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February 13

Genius. Just plain wonderful genius.

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Christopher Foreman to

Okay brothers and sisters of the Woodstock Nation, here’s the deal! What is this, why is this?, and where is this located in Tulsa , Oklahoma, USA?

Super Satori with Zappa song #2, Uncle Remus.

Marin School of the Arts 4th Period Rock Band, Super Satori, plays a song written and performed by Frank Zappa off his album, Apostrophe ('), 1974 (from left...

Ok, chapter two of the kids learning Zappa tunes.

I went in today to see how they were doing (it's not my normal day of teaching) and hopefully throw in a few notes of my own.

Listening to my children's band putting Uncle Remus together with the keyboardist finally bringing his talents to bear, I realized that the break they were kind of trying to play through was a Frank Zappa wah wah guitar-melody solo, so I thought I'd bring a guitar and a wah wah pedal (Thanks to my wife,... Georgia, and her Xmas present to me a few years ago) and see if I could pull it off.

Well, I forgot to press 'record' until we were half way, so I missed the vocal part by the other singer (that isn't my daughter, Hazle) and when I rushed back over to my guitar, I realized further that I hadn't even visualized where I was in the part and I played it so egregiously badly that I edited it out of the recording.

So what you're hearing is me messing around with the idea of doing the melody on my ES 300 where Frank did his solo, then my daughter, Hazle, singing Verse 2 with the other singer doing harmony. OH SHIT, I forgot: My son, Virgil, 16 years old, on bass. He's been playing since September.

Then it ends. Final week of rehearsal and in-class performances to come. They are also doing Lucille, so that's really awesome.

Uncle Remus Rehearsal Excerpt No. 1, MSA 4th Period Rock Band


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Many others have had opportunities to share their love of Frank Zappa's music to young people, but I think rarely does an ex-sideman of Frank's actually get the chance to offer their perspectives and loves in a classroom setting, which somehow verifies, solidifies, clarifies, and even maybe indoctrinates Frank's music. (along with a healthy dose of governmental endorsement!)

So it was with some trepidation and excitement that I used my position as Artist in Residence or whate...

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The human specimen Bill Lantz has gotten it right 5 days ago.
Thank you, Bill, for your perspicacious acumen!


As a present, I give you this zircon-encrusted data.

1984 07 27 - Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA
55 min, Aud, C/C-
Drowning Witch, ???, The Deathless Horsie, The Black Page, guitar solo, guitar solo (q: Let's Move To Cleveland), You Are What You Is, Mudd Club, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, The Dangerous Kitchen, Cocaine Decisions, Nig Biz

110 min, Aud, A-/B+
Zoot Allures, Tinsel Town Rebellion, Oh No, Trouble Every Day, Penguin In Bondage, Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel, Dumb All Over, Evil Prince, Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy, Advance Romance, He's So Gay, Bobby Brown, Keep It Greasey, Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?, Carol You Fool, Chana In De Bushwop, Let's Move To Cleveland, Why Don't You Like Me?, Be In My Video, Cosmik Debris, The Illinois Enema Bandit

Why do I have a perfectly-preserved backstage pass from this #zappa tour?

No, I personally didn’t save it and didn’t know it was saved until this year.

Winner gets bragging rights.

Secondary prize goes to those who know OFF THE TOP OF THEIR HEAD WHERE I PLAYED THAT NIGHT. No fair looking it up.


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Hello, everybody. Happy New Year.

Artificial crisis over, I am reporting on my current status.

After a short bout of self-doubt, brought on by familial pressures and lack of current musical outlet, I am back in the saddle and ready to party. Birthday (58!) is coming up and I'm preparing to meet it with some happy.

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This guitar is one of the 'long scale' 335-type necks.Nut width 1 9/16" or 39mmE slot to E slot is 34mm or 1 ⅜"Purchased from a reputable dealer on the east coast a couple of years back, I thought I was going to be a hollow-body player, but I just can't put down my Tele!This is exactly the condit....

I like the composer Ralph Vaughan-Williams. Here is a melody that may or may not have been written by him played by me, on the electric guitar.

My history of loving this particular work of Ralph's stems from my years at College of Marin, where I was lucky enough to play in the Summer String Orchestra...

I am taking the step of turning off private messaging thanks to a presumptuous Zappa fan who doesn't know me, doesn't care about me or my life or my opinion, and thinks he can tell me what to do. I invite you all to think about this when you get the urge to tell your favorite musicians what they should do in their own lives.

Other than that, I should probably say something now that the first wave of entitlement and vitriol is over, and since I've stuck my nose out elsewhere t...o defend my friends.

