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  • Class of 1985Richmond, Indiana
  • Class of 1981Richmond, Indiana
    Back When I Went To High School The Senior's Were Always,Let Out Of School A Week Earlier Than The Juniors & Sophomores. They Called It Senior Break, So Gave You Time To Get Ready For Graduation. :) :) While The Poor 10th & 11th Grade Classes Didn't Get Out Until 06 07 Ever Yr. In The Mid-West You Did Have Nice Long Summer Vacation From Usually June 4th {thru} The Monday After Labor Day.... & Best Thing About It Back Then It Was Just 10th thru 12th Grade {no 9th} Grader's.This Is Only My Opinion But I Still Think The Age of A 9th Grader. Shouldn't Be @ High School w/ A Brunch Of Smart Ass, Punks,& Hoe's. 9th Graders Are Like Just Turning 11yrs (or)12yrs Old & There Around All Day Long During A Normal School Day ???13,14,15,16,17&18 Yet You Have Some Goof Balls {could care less} If They Ever Get Out Of H.S. and That Would Make Them @ H.S. Least 2 [extra] yrs of High School Which Would Put Them In The Age Bracket Of To Damn Old To Be Around {young little kids} and 19 & 20yr Old Should Be Still In High School.
  • Class of 1981Rockingham, North Carolina
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