Due to issues coming up, we'll be delaying the next podcast to 10/21. Cya there!

Self-Destruct Sequence will be moving to a new time, 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT on SATURDAY! Cya there!


Out one more week. Unfortunately the earth, sun, and moon will align before things needed to do a show will.

SDS is my fault this week. Sorry. Will make it up to you all.

Looks like we'll need to do our LAN recap next week. Cya there!

Well, there WAS going to be an episode today. Comcast had other plans...

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We're getting super excited for Episode 50!

“Matt Toschlog will be joining us on Episode 50 of the Self-Destruct Sequence! This Sunday at 5:30 PM ET/2:30 PM PT.

Episode 50 is right around the corner... This coming Sunday, in fact! And it's going to be a big one, you won't want to miss it!

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There will be a show today, but it will be later than usual. I'll give a time when I have one.

We'll be taking this week off, hope to see you all next week!

We'll be starting approximately a half hour late, around 6 PM ET / 3 PM PT today. Cya there!

The Observatory is coming back!! Join us Saturday January 7th at for some awesome Descent competition!

Descent - Speedrun on Trainee on Rebirth 0.60 Beta 1 - Descent announcement following!

Something something exam something something school projects something something... I think we're going to have to skip a week, folks. See you next week!

This week's episode is like DXX-Rebirth... delayed a bit! We'll be back next weekend!

Today's episode will be aired at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific. See you there!

Self-Destruct Sequence Podcast Episode 38 LIVE!