Facebook's Aanchal Gupta, director of security, spoke to Ryan Naraine about her unique story. Listen to how Facebook is investing in diversity of people:…/episode-11-aanchal-gup…/

Director of Security at Facebook Aanchal Gupta (@nchlgpt) grew up in a small town in Northern India, pursued a career in computer science, pivoted from engineering to security to become CISO at Skype before tackling complex problems for the largest social network in the world.

Alex Stamos, Facebook‘s Chief Security Officer, and Arne Schönbohm, President of German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) live from Munich Security Conference 2018.

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Live from Munich Security Conference 2018
Chad Greene is a security response director at Facebook
Betsy Bevilacqua, Head of Security Programs & Operations
By Alex Stamos, Facebook Chief Security Officer
This week, we heard from a number of people who received non-security-related SMS notifications from Facebook on their phones after signing up for our two-factor authentication security feature.
When we heard about this, we looked into it right away. Two-factor authentication is an important security feature that has helped a lot of people mitigate the risk of phishing attempts and helps protect people from having their accounts compromised. We also give people control over their notifications, and the last thing we want is for people to avoid hel...
Facebook Security updated their profile picture.
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Today is #SaferInternetDay. For more information about staying safe online, visit our Safety Center:

People come to Facebook to share their stories, see the world through the eyes of others and connect with friends and family. Our mission is to give people the power to share and to make the world more open and connected. We want everyone to feel safe when using Facebook. We work with external exper...
By Alex Stamos, Facebook Chief Security Officer
In July 2017, I gave the keynote speech at Black Hat USA in Las Vegas speaking to some of the real-life threats people face. Password reuse, phishing attempts, and overall abuse impact people every day, and that's why I announced that Facebook would be offering up to $1 million in defense research. As part of that commitment, today we are opening up ...
By Scott Dickens
We're always looking for new ways to help people take control of the security of their Facebook accounts. That's why today, you'll see in your security settings an option to view “Recent emails about security and login”.

Facebook has a long-standing commitment to security, and we continue to invest in efforts to protect people from cyber threats and keep our platform safe. Last week, Facebook, Microsoft, and other members of the security community took joint action to disrupt the activities of a persistent, advanced threat group commonly referred to as ZINC, or the Lazarus Group. Our companies have a history of sharing threat information and working together to protect our users and the web a...s a whole. Our security team monitors Facebook's platform for these kinds of activities, investigates the actors involved and disrupts their operations, working both on our own and in coordination with other companies.

In this case, we deleted accounts operated by this group to make it harder for them to conduct their activities. Similar to other threat groups, they largely used personal profiles and pretended to be other people in order to do things like learning about others and building relationships with potential targets. Our actions were not focused on the WannaCry malware itself.

We also notified people who may have been in contact with these accounts and gave suggestions to enhance their account security, as we have done in the past about other threat groups. We will continue to work closely with companies to investigate and counteract these types of threats to our collective security.

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By Bartosz Niemczura and David Huang
Last year, we wrote about the impact of Certificate Transparency - a framework that helps us detect mis-issued TLS certificates to stop them from being used to intercept HTTPS traffic. In the hope of spreading the benefits of this framework, we announced the Certificate Transparency Tool which enables developers to search for certificates and alert them whenever...

How @Facebook’s Annual “Hacktober” Campaign Promotes #Cybersecurity to Employees…/how-facebooks-annual-hacktober-campaign-p…

With a month of security competitions, games, and T-shirts.

Happy #CyberMonday! Learn to how to stay vigilant and report scams.

By Bill Slattery, eCrime Manager
Last week, Heidi Shin wrote about how to help protect your account. Besides learning what tools Facebook offers, the next most frequent thing we hear about is how to spot a scam and report it.
As you know, scams can happen anywhere at any time. Strangers can promise you deals that seem too good to be true in the form of an email, or they may approach you on the street corner. I manage Facebook's eCrime team, and one of our jobs is investigating and removing scams from Facebook. We use a combination of automated systems to help detect scams before you see them.
Help your teens and young adults stay Facebook safe with these important tips for Internet safety.
By Chad Greene, Director, Security Response
Throughout October, you've read about how we protect people on Facebook from scams, how we foster careers in security, and how you can add security to your account. ­ I am a director of security at Facebook and I lead the team that takes care of understanding, detecting and responding to threats to Facebook's infrastructure. Maintaining the trust of each person who uses our services requires a deep investment in the security of the systems infrastructure that houses the information we manage. I wanted to share a bit on how we respond to threats and at...

Chad Greene is a security response director at Facebook

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This morning, the National Cyber Security Alliance published an editorial from Aanchal Gupta, Facebook security director. Please visit StaySafeOnline to see her personal story of how and why diversity is needed in the security industry.…/diversity-needed-cybersecurit…/

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