I have no opinion one way or the other. I will do what I want to do when the time comes. Until then, it's a cool idea and it attracts me like it would attract any smart person who was invited to go travel the world, play Zappa music, and have semi-anonymous sex with groupies, at the same time getting paid.

Don't bother stating your opinion if it contains anything other than a heartfelt plea for me, Scott Fucking Thunes, to be happy and enjoy my musical, artistic, sexual, and functional family life.

Finally, I am very happy to undertake a proposal that filters out assholes. Playing shows that nearly guarantee angry and entitled Zappa fans won't come is fine by me.

But anybody who is so angry that they're willing to embarrass themselves by telling ME what I can or cannot do in my own free time isn't welcome anywhere near me anyway.

If you're angry, hate the idea of the show, and are so willing to destroy the pleasure of others by buying a ticket to a show just so you can ruin it, then there really is nothing I can do about that.

So many trolls. So man angry Zappa fans. Jesus Fucking Christ. Grow up.

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A Mr. Scot-Tay Minier took this picture at Biscuits and Blues on September 17th.

I had to learn Echinda's Arf in the bathroom before we played 'cause I chose to not think about sitting in with Mike's band up until I arrived. Didn't want to jump the gun. So, learning it in the bathroom before I went on put me at least 60% at ease.

Mike fucked up more obviously than I did but less egregiously (on an easy part, just shuffling the sections around, whereas I actually flubbed the '...hard part' AGAIN, but not so evil-ly.)

Anyway, it was lovely to prove to myself once again that I still got it (and it's a good thing I've been actually physically practicing the shit out of this riff for the past several months anyway, as I learned it on the guitar, finally) and to share a stage with my pals, Mike Keneally and Joe Travers.

Love those boys.

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Well, that was lovely. I watched 11 amazing and transcendent songs and then sat in with Mike Keneally and Beer for Dolphins at Biscuits and Blues tonight.

Thank you Jennifer Young of openers, The Travis Larson Band, for the loan of her 4-string bass so I could play Eat That Question/Echidna's Arf. Bryan uses 5-strings and I wasn't in the mood to attempt the traversenment of the extra real estate, even though I have 5-stringed my way through an entire world tour (including Ru...ssia, Japan, and South America. But that was 20 some-odd years ago).

And of course thank you to my dear friend Bryan Beller for his sparing me 6 minutes from his show (and strap-loan) so I could destroy this seminal work of art.

Guess I'm not done yet.

Love you. Mike. Love you, Joe Travers. Love you Bryan.

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The survey is closed. I've reached my 100 response limit (actually 167 lovely people played along. Thank you!!!!)

Please take the survey titled "Rickenbacker Basses Used by Fusion Artists". Your feedback is important!

Next weekend, I'll be playing the electric bass guitar with Bryan Kehoe International at Toot's Tavern in lovely Crockett California.…

Sat 8:00 PM PDT
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Well, good thing I didn't take it down. It's only been removed in the US. All you Europeans can still dig it.




Well, that was fun while it lasted.

906 views before it was taken down by Warner-Chappel, the holders of the publishing.

Thank you all for such lovely and musically-literate comments. My fans rock.

Link is dead. Can't remove it from mobile.


(Original post)

My daughter sings very well. I play guitar not very well. Here, we do both those things together.

I thought, that because of the popularity of this particular new movie, this song might see a resurgence in popularity and by doing this song, my daughter's popularity might soar and she would end up rich and famous like all the other YouTube stars, so I suggested it a couple of weeks ago. Initially, I thought it wasn't right for her, but we tried working it out anyway. A couple of days later, she came up to me and said she thought about it some more and wanted to do it.

I guess it worked out.

But really it is just an excuse to do some form of musical activity with my daughter.

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A cover of "Brandy" by Looking Glass Vocals: Hazle Thunes Acoustic Guitar: Scott Thunes

Apparently, I will be on KALX tonight at 9 PM, PST, playing with Bryan Kehoe and Kehoe international.

I can't find anything on the site about it, but I am quite sure if you load it up in your browser they'll have a player.

Or maybe they won't! Who gives a fuck, anyway‽

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May 27, 2017
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My daughter's band wants to professionally record their songs. I think this is a very good idea.

Here are two songs from a recent gig at their school to prove how awesome they are.

Red Velvet (cookie)...

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We are Machu Picchu, a band based out of the Bay Area in California consisting of Adam Brodsky (drummer), Dan Parker (guitarist), Max Herrerias (bassist), Dasia Tazawa (vocalist), and Hazle Thunes (vocalist). We have been playing together for most of this and last year, and are trying to raise en...