FOUR AXES String Trio (2011)
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Have been doing little daily electronic pieces as studies - here is the one from today - like a fairly massive mobilé...

Short rough studies for electronics which should be finished in some form in a matter of hours - exploring various historical instruments emulated in Arthuria's AnalogLab3, in this case David Smith's

Every year around Easter (this year the week thereafter) the Harmonie59 crew gather to improvise and record together. This is from last year – we're all looking forward to it. More Information:

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Our teaser... Looking very much forward to be there again!

Scott Roller

Very happy with much of the work from the first five years of Harmonie59: here a catalog of our SEVEN releases on Bandcamp in the past 5 years!

HARMONIE59 ist eine Plattform für Komponisten, Musiker und Sound Designer. Ein Netzwerk für musikalische Projekte und interdisziplinäre Musikproduktionen. HARMONIE59 is a platform for composers, musicians, sound designers, audio engineers… A network for musical projects, interdisciplinary produ...

Sounds better than I remember playing it - great primal and poetic expressions – Kaija has given us cellists several important masterpieces...

Scott Roller

To my astonishment, I found this on YouTube today, continuing the on-going discovery of tracks from our (Wolpe Trio's) Kaija Saariaho portrait CD from 2004 for Kairos in Vienna – this time with my own rendition of one of her marvelous pieces for solo cello: SPINS & SPELLS.

Kaija Saariaho (*1952): Spin and Spells, for violoncello solo (1996). Scott Roller, violoncello. Cover image: painting by Zao Wou-Ki. *** The music published...
Scott Roller

In 2009, Open_Music had the honor of playing with Stefano Scodanibbio on a concert in the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, not aware that this would be one of his last concerts... A special moment with a very special musician and friend.

Live improvisation from an Open_Music concert called "Spannungsfeld Komposition-Improvisation (Between composition and improvisation)" in the Staatsgalerie S...

A lovely piece - so pleased to have gotten this piece from Kaija...

Scott Roller

In 1998, Kaija Saariaho wrote Cendres (Ashes) for our trio (Wolpe Trio, based in Essen Germany at the time), which was a real honor!

Kaija Saariaho (*1952): Cendres, for alto flute, violoncello and piano (1998). Wolpe Trio: Lelsley Olson, flauto Scott Roller, violoncello Susanne Achilles, ...
Scott Roller

The original version of Kaija's MIRRORS as we recorded on a portrait CD of her which Wolpe Trio did for Kairos in Vienna...

Kaija Saariaho (*1952): Mirrors, for flute and violoncello (1997). Lelsley Olson, flauto Scott Roller, violoncello. Cover image: painting by Zao Wou-Ki. *** ...
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Scott Roller is with Jerry Willingham and Jürgen Kruse.

Donnerstag, den 23.11.2017, um 19.00 präsentiert Open_Music e.V. (zum 9. Mal) in der Staatsgalerie Stuttgart: SPANNUNGSFELD KOMPOSITION-IMPROVISATION - diesmal... als "Gespannt auf Amerika" in Anlehnung an der "Great Graphic Boom" Ausstellung, die heute schließt. Werke von Jerry Willingham, Scott Roller, Michael Kiedaisch mit Improvisationen von dem Open_Music Quartett und Schüler/innen der EbeLu Gymnasium und der Musikschule Stuttgart.

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Looking forward to the next couple of days here in Stuttgart with a visit from my old friend Richard Bodien (and Evelyn McCarthy!) - On that occasion, remembering our 1983 SpokenWord/Music project CHEATING DEATH in Dallas and Austin...

"Cheating Death"(1983) was an evening of original spoken word poetry and music by Richard Bodien (poet/other) and Scott Roller (cello/other). Original live recordings from Bathhouse Cultural Center (D

A few days ago, Roderik released the new Harmonie59 album with Music from TRANSIT - here the final track, a fave of mine.

from the album Transit
Scott Roller

We founded a FB group "Friends of the GSWMF (Greater Southwest Music Festival) Amarillo" this weekend to try to provide some more moral and maybe even financia...l support for a good music festival in my hometown which has been running for almost 50 years and needs some help over the next hump. We have a GoFundMe, of course...

