Do you ever wonder what music we listen to at the shop?

It’s hard to get work done when your buddy is constantly in the place you need to stand!

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What funny answers can you come up with?

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It was a long time coming but I finally came up with a pretty awesome backgraft option included in the Black Tie Package! Enjoy!

The Flag is our symbol of this great nation that is made up of all of us. It symbolizes the good, the bad, our accomplishments and our failures. If we can't come together and agree on this one simple yet profound idea then we will never come together on our more complicated challenges.

This is simple. We need to start at the beginning, again. The Flag represents our Freedom as a nation, a nation together, first and foremost.

The Flag was there at our nations birth and i...t will be there at our nations death, long outliving you or me.

It does not deserve our pain, our prejudice our lies or our opinions. It is above all that.
It is not a target of protest nor deserves to take on that burden. It is there to represent the freedom for protest but its role should not be taken lightly or abused.

Freedom does not give a blanket license to be disrespectful. Using your rights to disrespect the Flag is essentially disrespecting yourself, your family, community and nation. It is nothing short of self destruction.

Learn about our Flag, study some history and embrace the sacrifice that was made for our Flag. Then share with others, especially kids. It is obvious these lessons have been lost but it is not too late to teach the respect deserved by our great Flag!

God Bless America and the Flag!

Rod Schenk

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Check out the amazing Jenny Gill!

Jenny Gill shares her name with one of the biggest Country Music icons of all-time, Vince Gill, and that's because Vince is her father.

We had an opportunity to visit the Hoh Rain forest on the Pacific Coast of Washington State. I wanted to share some amazing pictures of Spruce trees. I imagined billions of guitar tops!!!! The bark is even amazing looking!

Somethings never get old!

This is why I make guitars.

〜Acoustic Guitar Book Presents Spirit of Craftsman〜 『アコースティック・ギター作りの匠たち』 (シンコーミュージック・エンタテイメント刊) 118ページ「Acoustic Guitar Recording Techniques」連動動画。 宅録でのマイキングに関...

Please read - funny story, maybe...

I listened to a voice mail that a customer was concerned that I am no longer making guitars. And honestly, it is probably a fair perception.

But know that I am still alive and kicking. Here is the story. First of all my beautiful website got hacked. The website was built on an older platform that, I guess, is more prone to attack. I have no idea why these guys are targeting me but when ever I get it up again they shut me down. The onl...y solution is to build an entirely new site on a newer more robust platform that is not easily hacked and can have better cyber security. Plain and simple, I don't have the time to do it. And I am too cheap to have someone else do it when I am perfectly capable (old dog/new tricks stuff.) Plus I would be so involved with its production it is just as quick to make it myself. So hang in there, there will be a new one and it will be awesome!

In late 2015,early 2016 my company got to the point that I was over extended, too much work, too many guitar orders and too many other project. Add to that 25 voicemails a day and an inbox with 8000 emails.

I had to go into hiding, not really, but I am blessed to have all this work and people loving my guitars but I needed to make guitars and not answer voicemails and emails etc. I guess my company hit critical mass. For the first time in Schenk Guitar history guitars where taking over a year to complete. I used to pride myself in 3 to 4 month turn around.

A lack of advertising, website and Facebook activity helped slow down my influx of inquiries and I was able to finish projects and guitars, etc.

I could hire some people to help with these issues but I am not sure managing these dilemmas is the solution - maybe regrouping them or removing them is better. I am very fortunate as a custom guitar builder. Most struggle. I have the unique opportunity to take a step back and design a beautiful future for Schenk Guitars. I will be building many more guitars. But I will concentrate on special guitars for special people.

Who are those special people? They are anyone who values the art and technology of what we do and doesn't take for granted the blessings we all have being able to make and play these great instruments.

Schenk Guitars 2.0 is here. And its unveiling will unravel in the near future. I am going back to the sights, smells and intrigue that started it all. Some of you know exactly what I am talking about! And it will be you that will belong to the Schenk Guitar family!

My email is always there!

Drop a note, order a guitar. The future looks awesome!

Happy New Year!


PS: I think lead time on guitar orders might shrink! - No guarantees!

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Here is some guitar porn!

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Happy New Year everyone! We are back in the shop making guitars!

The first thing you must do this year is check out what Richard Gilewitz is doing. He is my favorite Schenk Guitar professional and will fill your mind with amazement and intrigue!

Do yourself a favor and dig deep into what Richard Gilewitz can do for you!


I promote no one for any reason. If I recommend someone it is because I mean it. No smoke and mirrors here. Just truth, whether you like it or not!

Gilewitz is great!

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Hi everyone!

The Schenk Guitar website was hacked and destroyed by some guitar hating cyber criminals. I am slowly working on getting a new more cyber robust site up and running. I ask for your patience during this time.

If you need anything please email me at


My time is limited as is and these criminals should be found and punished!


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Hi everyone! Just to let you all know. Our Website was hacked by some evil guitar hating criminals.

We are slowly working on getting a new site up and running with more cyber protection.

If you need anything, please email me at


Thanks for your patience!

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Here is another chance to get your very own Schenk Guitar in time for Christmas and save thousands!

I am offering the following:


Normal Retail Price of $8440

FE Grand Fingerstyle - Custom Series
Figured Engelmann Spruce Top
East Indian Rosewood Back and Sides
Ebony Binding
Maple Body Purfling
Maple Headstock Purfling
Ebony Headstock Plate
Macassar Ebony Back Plate
Solid One Piece Genuine Mahogany Neck
Matching Rosewood Rosette
Gold Gotoh 510 Tuners
25.5" Scale Length and 1 3/4" Nut
Access Hardshell Case

Get this beautiful guitar for only $3490!

This is a cash price. Credit Card payments will be charged an additional 3%. There are no returns on Christmas Special. For these prices you would be crazy to return it anyway. Shipping is not included. Shipping will range from $85 to $225 depending on your location and how you want it shipped. This is a great guitar, a totally awesome sounding, professional, high end guitar. Please know what you are buying and feel free to ask any questions!

Merry Christmas!!!

Here is a quote from the client who bought the first Christmas Special: "Thanks very much...I think everything I've had until now was a toy!!! Really terrific fingerstyle instrument."

First to email or call gets it by time stamp.
360-307-9776 - Leave a message for the time stamp.

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Another (smaller but cool) Christmas Special!!!

I have 1 LR Baggs Para DI in an opened box. Brand new but the box has been opened!
They are normally $169. The first person who emails me can have it for $149 and I will throw in a free Fishman FT-2 Tuner ($19 value).


Email and say you want the Para DI Special. I will ship it out for free to you!

Only one available, first come first serve!

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Well folks the Christmas Special No. 1 guitar has been sold to a very lucky player! They are very excited and have been wanting a Schenk Guitar for a while. It is our pleasure to give great specials during this special time of year!
So much so, I think we will do another one this week!! Merry Christmas!!

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