Since it's Airwaves season I give you the set I played 10 years ago.

This is a live set I recorded in 2006 when I played Iceland Airwaves at Pravda (which has since burnt down). Since it's Airwaves season now and it's been 10 years, why not post it?

I did a remix a while back for Peter Kirn. I find it challenging to remix such great source material, but I feel that I managed adequately. It just got released on this fantastic album. Go get it.

14 track album

I have a problem. I don't have a physical copy of my 3rd album (Þið eruð ekki að taka mig nógu bókstaflega) and the original files are stuck on a faulty hard drive that might never work again.
Now I need the album in higher quality than the lowly mp3 copy I have left.
Does anyone have the album and is willing to possibly rip the cd and send it to me?
I would be super grateful!

The exact amount of likes I require. Lovely.

No automatic alt text available.

I made another track on my iPhone a while back, while on a plane to Oslo.

Made on on an airplane on the way to Oslo, Norway.

Was trying to make something for a short film, but it didn't fit it. So I decided to document it anyway.

Mostly tracks that either didn't fit scenes that I was making them for or tracks that are just for practicing my cinematic composing "skills". I will be adding them as they are made/rediscovered.

Messing with my phone again...

I'm 7oi. I come from Iceland.

So, I don't usually feel like partaking in Iceland Airwaves, but a friend of mine asked me to play an off-venue gig at Bíó Paradís next Saturday at 14:00. The things you do for your friends.
Here's a demo of a song I plan to play.

Rough, early version

Ah, yes. As it turns out the move to Serbia was cancelled. Back in Reykjavík.

Tomorrow I leave for Italy. Week later, my new home in Serbia.

In one week I will be leaving Iceland. It's time for a change. When I will be back is uncertain.

I'm glad to be able to share this short film I had the pleasure of making the music for.

A web version of short film Requiem made by Marino Thorlacius and Sigga Soffia. The film was premiered in Reykjavik Art Museum 2013 Actors: Sigga Soffía Níel...

Good, good... She will replace me one day.

I'm 7oi. I come from Iceland.

Well, last night was fun. Again tonight? #sonarreykjavik

Oh, yeah, it's one of those rare occasions next friday where I actually play a gig. So, yeah...

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