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Joanne Grossi McPartlin
· July 25, 2017
I have been attending Elins Yoga class on Venice Beach for the last 9 yrs. We are a quiet peaceful group who leave the walk ways open to people coming on the beach. It is a nice shady spot in back wit...h benches for those who need them for Yoga. Now the county wants us to move from this spot and the spot they have chosen will cause us to be right in the way of the people on the beach. This is pure harassment .. There are so many other issues that this department should be addressing , yet they focus on a group of quiet peace loving people who have great respect for nature and want to stay healthy. Maybe we should spend our time cleaning up the cigarette butts and trash people leave. This is a disgrace See More
Breanna Miller
· July 17, 2017
This morning I was at Colonial Oaks Park in Sarasota, Florida with my sister and one other Mom friend and all of our children ranging in age from 8 years old down to 10 days old. After playing for a... little while, we went to the back porch of the building for a lunch break; when the youngest member of our group- the little 10 day old baby- was hungry; his mother met his needs by breastfeeding him. She was being incredibly discreet: as far away from everyone else that was at the park as she could be, at the very end of the porch, on a bench- turned around, facing away from everyone.
I understand they do run a summer camp there; their are campers randomly and sporadically coming and going about 40 feet away, on the other end of the porch. Most of the campers were with counselors occupied with other activities.
One of the on site staff decided to take it upon herself to come out and say something to the nursing mother- asking her not to do what she was doing; that the children were asking questions. My sister was shocked and turned even farther away from the woman. It's way too hot outside to put a blanket over a newborn- and she doesn't have to be covered! When I realized what was happening I walked over and I responded my sister is feeding her baby- tell them she is feeding her baby! She continued talking about something regarding the camp kids then the woman walked away.
We then packed up and left. It ruined our entire experience at the park today. What should have been a great first outing to the park for a new mom and baby was spoiled. The woman's actions were totally uncalled for and completely wrong! Breastfeeding is totally normal, natural and legal in public with or without a cover. I'm very disappointed in the way we were treated at the park today!
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Joshalynn Ward
· September 14, 2017
Jamal took great care of us at Woodmere Park today. He went above and beyond, the world would be a better place if we had more people like him. Thanks so much for employing such great people!!
Kathy Burk
· July 20, 2017
Posted this morning by Alvin Burk

The Nine Most Terrifying Words in the English Language, " I'm from the government and I'm here to help" ! Elin Larson of Venice Florida has been providing All citize...ns of Venice free Yoga lessons on the Public beach for the last ten years, asking only for a free well donation in return. More than 5 years into providing these wonderful and helpful classes to people of all ages, and varying health conditions, the Sarasota Parks and Recreation Department decided Elin should pay them over $7000 a year to use the public beach for holding her class there. The new manager at Parks n Recreation has decided he doesn't like the spot on the Public Beach Elin has been holding her class for the last ten years. Elin had a meeting with the new manager and three of her students also attended the meeting, and the results were, We will allow you to continue to pay us over $7500 a year for the use of your Public Beach and you will move from the place you have been holding your class for the last 10 years to a spot WE choose for you !!!

*********People DO NOT allow this new Parks and Rec manager to interfere with OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES!!!
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Maryann Sullivan Richardson
· December 22, 2017
Excellent Parks, Beaches and Facilities. They have lovely staff who care tremendously about their work. I love visiting Sarasota when in Florida and following all that they do here on Facebook when we... are not there.

