Anyone interested in seeing 7th Storey get back together?

Just submitted my song to DigSin for a record deal. Post on their wall to request 7th Storey.

Music, lyrics, videos, concert schedule, and more at ReverbNation.

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Music, lyrics, videos, concert schedule, and more at ReverbNation.

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Music, lyrics, videos, concert schedule, and more at ReverbNation.
7th Storey is with Adam Quek and Laurence Bucci.
May 12, 2012

New album session, Track 0ne: Adam trying to work out if Laurence's 33bar loop was intentional..

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Nearing 10,000 fans total (amongst FB, Twitter and ReverbNation)! Music video nearing 80,000 views! THANKS TO THE FANS who made it happen!

7th Storey from Singapore, SG

Thanks guys for joining us at IndoChine, and also to folks out there that watched online the Come Together gig. Pics to posted soon.

7th Storey from Singapore, SG

Hi 7s,


Thought it time to update you good folks via the blog channels and, more importantly, address some of the rumors and questions surrounding the recording of our new album and upcoming gig(s).



Lots of people have been asking - 'when is the next gig, next show or performance'. The answer to that is simple - we are not planning any. Apart from the 'Come Together' event on 22nd April (more on this later) and some potential opportunities overseas, we will be putting our energy into writing the new album. Why, you may ask? Our priority is to get the new album out before year-end. That’s not to say that we won’t or don't want to rock out for you guys live, but the band have also been busy with other commitments. Apart from the "joy" of our day jobs, some of us have other projects on the side: Adam has his rockabilly covers band Roxy and the Lo-Beams, and an extreme metal project in the works. Dan has production work and song writing for other artists. Allen, well Allen is perfecting his head banging that he does already so well on stage, and doing long hours in the studio where he works. I have been working on material for Bob Symonds and trying to start this blog ;)


Back to the album.


Since January we have been sifting through existing material and putting new ideas together that fit the concept of the new album. Yes! It's a concept album, of-sorts (that rumor now sorted..?). Quite a lot of you have already listened to some of the ideas, and you probably didn't even know it. On our sites (Reverbnation, Official site, MySpace etc.), three demos have been up for some time. The response has been really encouraging, almost surprising, for demos. The songs, if you still don't know, are Deadly Discs, In And Out Of View, and The Invisible Becomes Visible. Go listen. NOW. You worked out the concept yet? By the way, I say encouraging and surprising because we have been sitting at numero uno on the Reverbnation 'Alternative' chart for Singapore for two weeks, and moving up the 'All Genres' chart slowly to number three! This seems to have start after putting the new songs up, a good sign of things to come, we hope.


Penning this album and the overarching concept started in January this year. The four of us sat down one night hashing out ideas for the songs based on a concept that Dan has had for some time. It was the first time we sat together as a band without instruments, and we really got to see how we each draw from our differing backgrounds and cultures when it comes to conceptualizing. I'm sure the new material will make for interesting (and awesome) listening for the fans. The Temple is Dirty is all Dan's blood, sweat and ‘tweaks’. This album will be more evolved, and will definitely have more attitude. Obviously, there are challenges ahead in synthesizing our varied ideas and influences, but it should make for an exciting melting pot of creativity. I’ll talk process over the coming months on this blog. Watch this space.


The 'Come Together' gig mentioned above will be at IndoChine Clarke Quay, and will also be telecast via It kicks off at 3pm on Sunday 22 April, showcasing four great local bands, each with a 45min set : Amanda Tee and the Dugong Warriors; I Hate This Place; 7th Storey, and Achelious, plus a special acoustic version of The Beatles' Come Together performed by a mix of members the four bands. Entry is FREE, and for those of you who can’t make it, no matter where you are in the world you can catch it both live and on replay at More details on Facebook:


Btw, at the request of some fans, we will be posting more pic of the band. There might even be some random embarrassing ones, but still family friendly. If you have any to share, please do post them up.


Thanks again for your support and getting the band number to #1 and #3 on Reverbnation Singapore Charts.




L (edited for grammar and content by AQ)


*(taken from Reverbnation blog April 11 2012)

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7th Storey is with Laurence Bucci and 4 others.

Another shot from Bubbles & Blackgum photography - during the shoot for this article for Come Together.

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7th Storey is with Laurence Bucci and 4 others.

Pic from Come Together promo jam for The New Paper. Thanks Bubbles & Blackgum photography for the shot

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'Setting the record straight on those new album rumours', we answer your questions on our new blog.

Forgot to mention, big thanks also for putting us at #3 Nationally for all genres on ReverbNation Singapore

Hi 7s. We're #1 on the ReverbNation Alternative charts for Singapore for the 2nd week, big thanks to you all!

7th Storey from Singapore, SG
7th Storey updated their cover photo.
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Now has nearly 55,000 views on YouTube for "The Temple Is Dirty" music video! As always... many thanks to all our fans!