Biggest barge launch in Portland's history
Senator Mark Hass updated their cover photo.
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Fourth graders from Nancy Ryles Elementary School in Beaverton visit the Oregon State Capitol.

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Had a great time hosting fourth graders from Nancy Ryles grade school today at the Capitol. They asked terrific questions and heard Senate President Peter Courtney tell them stories about former state senator Nancy Ryles.

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The Oregon House and Senate Revenue Committees presented Paul Warner with a fitting retirement gift today.
The "Warner Retirement Rocker" with the state seal is a reminder of what a rock star he has been on tax and revenue issues to state leaders for the last 28 years. His impartiality, kindness and expertise will be missed.

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"Your grandmother probably knew that the best way to save money is to put money aside before you have a chance to spend it."

Oregon's first of its kind retirement program is highlighted by the New York Times. Work hard. Save Easy.

The state is the first to have businesses that don’t offer their own plans automatically enroll workers for a payroll deduction. Workers can opt out.

Drafting errors and legal problems. That's the problem with ballot measures. Tax policy is complex. It requires thoughtful deliberation -- which is rarely found in an initiative campaign.

A better approach is collaboration by people who are looking long and hard and carefully at outcomes and solutions.

An opinion is issued saying the teachers union-backed proposal doesn’t comply with the ‘single-subject rule’

This recent news story about the Illinois pension crisis may look familiar. Oregon is headed that direction. Illinois is just a little farther down the road. By ignoring their public pension problem, the crisis is swallowing the land of Lincoln.

Schools and universities were the first casualties -- classroom money is disappearing. More young people are leaving Illinois to attend universities in other states

The next casualty was the state's credit rating -- now just one notc...h ahead of junk bonds.

Oregon is not there yet – but we are headed that way.

Yet, we are going through another legislative session without a revenue package to protect education or a PERS bill that makes a dent in the huge unfunded liability of PERS.

We can't continue to ignore this problem. It won't go away. It won't get better.

If we pretend it’s not an issue, it will eventually wreck our schools and swallow our state.

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A pension crisis, tattered credit ratings and a shrinking taxpayer base are raising questions about state's financial future

Congratulations Belle!
Right now, more than ever, the world needs smart young women dedicated to science, to make things better.
Mom and dad are proud of you.
Jesuit 2017
Cal Poly 2021

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Senator Mark Hass updated their cover photo.
May 15, 2017
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If you cut personal income taxes for middle income workers and change the way business is taxed you can actually boost the economy with new jobs -- public and private -- and you can put more money into education. This is the conclusion of new computer modeling of a proposal by the legislature's Joint Committee on Tax Reform. It was conducted by the much-respected and non-partisan Legislative Revenue Office.

Don't be swayed by the nay-sayers, the cynics and the special interests. Oregon can do this.

The effects of the newest proposal would be slight, because personal income tax breaks would offset the bulk of the price increases.|By The Oregonian

"... a good faith effort ...

Legislators, mostly from the Democratic side of the aisle, last week released the broad outlines of a proposal to generate tax revenue to help plug the state's $1.6 billion budget


I’m working with a bipartisan committee of six legislators (three democrats and three republicans) to draft a proposal that will change the way corporations are taxed and provide a modest tax cut for working Oregonians.

It will be part of a larger package including budget cuts, health care changes and more pension reforms.


Once it’s all unveiled, there will be lots of debate – as there should be.

But what is disturbing is the shadow campaign of dark money already attacking it. These TV ads are being financed by secretive donors who want to stay in the shadows. Whether you agree or not on the direction the legislature is going – I hope you can agree these secret, dark money campaigns have no place in Oregon.

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Hass is hoping to reform corporate taxes with a plan that replaces the state's corporate income taxes with a gross receipts tax. The plan could raise roughly $1 billion.|By The Oregonian
Senator Mark Hass updated their profile picture.
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One of America's most prominent voices on college affordability just handed out high grades for the new Oregon Promise.

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Senator Mark Hass updated their profile picture.

My favorite ski buddy, Tamra Hass

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Senator Mark Hass updated their cover photo.

View of Mt. Hood from Timberline Lodge.

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