ASOT Invasion - Privilege, Ibiza (Phone Cam view of the Crowd)
Ultrasonic Festival (Lviv, Ukraine)
Kick da Night @ SaSaZu (Prague, Czech Republic) - Official Aft...

Stumbled across this beauty again today... yeah I'm living in the past... but its SOOOOO GOOOD!!

Recorded in 1995, TIesto.. Where are you at tiesto? this was you, and not that main stream bullshit you do now.. :(

Recently dug up an old hard drive that I thought I'd left behind in Amsterdam... and it's oozing with memories... one of the gems is a recording of my Farewell set from ESP in 2009...totally raw and unmastered... my last show as a South African resident. Not gonna lie, I teared up skipping through it and it brought back so many memories ... thought I'd share it with all of you...

My farewell set to my residency and home, ESP, before moving to The Netherlands. An emotional night, good memories, amazing friends and the perfect soundtrack to close that chapter.