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Some of the amazing mathematical attributes of Pascal's triangle.

Top 10 things you probably didn’t know were hiding in Pascal’s Triangle!!
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It's something we take for granted today, but there was a time when the concept of the number zero didn't exist. In a recent finding, the invention of zero has been pushed back 500 years.

Carbon dating has revealed that the Bakshali manuscript housed in Oxford contains the earliest known version of our modern zero symbol -- and it is nearly 2000 years old

Australian researchers' historical discovery pushes back the invention of trigonometry over a thousand years.

A Babylonian clay tablet dating back 3,700 years has been identified as the world's oldest and most accurate trigonometric table, suggesting the Babylonians beat the ancient Greeks to the invention of trigonometry by over 1,000 years.

Newly discovered dinosaur species was the largest animal to ever walk on land.

Meet Patagotitan mayorum, a long-necked behemoth that weighed as much as 12 African elephants.

An amazing new medical technology shows promise for future revolutionary treatments. The treatment involves applying a focussed and intense electric field into skin cells to reprogram them into other type of cells. These new cells can then be used to treat injury or diseased parts of the body.

Researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Ohio State's College of Engineering have developed a new technology, Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT), that can generate any cell type of interest for treatment within the patient's own body. This technology may be used to repair injure...

Mathematics finally shows us how bees are able to fly.

The tiny wings on bees shouldn’t be able to lift their big bodies. How they fly has eluded mathematicians since the 1930s, but the mystery is now solved

Students, here's a neat technique to allow you to quickly draw a pretty decent circle, just using a pen or pencil and paper. No drawing compass required.

If you ask someone if they could draw a perfect circle freehand the answer is likely to be 'no'. Well now you can surprise them with this simple technique.
As a tutor, I find poor handwriting skills of students an aspect of tutoring that can be frustrating. Handwriting is taught in primary school, but modern schools give less attention to it than they once did. This attitude continues into high school where good penmanship is not emphasised to students and parents.
Schools will argue there is no need for concern with poor handwriting due to the relian...

Medical scientist may be on the verge of a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

On the verge of curing Multiple Sclerosis

Australia's first commercial rocket company is hoping to launch it's first rocket into space in 2018. Gilmour Space Technology, a space start-up, is the sister company of Gilmour Space Corporation, a space education company. Operations will be based in Queensland and Singapore.

Innovative engineering company in Singapore & Australia. We design & build low-cost Rockets, Drones/UAVs, Space Simulators & other space technology.
Perth Academy of Science Tuition Centre updated their cover photo.
May 26
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Perth Academy of Science Tuition Centre updated their cover photo.
May 26
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The New Zealand based Rocket Lab has completed it's first test launch and successfully reached space with their Electron Rocket. This joint New Zealand / American company hope to break into the developing commercial space industry by offering frequent, cheap launches into low Earth orbit for small-sats. This is the first time a New Zealand rocket has been launched into space.

Rocket Lab broke new ground today when its Electron rocket reached space at 16:23 NZST.

A note to parents & students that the 2017 Perth Careers Expo is now on. It is being held at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre from Thursday 25th May to Sunday 28th May. For more information visit

Amazing new images and data of the planet Jupiter sent back from the NASA probe Juno. The planet's poles have never been photographed in such amazing clarity and detail before.

NASA's Mission Juno will explore Jupiter, seeking to unlock secrets of the giant planet and our solar system.