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About Scotty
  • I will never leave you nor farsake you.I am hiding in His/Her love divine:We fully understands my soul's deep longing.And We whispers softly."Thou art Mine" Can we" Belong Together "for as long as God has you and I and love just Me for life.

    Scotty Sam a Man of God patiently waited on God to turn every negative situation into a life Lesson to share with other.He is a heartfelt and dynamic speaker,who inspires everyone who comes in contact with him.He has had an Amazing Life Story of Survival and most people would have gave up.I suggests that my power lies in advocation.I have been there,done that and can be trusted to judge,perceive or tell it like it is.I own my Authority and honor my authoritic nature and wisdom be use my sharp nit reponsibly and accept that not everyone will ''warm to me''I have a sleek keen but detached sense for Quality,Classic Style and Truth and reputation to Communicating or Protecting justice,the great good or serving as a pioneer is Well-Deserved.I am empowered to by obligation to my Code and Virtue is Order.I am creative, sensative, thoughtful, kind, given, a visionary, a hustler, lover, designer, prayer warrior, preacher, chef ...thats me!Pure Heart2.
Favorite Quotes
  • Since life is preparation for Eternity.I want to use my time on Earth fulfilling God's purposes for me:I was planned for God's pleasure Worship,I will use this day to get know and love God better,I was formed for God's family Fellowship,I will use this day to show love to other believers,I was created to become like Christ Discipleship,I was use this day to make choices that grow my character,I was shaped to serve God Ministry,I will use this day to serving others,I was made for a mission Evangelism,I will use this day to share the Good News...The Lord will fulfill my purpose for Me,your love,O Lord,endures Forever.