Great Job Parks and Rec!
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Matt Hawley
· September 18, 2017
Some of the worst work ethic in the county resides with the parks department... parks closed all the time, why actually work when you can just close and collect a paycheck... Government at its worst
Sandy Couch
· April 10, 2016
Missed it again. For a second time couldn't find parking after driving around the ' new remodeled' parking lot of Siesta Key. I thought the revamp was to alleviate the parking issues?
I'm a local resi...dent driving from Venice and have certain expectations when driving up to the #1 beach. We even waited till after the spring break craziness to even consider going to Siesta Key and even then zero parking.
We even attempted to park in the village and get taxied in. No go! There was no parking in the designated public areas at all!
So disappointed. Won't be back anytime soon. Siesta Key has turned into Key West madness. No more cute charm.
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Jim White
· September 23, 2015
You need to find a new mowing crew and get rid of Jackson landscaping for red bug slough park!!!!! They don't mow the what they should be mowing, the grass is about 4' high in some places, some of the... trails the grass is about a foot high and lets not forget about the field on Nutmeg Ave that is almost 2' high. They don't believe in keeping "Sarasota beautiful" , they do a half ass job and I'm sick of calling them and you about getting that field and all the tall grass mowed throughout the park. I don't understand why Sarasota counties mowing crew can't mow it? They did a great job!!! Tell you what how about I talk to my boss and have him get ahold of you about taking over that responsibility of mowing red bug slough park, I'll make sure it gets done right and looks good!!!! The parks is a nice place (when its mowed right and looking good), and until they either start making that park look nice or you get a company that cares about that park (and any other park here in Sarasota) then I'm going keep the rating a 1 star.... There's a commercial that says keep Sarasota beautiful, well they or you ain't doing a good job with that.... You want a 5 star rating then I suggest you get rid of Jackson Landscaping and either get a county crew or a landscaping company that will do it right all the time, then and only then will I give you a 5 star. See More
Marcial Jaramillo
· April 27, 2016
I have been many times at arlington tennis court and the last year is been very frustrating that even there is a sign at the gates that said "no tennis lessons at any time" all the courts have been ta...ken to lessons, can anybody explain please, and the courts are in poor shape can anybody explain that too......... See More
Jeff Weber
· October 25, 2015
The parks and preserves are so much more than just athletic and recreational activities! There are gorgeous natural areas with bald eagles, bobcats, roseate spoonbills and lots of other species of wil...dlife and fantastic displays of beautiful wildflowers at various times of year. Thank you Sarasota County Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources for protecting and managing these special places for all to enjoy! See More
Meghan Rafferty
· November 25, 2015
We love Sarasota County's beautiful parks and beaches! In fact, we love them so much we want to get married at one :-). Could you please send me some contact information for more details? I've tried ...calling and emailing, but I haven't heard back. See More
Paul Dilloian
· May 18, 2015
Can you tell me the name of the person that is in charge of the monthly arts and crafts at NOKOMOS beach from Jan-Apr and how i can contact her...Thankyou..paul dilloian
Susan McGuire- VanSickle
· August 14, 2013
Please if you're ever in Florida make sue you visit Sarasota !! This area is just beautiful!! But most of all like this page! Save it in your phone so you don't forget !!!
Cheryl Track
· December 10, 2016
Great way to start the morning! Met some new friends to help me reach my goal!
Kerry Montalvo
July 17, 2014
Jacqui has had a blast at Summer Camp, meeting up with old friends and making new ones. She loves all the different activities, especially the ones where she uses her body, like swimming!
Cynthia Joyce
· November 25, 2015
This review is only based on Payne park..... My kid loves coming here. I love that we can eat at the awesome cafe located right on the property, BUT the bathroom (public one located near the skate p...ark) NEVER has toilet paper and the nice owners of the cafe always give us some (I'm also a paying customer) I THINK THE COUNTY OWES THE OWNERS ABOUT 20 ROLLS FOR COMPENSATION. not to mention the bathroom looks like they updated a jail cell and used the old toilet's to furnish this bathroom. At least the inmates have toilet paper.......this isn't just based on one visit. .....we've been coming here for over a yr and its time after time. Hopefully we can fix this problem and give the owners a big bulk pack of toilet paper from Costco. Lol See More
Pauline Julian
· November 20, 2014
I love Sarasota. I am a native of the Durham, England but have been coming to Sarasota every year since the late 90's. I adore Sarasota as it has so much to offer.
Fendell Dustin Pillsbury
· March 7, 2014
I love them but this is sad .Roundup used thousands of Gallons on edges of lakes and God knows where else. Birds wildlife kids and pets. Any thoughts to them?
Richard Hynes
· December 10, 2016
Great race, organization, and entertainment. Thanks to volunteers & staff!
Stephen Andrews
· March 10, 2017
Parking was cra cra at Siesta Beach!

Very clean , sand silky.
Goodnight from the 2017 World Rowing Championships Fan Fest. We will see you tomorrow for the start of all the action. 🚣🚣‍♀️ #WRCH2017 #Scgovparks
Liberty Litter Cleanup

Help us serve you better! Take our survey and let us know what you would like to see in our parks and facilities.

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Big fun comes to Nathan Benderson Park on March 31st! Join us for Big Truck Day EGGstravaganza from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Be sure to follow the event page for more info:

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Volunteer Sarasota County added 8 new photos.

