SATURDAY MARCH 31 :: Meet 7PM at Dolores Park, SF
OutKast-themed musical bike ride with dance party!

Sat 7:00 PM PDTMission Dolores ParkSan Francisco, CA
200 people interested

One of our primary task in this so called Sanctuary City is to shine a constant, blazing light on Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as they go to workplaces and front doors and pull fathers and mothers and sons and brothers and sisters into white vans and shadowy SUV's. In NYC many people are taken to a facility on Varick Street after they are "picked up."

Lets emphasize the Varick Facility. Call it out. Surround it. CIRCLE ...IT ON OUR BIKES. On Thursday, March 15 meet us at 5PM on your bike at the Varick Street Detention Center, Varick & Houston, where there has been a weekly vigil for many many months. We will circle and circle the ICE jail and the detainees waiting for transfer inside will know that we are out there because they will hear us, because we will be singing.

We Ride For Freedom.

New York City must be a Sanctuary City. We are peaceful. We’re sending this invitation to all of our Stop Shopping Church friends, because we want you to come, and we want you to know what we’re doing, and we want to hear about immigration activism where you live.

Bring a bell and a light, ride with traffic, walk against traffic, circle the building. If you don't have your bike with you there are numerous citibike stations in the area and stop shopping tip: gaffer tape is the perfect width for covering up those pesky logos. Some of us will ride north from the 4 PM ICE out of the Courts! rally of Legal Aid and Public Defenders at Foley Sq.

Rock a bike allujah!

Reverend Billy Talen

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