In short, #focusonthegood Open your eyes and heart to the many blessings God provides and don't focus on the things that will bring you down. #seetheword #sharetheword

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This bible study is going to be wonderful. Order your signed copy from my friend, Michelle, today.

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Unnamed Women of the Bible is a four-week Bible study by author Michelle Discavage that takes an in-depth look at how women can move from feeling insignificant to understanding their worth in Christ. By learning from stories of unnamed women in the Bible, readers discover that God has called each of...
A Mississippi woman’s Bible illustrations helped her get through a difficult time in her life, and the powerful story behind the pages is what brought her to share them on social media. So far, her...
See The Word Ministries with Jennifer Poss Taylor added 6 new photos from June 2015 to the album: The Spoon Family 2015 — in Lubbock, Texas.
June 2015

Thank you Lori and family for allowing me to dust off the Canon 5D on your family! I thoroughly enjoyed it! ~ Jennifer

So much insight and wisdom coming from a twelve year old boy. Faith conquers all fear.

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Feeling truly blessed. I love being a Mommy to my three children.

A Christ-centered young boy on the verge of manhood with a brilliant mind, bubbly personality, generous spirit, affectionate heart and caring attitude. That is who Grant Taylor is. But those are j...

Have you called your mother today? Day 152 of 152…If only…

Mother's Day 2015. The goal we set when we ventured on this journey of blogging after watching Julie and Julia 152 days ago. I was to call her every day through Mother's day 2015 which happened to be 152 days away from the day we made our "deal" if you will. It gave each of us a goal but the main one was for Mommy to live to see Mother's Day. [ 380 more words. ]

God is good all the time...all the time, God is good.
Please pray for The Taylor Family and share for support.

The Taylor Family loves being together, laughing, sharing stories and interacting with other friends and families. But for one of their family members, their 15 year old daughter Ashley, even those simple tasks can be a struggle due to her high anxiety level and limited ability to understand soc...

Have you called your mother today? Day 24 of 152…The Night of The Final Countdown

The day started off difficult from the time her swollen, discolored feet hit the floor. Her oxygen levels were low. Her blood pressure was low. She was retaining fluid and struggling to breathe. Her sense of humor however, was well intact and on the rise. She made that clear during the daily weight maintenance routine as she managed to scoot the scale across the kitchen floor several times to re-weigh until she found a weight that satisfied her. [ 376 more words. ]