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Welcome to the Learning Together calendar for staff in School District 60: Peace River North. This is a page that can host professional development and inservice opportunities available to members of

Resource Walk - Well being, Belonging, SOGI, Acceptance, Kindness - April 26 - published at…/resource-walk-well-being-belonging-…/ #sd60 #learningtogether

Join Cindy and Jarrod for a Resource Walk of books that support well being, belonging, SOGI, acceptance, kindness in K-middle. Please bring a favourite resource to share. We'll collect titles and sha

Full room today in the myBlueprint / All About Me session today at Grandhaven!

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Alwin Holland is hosting four sessions for EAs on February 26th, 2018. Caring For Yourself While Caring For Others: How Empathy and Self-Care Come Together In Our Work With Students Crystal Anie

Report Card Writing Support Session for Teachers - published at…/report-card-writing-support-session…/ #sd60 #learningtogether

Report Card Writing Support Session for Teachers Teachers from the district are invited to attend a support session for report card writing that will include support with report card writing, My Ed
My Blueprint Inservice Simple Student Portfolios & Career Education Resources My Blueprint is currently in use in both middle schools as well as NPSS. We would like to expand the program t
Session Description: How do I sort out the priorities amongst the chaos of the ever increasing demands on my time? How do I meet the needs of my students AND maintain my sanity? Look no further-
Session Description: The Tech Tuesday in January will focus on using technology to support UDL in the classroom. We will look at how students can access accessibility features on iPads, computers,

Do You Want to Learn More About I-Pad Integration & Literacy Centres? - published at…/do-you-want-to-learn-more-about-i-p…/ #sd60 #learningtogether

  Session Description: -Looking at Apps that can support literacy at the primary level -Lesson ideas/structures to support I-pad integration -Open to ALL levels of technology proficiency

Making Connections: Core Competences, Curricular Competencies & the New Curriculum - published at…/making-connections-core-competences…/ #sd60 #learningtogether

Session Description: -Are you interested in making connections between curricular competencies and core competencies in your classroom? -Do you want some practical ideas to compliment what you a

EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANT INFORMATIONAL MEETING - published at…/educational-assistant-informational…/ #sd60 #learningtogether

DATE: December 1, 2017 TIME: 9:00am to 11:30am WHERE: Learning Services (Board Office) In Attendance: Educational Assistants, Keith MacGillivray (VP-Learning Services), Karen Giesbrecht (Prog

S.D. 60 Maker Club for Educators Training - published at…/s-d-60-maker-club-for-educators-tra…/ #sd60 #learningtogether

Calling all passionate CREATORS, DOERS and MAKERS! Are you the type of worker who likes to take a step back after toiling away at a thing to marvel at what you’ve literally created and accomplish

MyEdBC Report Card Support Session (Voluntary) - Nov 12, 1-3pm Grandhaven - published at…/myedbc-report-card-support-session-…/ #sd60 #learningtogether

A voluntary support session is available for help with report cards in MyEdBC, November 12th from 1-3 pm at the Technology Centre in Grandhaven. If you are a new teacher/less experienced teacher wh

Learning Together Facebook Page - published at…/…/24/learning-together-facebook-page/

We've added a Facebook page that SD60 learning community members can like and follow at to see the latest in Pro-D and Inservice opportunities! You can also find a
We've added a Facebook page that SD60 learning community members can like and follow at to see the latest in Pro-D and Inservice opportunities! You can also find a