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Greater Southwest Music Festival is an organization dedicated to support Music Education for elementary, junior high, and high school students in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado. Founded in 1971, the Festival puts on a music competition in Amarillo, Texas during the first weeke...

Established an FB group for supporters of the Greater Southwest Music Festival in my hometown of Amarillo, Texas – to encourage its continued existence with ideas and fund-raising.

Scott Roller's photo.
Public Group
114 Members
Scott Roller is with Michael Hulsey and 54 others.

Thanks to Michael Hulsey for the following information:
In the last few days, there are people in the community have spoken up and want to save GSWMF, and there... is a way to help.

Inquire by email at
You can call 806-373-5093, or mail a contribution.

Greater Southwest Music Festival
1000 S Polk St
Amarillo, TX 79101

SR: I personally think this would be a worthy crowd-funding project for someone in Amarillo to head up (with GO FUND ME so any money raised is good even if the goal of say $100K was not reached). I would be glad to help with that anyway I can –

which is why I have tagged 56 of my FB "friends" from Amarillo –
very many of whom (like myself and many members of my family) participated in the GSWMF in the course of many years and even decades - as musical students, teachers, conductors, adjudicators, board and audience members & whatever in a rich band/orchestra/choir culture which has made a very real contribution to the quality of life which has been part of Amarillo's legacy and should be part of Amarillo's cultural & educational environment for decades to come. PERIOD.

This can't be hard to save if we all get the message out, use our connections and creativity - resourcefulness to find and tap new channels of funding, including maybe subscription packages offered for varying levels of contributions, whatever...

[ If you don't like me tagging you, FB offers you an option to remove yourself or just make a comment and I will take care of that (with my apologies)... ]

What do you think?

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It’s a wrap for the Greater Southwest Music Festival.
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KNNCHT-prod. updated their cover photo.

After a long journey with the HeartBasel production and a lovely premiere of “Life’s Pendulum” and “Heart Land” at ...Sommercasino Basel, it’s time to give some thanks and love… First of all to the creator and curator of HeartBasel: Permi Jhooti! (Not enough words and ways to say thank you for all that work and love you’ve put into this project ) - Next I want to say thank you to ScottRoller Music for the recording session of your masterful composition – thank you to New World Border Studios / visions and noise (Michael Eichhorn & Mathias Müller) for a excellent set of nasty badass audio-samples – thank you to Tobi Naumann for your dope cover-artwork of the “Life’s Pendulum” soundtrack (album drops in december – limited pre-release CD available soon!) and a last-minute merch delivery to Basel – thank you to Michael Knead Music for your support in a long and complex Ableton programming process – thank you to Jorge Garcia Pérez, choreographer of “Life’s Pendulum”, and to the dancers of Carta Blanca Dance, who made it a wonderful performance – lots of love to all other artists involved in the “Heart Land” installation: Dirk Koy, Fabio Masini and Lukas Wiedmer – and of course to all other artists involved in HeartBasel, to the easy going and super friendly local crew of Sommercasino Basel and the HeartBasel festival. It’s been a pleasure!
More photos’n’music’n’stuff coming soon.

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The world-premier performance of Scott Roller's FOUR AXES string trio on 24 November 2011 in the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart as part of the third annual Spannungsfeld: Komposition-Improvisation (Between Composition and Improvisation) concert series presented by Open_Music Stuttgart ( - German) in cooperation with the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart with support from the Kulturamt der Stadt Stuttgart, among others.

Open_Music String Trio:
Ulrike Stortz, violin / Katherina Fri...ederichs, viola / Scott Roller, cello and composition

The comprovisation is a fantasy on the Bao Guo, the eight primary elements in the Chinese Book of Changes (Yi Jing), in the following order:

1) Zhen - The Arousing (Shock, Thunder)
2) Xun - The Gentle (Penetration, Wind/Wood)
3) Li - The Radiance (Light)
4) Kun - The Receptive (Space)
5) Dui - The Open (Joy, Pond)
6) Qian - The Creative (Energy)
7) Kan - The Abysmal (Gorge)
8) Gen - The Limitation (Keeping Still, Mountain)

Further information on Scott Roller (German/English)

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Harmonie59 large ensemble (OPIA sessions, Eastertide 2016) - Starzach

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