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  • Adjunct Professor2013 to presentEvanston, Illinois
    Teaching Entrepreneurial Tools for Digital Marketing
  • Partner, Product LeadNovember 2010 to presentChicago, Illinois
    Product strategy and development company
  • July 2009 to January 2010Chicago, Illinois
    Leading product development for job and recruiting platform. Working with the Brill Street team to determine product strategy, lead interface design and development, conduct user testing, play hopscotch, etc.
  • PartnerJuly 2009 to November 2010New York, New York
    Web and mobile product development company.
  • Creative directorNovember 2004 to January 2009
    Creative Director for the premier higher education company marketing company in the country. Lead interface designer for a suite of tools in use at 130 campuses by over a million students. Responsible for approving all designs, whiskey Tuesdays and the daily football games in the office.
About Sean
  • Still writing, still playing basketball, and still taking on more projects than is probably healthy. Married to a woman infinitely smarter than I am, and trying not to embarrass her too often.

    I believe that work is an opportunity to bring the best of yourself to the world. I believe I spend way too much money on myself and not nearly enough on those who really need it. I believe that pomegranate is the best kind of juice. I believe there aren't nearly enough good men in the world, and I believe that you're loved more than you can possibly imagine.
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