Diesmal mitten in Deutschland! Wer ist dabei?!
Bei unserem letzten Gig in diesem Jahr werden wir mit einem schönen SV-Bestof-Set der letzten 4-5 Alben das letzte Mal mit euch feiern! Wir freuen uns auf euch und viele, viele liebe Musikerkollegen!

This time in the middle of Germany! Who's in?! :-) At our last gig this year we will celebrate the last time with you with a beautiful SV-Best-Set of the last 4-5 albums! We are looking forward to you and many, many love musicians! :-)
Nov 25 - Nov 26Club From HellErfurt-Bindersleben, Germany
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Danke Isenbüttel!
Eine klasse gelungene Sache, Betroffenen zu helfen! 👍
Lieben Dank an die Organisatoren, für die herzliche Aufnahme, die tolle Orga und die Technik. Danke an alle beteiligte Bands. Lieben Dank auch an das breit gefächerte Publikum vor der Bühne. Schöner Abend! ☺️ Nächste Woche gehts weiter nach Erfurt!

LG, eure SVs

Thank you isen beadle! A great good thing to help those affected! 👍 Thanks to the organizers, for the warm welcome, the great orga and the technique. Thanks to all the bands involved. Thanks also to the broad audience in front of the stage. Beautiful evening! ☺️ next week we go to erfurt! LG, your svs
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Ken De Wit
· May 15, 2017
these guys are a fantastic band to listen to. there is lots of talent here in both music and lyrics. i have every one of their albums. the vocals are clear an...d pleasant to hear. the music is also top notch. the synths are well played and very pleasing to the ear. add in the great beats and a true masterpiece is born. the cover songs that Second Version do are very well done and while staying with the overall songs, they put their own spin on it. i think the artists who's songs they have covered were honored very well here. See More