Thanks to for writing an article on our recent acquisition of SCPlanner & Artist Engine. If you haven't, you should check out these next-gen tools for artists immediately!

This is just gonna make getting your music in front of fans that much easier!


We are happy to announce that we have acquired SCPlanner and Artist Engine! Our first step is to offer free accounts for all of our members!


Giving away some SCPlanner subscription alongside $2300+ worth of prize!!

☛ Enter the competition here :
DEADLINE : 03/13/2018

Grab the free stems and go. Use MetaPop to participate, and host your own remix competition, totally for free.

warning Important notice

Due to a 10-years old bug recently discovered in modern processors (, our host has scheduled a maintenance to patch our servers.
Unfortunately, this maintenance means a downtime of SCPlanner.


This maintenance window is set to be from 01/04/2018 starting at 7am UTC to 01/06/2018 ending at 7am UTC. During this window, our server can be rebooted at any time and a manual interaction will be needed to put SCPlanner up again.

What will happen to your schedules?
You won't be able to schedule anymore during the downtime as the website will be closed. Your existing schedules will be frozen in time until the website is live again. Once the website is up and running again, all your schedules that should have been done during the maintenance will all be done at the same time. We will do everything to keep this maintenance as small as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience. As a small gift, please note our New Year's 15%-off coupon: SCPNYE

If you have any question, you can ask us on Discord or Facebook.

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SCPlanner updated their cover photo.
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This week's changelog
In an effort to avoid Spam & enhance reach, we've made some addition to the Hub
- Limit daily open trades (10 open trades per day)
- Limit maximum open trades (300 trades)...
- Trades are now closed 1 month after their creation
- Accounts with more than 30days '' queue'' to get your reposts cannot be used

- now checking if the track was already scheduled or currently in the playlist

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Important Hub update : to avoid cheating and unfair trades, users can't change their Auto-Scheduling settings when trades are pending approval ! Happy trading

This week's changelog:
- DarkTheme is out
- Hub: you can know the reposts' dates BEFORE scheduling
- FIxed minor issue with AutoSchedule

This week's changelog:
- We've added "pro mode" in /account to give access back to the "Offset" feature (requested by a lot of you )
- Fixed a glitch with the AutoScheduling causing some messy reposts
- Spotify: ability to add the track(s) to the top of your playlist(s) when scheduling
- Minor improvments

We've opened the #trading_spotify Discord channel, curated by Headphone Activist to help everybody get on dat Spotify game!

- Spotify scheduling
- Faster loading times
- Enhenced Auto-Scheduling algorythm
- Calendar view right after a schedule will only show what just got scheduled

Scheduled maintenance in progress

Free 7days for everybodyy!!

Dear friends! SoudCloud's API seems to have issues at the moment, so unable to connect to SCP! Hope they fix it soon

SCPlanner is currently under maintenance. ETA: 10 min