could give negative stars!!!! I had an actor take my hat off my head and throw it across the room.. I get the touching but dont remove my personal items and disrespect it that way. I then had... an actress put a metal sharp instrument a little to close to the carotid artery with enough pressure to leave a red mark on my next for the next hour. I'm ok with the touching not the assault! See More
Justin Ginski-Hogue
· October 20, 2017
Not worth the hype. Really has gone downhill. Last time i went was back in 2012 and it was bad back then just a huge cattle line pushing people through so they could get your $$$. So i figured i... would give them another try 5 years later... it had to have gotten better, right? WRONG! Boring and just a huge walk in a cattle line yet again! Not scary at all and not worth the money. Best part was waiting outside with the long haired guy on the scooter and the hobo clown. They were the best part and heck you can go see them for free without wasting your money on the inside. Probably wont be back if i want to just walk around and look at halloween decorations i can go to the store and do that. If it wasnt for the two actors out front i probably wouldnt have even given them 2 stars. See More
Artie Hess
· October 22, 2017
Went last night. The scarehouse was very well done. Immediately following the scarehouse I went to the basement. Really liked the concept this year but something felt off. It felt rushed and not isola...ted. Frequently you would run in to the group before or behind. The actors seemed to have really toned it down from years passed. They weren’t nearly as aggressive or hands on. Kind of disappointed this year. Didn’t expect it to be blackout but was expecting a bit more. Push boundaries next year scarehouse! See More
Danielle M. Bartone
· October 22, 2017
I loved the upstairs! It is imaginative, creative and visually stunning. We screamed, we cackled and we almost cried. It lasts a long time and is chocked full of surprises. The neon paint area is unbe...lievable and the sets and actors are spot on ! I will definately go back again. They could do more with the vending and controlling the long lines but it is well worth the wait that's for sure. See More
Justin Martinez
· October 29, 2017
If I could give it negative stars I would. We were told to be there at 630 and 45 min later still standing in the rain waiting. No bus ever came. We were told that we could drive there or wait 30 more... minutes for the bus. Ended up driving there just to ask for a refund. Lets see if they actually give us our money back. It was our first attempt at going and it will be our last. See More
Shane M Redinger
· October 22, 2017
Ok so ive been to alot of scarehouses all across pa it wasnt bad but it wasn’t great either theres alot of missed opportunities for scares. My favorite part was the 3d area. All in all was a good time.... Not my first time at the scarehouse past years have been better but like everything places and people have down nights still would recommend See More
Sarah Smatana
· October 22, 2017
It was TERRIBLE. It is so overpriced for what it is. They rushed putting the groups through so bad that it got so congested; the group before us was right in front of us and the group after us was behind. The actors weren’t even scaring people by the time we were walking through and it seemed like it was half assed because it was almost closing time. Never going back here. See More
Tara L Davis
· November 4, 2017
Did the basement after waiting several years. I wanted to do it with my Partner in crime, Bryan Messner, but he moved away. However, I went with my husband, who was wonderful to surprise me! The Basem...ent was mediocre at best. I did jump and scream a few times, and it was the first time I’ve ever eaten a cricket and forcefully army crawled across a bridge( I LOVED IT!) but I wish there was more. Better luck next time. See More
Joshua Sanders
· October 29, 2017
Paid for a trip to Scarehouse scheduled for Oct 29th @ 7. Their site tells you to get to the Zoo to catch the shuttle at 6:30pm. So we get there at 6:20. The buses are supposed to run every 15 mins, o...r so we were told by an employee. By the way, one lady working the lot was extremely rude and the others were nice enough even if incompetent. We kept being told it was a "miscommunication with the bus company." The buses NEVER CAME. After 45 minutes of waiting in the RAIN we left at 7:15 and drove there. We get there and someone, who stated he was "one of the owners" named Wayne, took our names down in a notepad & promised us a refund. Sketchy? Maybe a little. But guess we'll find out. I'm trusting you Wayne. See More
Tina Johns
· November 4, 2017
I wasn't very scared at all. We went to lights out with just a glow stick. It was ok at best . I don't think I would go back . I was very disappointed in it not worth the money or the hour drive for us
Lindsay Buchanan
· October 30, 2017
For all the hype about this place I was very disappointed. We drove two hours to go see one of the ‘scariest places.’ This attraction did not make us jump even once. The props were cool and it has po...tential to be scary.... but it wasn’t. Complete waste of my time and money. See More
Eleni Andrulonis
· October 20, 2017
Hi hi! I actually went a few weeks ago, and wanted to give my review on it! I went through the basement, and wow wow wow was it good!!! I go through the basement every year since I turned 18, and it n...ever disappoints! Every year is more intense than the last! The house itself was good, but I was not too big of a fan of the 3-D clowns. The glasses they gave weren’t very good and kept falling off. 3D clowns definitely has potential and I could see it being so much more in the future!!! The hotel is amazing! Definitely my favorite part of the attraction. Every actor had a purpose being in their room, and it wasn’t always just popping out and screaming. I was sad to see summoning go, and was nervous that the hotel would not match the amazement that was summoning, but it ended up surprising me! Love Scarehouse, and would definitely continue coming every year! See More
Rachel Principe
· October 29, 2017
Been at the parking lot near the zoo for over an hour with RIP tickets. It’s pouring and freezing and no buses have yet arrived. “Miscommunication” with the bus company they are saying, and keep us 15 more minutes. Ridiculous and not worth waiting any longer. See More
Stephanie Plummer
· October 30, 2017
We went last night and it wasn't as good as it looks. We waited over an 1hr 30 min in the rain. It was cold and wet finally found someone that worked there and they said they were having bus issues. A...fter going online the website says before early for your time slot. We paid for our tickets online but didn't get in til about 930 even tho our tickets were for 8pm. After arriving at the scare house we were told that we could go in the vip line with all the frustration we occurred! So we did and we ran into the group ahead of us and everything was thrown off. We were completely rushed thru it. We drove over 2 hrs for this and it was a complete let down!! Never again! See More
Hyle Daley
· October 15, 2017
The crew did an excellent job at decorating the place, but it was a serious let down for our party. It just wasn't scary or very creepy. In other haunted houses, it really matters who is in front and back - beforehand, we usually plan who will be standing where because the person in front and back usually get the most scares. However, less than halfway in, we caught the group in front of us and the then the group behind us caught us, so the whole house was just a long chain-line of people. The crew would jump out for endless "gotcha" scares, then you'd see them tuck back into their spot and do it again before you'd even be into the next room. It lasted about 15 minutes and when we walked out we felt like we just threw away 100 bucks (5 people - 7:30 pm). We love horror films and were looking to be genuinely frightened and we would have even settled for kind of creeped out, but some of the rooms themes were strange. Why is it scary that two women with New Jersey accents are cooking dinner in a dirty kitchen? I am not certain, but 3-4 of the rooms character's featured bad New Jersey accents. There were some clowns in a few rooms and one tall one did "gotcha" me - he was scary, actually. But, overall, it felt like we were just on a conveyor belt moving through one odd room to the next. Had we been able to spend more than 15 seconds with any of these characters, it may have been scarier. At the end, it did not matter who was first or who was last or who was in between. It was a downer. The bus driver who took a corner in the parking lot to drop off our group back at the zoo a little too fast was the scariest part of the night. See More