Thomas Canales organized a coastal clean-up with support and participation from Sarasota Military Academy Prep on Feb 17th at Ted Sperling South Lido Park as pa...rt of his school project. KSCB, UF/IFAS Extension and Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources' staff provided equipment, literature, and presentations about the importance of keeping our coastal areas free of trash and debris. Thomas entered the data collected into a NOAA app for marine debris. Thanks Thomas!

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Ed Smith Stadium, home to the Baltimore Orioles during spring training was ranked as the most well liked venue by fans for spring traning games.

You just can't beat a spring baseball game in Sarasota County. 🏟️🌴

USA TODAY measured the interest among fans of the 13 ballparks in Florida. Behind Ed Smith Stadium, the Phillies’ Spectrum Field in Clearwater finished second.

Here is a Friday fun fact.

Would you believe there are over 50 species of dragonflies and damselflies that call Sarasota County home?

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We love our Barefoot on the Beach sponsor! Zap Skimboards has been an industry leader for over 30 years and has a legacy of providing riders of all skill levels with quality boards. The organization designs and manufactures every board locally in Venice Florida and has created a legacy of craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. We value their involvement in our community and support of local parks programs!

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We're sharing a letter sent today by the Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources director to representatives of local sports leagues regarding Sarasota County Government's principal agreement with Venice, Florida Municipal Government on parks services.

The agreement will be discussed at the county commission's Feb. 28 joint meeting with the City of Venice, which will be broadcast live at 1 p.m. on and on Access Sarasota TV (Comcast Channel 19, Verizon Channel 32).

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Join us for the 3rd annual Spring Splash at Arlington Park. Kids will enjoy a fun day of games, activities and egg hunts in the pool. A new egg hunt will be held every 30 minutes with swim bags provided to participants to use for each hunt. Free goodies for all participants and a special prize is awarded for anyone who captures the "golden egg". Be sure to bring a swimsuit so you can dive in and enjoy all the fun.

Sat 12:00 PM EDTArlington ParkSarasota, FL
104 people interested

Children are invited to climb into vehicles including a fire truck, buses, construction equipment and more! Egg hunts at 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Bring a bag or basket. Games and other children's activities too! Food trucks on site. For info, call 941-861-5000.

Sat 10:00 AM EDTNathan Benderson ParkSarasota, FL
509 people interested

We would love for everyone to spend a “Saturday in the Park”. Why not make that park Venice Community Center? Come join us for Chicago tribute band, The Orland Transit Authority.

Check out the information below to get your tickets.
Orlando Transit Authority - Chicago Tribute Concert
Saturday, Feb 24th...
7:30 show time
General Admission - $20
Reserved $30 & $35
or call 861-1380

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Sarasota County Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources has nearly endless opportunities to get out and play. Like our Legacy Trail for example, a great way to walk, run or bike your way to a fun and healthy lifestyle.

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Don't be "Under Pressure" to get your tickets. Buy them now for Queen Nation, March 1st at Venice Community Center.

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“Does Anyone Know What Time Is It?” We do!

It’s time for you to get your tickets to Chicago tribute band, the Orlando Transit Authority playing at the Venice Community Center on Saturday Feb 24.

Check out the information below to get your tickets.


Orlando Transit Authority - Chicago Tribute Concert
Saturday, Feb 24th
7:30 show time
General Admission - $20
Reserved $30 & $35
or call 861-1380

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Poetry at the Park @ Lemon Bay Park

Join poet and master naturalist, Robert Kinsley, for an easy walk
around Lemon Bay Park, with stops to enjoy nature and the poems
inspired by it. Each poetry walk will offer some insight about...
this special park and its wildlife, both in and out of the water.

Preregistration is required. Limited to 12 adults. For details and to
register, contact Robert Kinsley, 941-999-3013 or

Wednesdays, Feb 21
9 -10:30 a.m.
Lemon Bay Park and Environmental Center
570 Bay Park Blvd., Englewood

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Happy President's Day!

Today we honor our first President and the extraordinary leaders that came after him.

Did you know that William Howard Taft campaigned on making safe places to play for children?

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It's a beautiful day, get out and enjoy it! Why not visit one of our many preserves or reserves to enjoy the sunshine? May we suggest Deer Prairie Creek Preserve in North Port?

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